Discover Your Past Lives With Numerology

Have you ever wondered if there’s a connection between numerology and past lives? There very well could be a direct correlation! The numbers in your life are always going to repeat, and they will always point to the lessons your soul has struggled to learn in the past.

Studying past life numbers can help you to understand the energy you brought forward with you from other times, or even other realms. Numerology can bring you insight into who you were in the past, so you can comprehend the traits and lessons you have brought with you into this incarnation.

1:If the number 1 is featured in any of your numerological calculations, it indicates that your soul was never fed. You sacrificed yourself for others, and you become a people-pleaser. You never allowed yourself to love or experience true fulfillment.

Your past lives created low self-esteem and self-worth. You’ve got a chance to set that right in this lifetime. You can experience inner peace and not to depend so much on the approval of others for your fulfillment.
2: You’ve been a bit materialistic in the past. You could have been born into money, or you may simply have had to fight for everything that you ever owned. Whatever happened, you either couldn’t feed your spirit.

Your karmic lesson this time around is to realize that material gain has its place, but it’s not everything. Learn to find your abundance through what you do, not through what material possessions you have.

3:In past incarnations, or earlier in this one, it’s been hard for you to be your authentic self. You may have felt you couldn’t express who you felt you really were. Something, or someone, always made you feel uncomfortable, inhibited, or unworthy.

You may have even been repressed, and not allowed to exhibit any form of individuality at all. The lesson for you in this life is to find confidence and find a way to express yourself. You might find that working on opening the throat chakra helps you to do this.

4:In the past, you haven’t had the happiest of times when it comes to home, family, and traditions. When looking into numerology and past lives, a 4 means that you may have been abandoned or orphaned.

You may have experienced some event that prevented domestic bliss. Take heart, though, because this is your lifetime to work through it and learn how to love. You’re here to involve yourself in support, love, and compassion. You’ll receive it, as well as to give it to others.

5:In your past, you’ve known how to charm your way into getting what you wanted from others. It made you very manipulative and needy. You thought mainly of yourself and lacked regard for those who couldn’t serve your purpose.

This time around, you’re here to learn how to hold others in esteem for who they are, not for what they can do for you. You should also learn how to respect yourself enough to find your own authenticity and determination.

6:Your health may not have been the best in the past. It could have caused you lifetimes of physical, mental, or emotional sickness. You’ve had trouble fitting in. You may have been abandoned or surrendered because it was too much for your family to take care of you.

You were starved emotionally, and now you’re here to bring that back into balance and experienced nurturing and acceptance. You have to look after yourself. Pay attention to your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional needs. Otherwise, you could be prone to self-sabotage or addiction.

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7:You were also competitive, but you don’t need to be in this incarnation. Now, you’re here to celebrate the interconnectedness of life; to cultivate compassion and understanding; and to unite with others, rather than asserting your individuality.

There were many times in your past lives when you struggled to connect with others. You were very independent; this may have been thrust upon you by circumstances, or it may be something that you chose.

8:Where this number appears in your numerology report, it shows you’ve shirked your responsibilities in the past. Remember, this can be from other timelines, or earlier in this life. You’ve had a tendency to see what you want to see rather than what’s really there.

You weren’t motivated to achieve anything, you just drifted. Your lessons in this life involve taking a hard look at the truth of your existence, and to find your purpose. Don’t surrender to the illusion of fantasy.

9:It was hard for you to find anything good in past lives because everything about them seemed to drag you down. Perhaps you were oppressed, surrounded by squalor, or lived in a time when the world was full of war, death, and ugliness.

Your spirit knew that this was not the natural state of being, and you hated what you saw around you. You’re here now to celebrate beauty, joy, and happiness. You will learn how to find something positive in all situations.

11:The numbers 11 and 22 are master numbers when examining numerology and past lives. You’ve been comfortable in your past, but that also made you complacent. You didn’t know what it was like to soar to dizzy heights of happiness and success or plunge into deep troughs.

You were content, but not happy. You didn’t listen to what your soul was calling you to do. That calling has been growing louder and louder throughout your incarnations, and now you’re here to leap into the unknown, to take a chance. Trade that comfort and complacency for a real sense of achievement.

22:You’ve always had talents and skills, but you’ve never shared them. Perhaps you couldn’t, or maybe you chose not to honor that side of yourself in the past. You preferred to fit in, rather than to celebrate your uniqueness.

Your current lessons involve learning to come out of the shadows and let your creativity shine. You’ve got the ability to do things like no one else can! It will lead you to your highest happiness and greatest success if you follow the desires of your heart.

Your past life number could be the key to understanding some of the lessons that your soul needs to learn during your current incarnation. When you are aware of the karma and energy you have brought from previous lives it can give you incredible insight.


Along with your life path number, your past life calculation can help you determine your destiny and your path so that you can navigate your life more smoothly.

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