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Aventurine is a magical stone that comes in hues of green, grey and orange with speckles of orange and shimmer. This stone looks as mystical as its properties are. Aventurine hails from the quartz family of crystals, and the shimmer that it emits is called “aventurescence.”

This magical crystal was discovered first in the 18th century, and its name is derived from the Italian phrase, “a ventura,” which means “by chance.”

The name for this crystal was also created by chance, when a glass worker made a small mistake in the 1700s. While working with melting glass, an Italian worker accidentally let metal shavings fall into the vat. When the glass cooled and hardened, the worker noticed a beautiful, shimmering quality. This gorgeous glass, made by chance, was used to make jewelry and given the name aventurine.

Later, when the natural stone was discovered the name was passed down, as the green, shimmering stone shared similar qualities with the accidentally-made-glass. The meaning, “by chance,” is coincidentally perfect for this stone, due to its ability to attract luck and opportunity.

Aventurine is also called “adventurine,” “aventurine,” and “aventurine quartz.”

The iridescent qualities of aventurine are caused by inclusions of Mica – nature’s glitter. The grey and orange varieties of aventurine are found in Chile, Russia and Spain, while green varieties are found in India – it is sometimes referred to as Indian Jade.

The Physical Side of Aventurine

Physically, aventurine is associated with the heart and supports those with circulatory issues and cardiac problems. It also opens and aligns the Heart chakra.

Aventurine can assist in recovery from illness and surgical procedures and has an overall healing effect on the body. It can assist with fertility issues and is even said to improve eyesight.

Healing Properties of Aventurine

The many healing properties of aventurine include good fortune, creativity, confidence, self-esteem and the ability to break bad habits.

This crystal is sometimes referred to as the “Stone of Opportunity,” as it brings good fortune and is useful for manifesting desires. Some even say that no crystal is luckier than aventurine, whose energy attracts opportunity and blessings. This is a popular and useful crystal for those who gamble.

Crystal healing with aventurine is sure to surprise you in pleasant ways, either by providing financial success, luck in new relationships or career opportunities, or manifesting the situations you have longed for. Aventurine is particularly useful for older folks who are single and seeking love.

According to legend, aventurine is a healer-of-all-ailments. This stone was said to help one develop and maintain confidence and self-esteem, boost creativity and vivid imagination, promote relaxation and reduce anxiety and even improve one’s sense of humor.

Aventurine is powerfully optimistic and can restore one’s faith in and love for life. This crystal is uplifting and infuses a passionate spirit within those who work with it. It is a grounding stone, as it is deeply connected to the Earth. Aventurine will help you feel more grounded, balanced and grateful for your life.

The connection that aventurine shares with the Earth – especially in green varieties – makes it effective at dispersing electromagnetic smog, something that we deal with on a daily basis in our technologically-driven society. Surrounding your home with green aventurine will form a shield and repel geopathic stress. Working with aventurine rids the body of electromagnetic smog and clears the aura. Over-exposure to the energy radiating from electronics can zap our own energy, making aventurine a staple in crystal healing.

Aventurine promotes physical and mental growth within babies and children, and even works to soothe hyperactive behaviors. This is an excellent stone to use when working with younger people and children. It reduces anger and frustration, which is especially useful during hormonal teenage years.

Aventurine can mellow the attitude and help one see the positive rather than focus on negative experiences or circumstances. Because the emotions and mental state of teenagers can be fragile at times, this is the perfect stone for promoting youthful balance and hormonal harmony.

This stone’s ability to soothe emotions also makes it the perfect crystal for fostering connection and peace within relationships. Aventurine can decrease anger between two people and improve their communication. Keep a piece of aventurine in a shared bedroom to increase harmony and connection in relationships.

With all of the benefits that working with aventurine offers, it’s no wonder that this stone is so highly regarded. Whether you are experienced in the art of crystal healing or just beginning, aventurine is the must-have stone to add to your collection.

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