Should You Read Your Rising Sign’s Horoscope?

Have you been reading the wrong horoscope? It’s possible!

Let’s look at why reading your Sun sign horoscope might well be less accurate than reading your Rising sign‘s daily horoscope. We will even take it one step further by considering a theory in Vedic astrology which purports that we are all one sign off from our true sign because of the phenomenon known as the procession of the equinoxes.

Let’s discuss one topic at a time to be sure it makes sense for you. Above all, you want to make sure you’re reading the horoscope that will unveil the most insight for you. Astrology is a map of consciousness that changes each day, and we create these maps based on where the constellations will be and the observed effects of them in relation to where they were at our time of birth.

Is Your Rising Sign More Accurate Than Your Sun Sign?

Your Sun sign gives you information that relates to your core personality and the traits that everyone born under that Sun sign are most likely to have. Often, Sun sign horoscopes will feel like a broad stroke of a paintbrush because the details are hard to pinpoint. This is because your Sun sign is based on a date range which spans 30 days and is calculated based on just your day of birth. Sun sign horoscopes are created by placing that sign at the beginning of the 12 houses.

However, the Rising sign, or Ascendant sign, which can only be calculated when you have your day of birth, geographic location, and the exact minute of your birth, offers a more microscopic temperature reading of the climate of your own psyche. The Rising sign in our birth chart also represents the first house in astrology, the house of the Self. When the horoscope is interpreted by this sign, the details are usually found to ring truer because it more accurately depicts the moving energies in relation to you.

You can think about your Sun sign as a theme and your Rising sign as a play-by-play of potential energy and read both sign’s horoscopes every day. You’ll see how they both reveal some truth for you. The Rising sign represents the way we show up to others in the world. Usually, when people ask you what your sign is or what your zodiac sign is, they are just referring to the Sun sign. The more you understand astrology, the more helpful it can be for you as a map.

Why You May Want To Read The Sign Before Yours

When Ptolemy first documented the constellations that would become the foundation for Western astrology, he was looking at the sky at the beginning of recorded history. Astrologers during this time did not consider what is accounted for in Vedic astrology, the precession of the equinoxes.

If you can get your Vedic astrology birth chart, you’ll have a different reading than in a Western reading. It’s not that one is completely wrong and one is completely right, but one may be an even more accurate map. I often read astrology articles that mention the Full Moon is in a sign, and yet the constellation it falls into is not the same sign. This can be explained by the procession of the equinoxes, which I’m going to explain as simply as possible.

Basically, the constellations shift one degree every 72 years due to the Earth’s movement on its axis. One whole constellation is 30 degrees, so that means we are now interpreting the sky 28 degrees off from what it looked like hundreds of years ago. What I suggest is getting your Vedic birth chart and finding out what your Rising sign is. Read the daily horoscope for that sign as well as your Western astrology Rising sign for a few months and see which map aligns with your personal energy most accurately.

These types of subjects are more advanced, and if you’re confused, don’t worry about it right now. Just focus on getting your birth chart, find your Rising sign, and start reading the daily horoscope for that sign as well and see how it may be a better, brighter reflection of your day-to-day life.

Concluding Thoughts…

Trained Astrologers are able to look at transits and predict when major changes in your life are going to take place and in what area of your life. They are spookily accurate and are used not as doomsday fortune telling, but rather as a way to use the energies available to you and work efficiently in your own spiritual development and decision making.

If you’re feeling confused, don’t worry, this type of information is hard for our brains to digest immediately. Astrology is something we often have to come back to and reread as we experience the effects we study over time. It’s like learning a new language and decoding the matrix, so be patient and don’t feel like you have to have black and white answers either. These are emotional energies that hit the planet and affect us in subtle yet observable ways. These energies don’t control us – we always have free will. We can ride the tides and be prepared for what is to come with our own armour of intention and positivity to triumph and create more empowered lives.

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