The House Plant You Need, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Spring is approaching, flowers are blooming, and plants are coming back to life after a long, cold winter. Have you been thinking about filling your space with the healing energy of a house plant as the world begins to blossom around you? If you have, this guide is for you!

Astrology can help us learn more about ourselves than we ever knew, and one of the many ways that the stars above are helpful is in determining which house plant is perfect for you, based on your sign.

So, if you’ve been feeling like you need a bit more greenery in your life, but you aren’t sure where to start, keep reading to find out what the stars say about the perfect house plant for you!

The Perfect Houseplant for You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries – The Bold Cactus

Aries are known for their fierce independence, charming personality, and big, bold statements. You aren’t one to mess around, and you’re always honest about your feelings. Your personality is big, and your idea houseplant will mimic the feisty demeanor of your Aries nature.

Your ideal houseplant is the prickly cactus! This plant represents your fierce nature, as well as your independence. Cacti are known for their minimal needs, freeing up your time for creative projects and work endeavors.

Taurus – The Luscious Fiddle Leaf Fig

Taurus is a sign that is deeply connected to Mother Nature, with a rich and deep appreciation for beauty. Your spirit seems to flow naturally with the world around you, increasing your ability to care for more difficult plants.

The best plant for you is the fiddle leaf fig, Taurus. These are beautiful plants that brighten up any home. And while they may require extra care and loyalty, yours is the perfect personality to bring out the best in these beautiful plants.

Gemini – The Social African Violet

Geminis are known for their social, witty nature. As the social butterfly of the zodiac, you may appreciate a plant that brings a loving, warm vibe into your home. You won’t be satisfied with just any plant, you need one that makes you feel connected to the Universe.

The African violet is a beautiful, flowering houseplant that stays in bloom almost all year. If you’re running late for a party, lacking a gift, simply snip a few stems from this beautiful plant to bring a home-grown gift that is sure to make your friends smile!

Cancer – The Vibration-Raising Money Tree

Cancers are domestic and loyal, appreciating their family above most elements in life. However, Cancers are also known for their sometimes moody nature, increasing your need for more positive energy in your life.

A money tree is the perfect houseplant for you, Cancer, as it brings not only positive vibrations, but also more abundance into your life. While you nurture your money tree, it will attract fortune and positivity into your life.

Leo – The Bold Rex Begonia

Leos have a bright, colorful personality that brings a smile to anyone’s face. You’re an energetic individual who likes to make a statement, always surprising those around you with your wild ways. As a Leo, you deserve a houseplant with just as much personality as you possess.

The Rex begonia is a plant that perfectly matches your entertaining spirit. This plant comes in many colors and varying styles that can match your mood. This attention-grabbing plant is perfect for brightening up your home, just as your smile brightens the room.

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Virgo – The Spiritual Prayer Plant

Virgos are often spiritual in nature, connected to the world around them through their soul. You’re independent and you like to spend quite a bit of time by yourself, in thoughtful, considerate solitude. You need a plant that represents your quiet, inquisitive nature.

The prayer plant is perfect for you, as it represents your internal connection to the Universe. The leaves of this plant fold at night, representing two hands joined together in prayer. This plant will remind you of your deep curiosity about and connection to the world around you.

Libra – The Harmonizing Monstera

Libras have a diplomatic, balanced nature that seeks peach and harmony in all situations. You have a deep appreciation for beauty, both physical and spiritual. You need a plant that brings even more beauty into your home, providing balance and peace.

The monstera is a plant with plenty of symmetry, representing the harmony that Libra is known for loving. This plant matches your personality physically and metaphorically, connecting to your desire for symmetry in all things.

Scorpio – The Mysterious Venus Flytrap

Scorpios have a deep, mysterious nature that desires an understanding of the darker things in life. You’re always willing to dive into areas of the soul that many others avoid, and you’re rarely scared or put off by the world around you.

Your boldness and willingness to embrace the darker side of life makes the Venus flytrap the perfect plant for you. This plant is beautiful and dangerous, much like your metaphorical self, Scorpio. While this plant’s presence may seem intimidating to others, you’re the perfect sign to appreciate its often misunderstood nature.

Sagittarius – The Independent Snake Plant

Sagittarians love to travel and explore the world around them. Yours is a fiercely independent, impulsive sign that can lead to chance encounters and unexpected vacations. You need a plant that can handle being on its own for a while.

The snake plant is perfect for you, Sagittarius. This plant is not fussy—it can handle dry soil and nearly any light condition, making it ideal for those unexpected trips and whimsical plans. You can leave a snake plant on its own for up to two weeks without damage, making it perfect for your weekend getaways.

Capricorn – The Juniper Bonsai Tree

Capricorns are slow and steady, hard working and responsible. Yet, you may sometimes experience stress or worry, especially when it comes to your work. You need a houseplant that will bring you peace of mind comfort after a long, hard day.

The best houseplant for you is the juniper bonsai tree. This is a plant that requires care, dedication, and pruning, allowing you to be creative and shape your bonsai however you prefer. While this plant takes effort to cultivate, your personality is perfectly suited for such work—and it will bring you peace and balance.

Aquarius – The Humanitarian Lifesaver Plant

Aquarians are a humanitarian breed, always looking for new ways to save the world and the people in it. You’re someone who wants to bring your best self forward and help others in all moments of challenge or struggle, and your ideal houseplant should connect to that part of your personality.

That’s why the lifesaver plant is a perfect representation of your loving, giving personality. This plant is quirky and eccentric, just like you, Aquarius. And while the lifesaver plant matches your charisma, it is easy to care for, leaving you free to save the world one day at a time.

Pisces – The Beautiful String of Pearls Plant

Pisces are selfless and giving, often putting others’ needs before their own. You appreciate beauty, creativity, and you’re overflowing with an intuitive spirit that lets you in on what those around you need to feel happy and safe.

You deserve a plant that will bring beauty into your life without being too demanding, which is why the string of pearls plant is perfect for you! This plant will bring an element of natural energy into your home while leaving you plenty of time to take care of your own needs.

Going Green

Houseplants are a wonderful way to bring beauty into your life, and using this guide will help you introduce the best greenery to your home possible. Embrace the beauty of nature by filling your home with fresh oxygen and natural vibes.

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