The Spiritual Tools You Need In Your Environment, Based On Your Sign

Astrology Answers offers so much more than just your free daily horoscope. We also offer the spiritual tools you need to further thrive in your environment, according to your sign.

The Universe is a mysterious force with unknown origins and mystical proportions; we can only speculate and use our intuition to guide us toward the truth of who we are and how we came to be. The unknown is what gives life its depth and what gives people the desire to search for meaning in every crumb of the cosmos.

Fortunately for us, the forces of the Universe have left useful tools for us in every corner of the globe; magic in the form of herbs, crystals, the Moon and the stars, energy, the elements, and so much more. As if placed by fairies upon the Earth for our very use, these helpful aids assist us in balancing our chakras, guiding our intentions, soothing our aches and pains, and relaxing our nerves, among so many other things.

Like superheroes’ powers combined, these tools become even stronger when used alongside other guiding forces, such as astrology. For instance, carnelian is a passionate, fiery stone made even more powerful when adorned by the equally spicy Aries. There are unique tools that will provide a specific healing element to your spiritual regimen.

Let’s take a magic carpet ride down the list of the perfect mystical tools to combine with your sign for invigorating, reverberating results.


Your intensity enriches your personality, giving the body of a honey-dripping, spiced liqueur; but as you may well know, your feisty personality can get you into trouble if you aren’t careful. You want to enhance the passionate part of yourself while maintaining a cool balance that will keep you centred. For this, red jasper stone is your perfect assistant.

This stone will inspire you to take a moment and ponder the consequences before you act. While this may seem incredibly simple, it can be quite difficult for the hot-headed portion of yourself. Meditate upon the stone’s calming, thoughtful effects to bring out your most level-headed, charming self.

When you’re ready, check out your free daily horoscope for additional guidance!


Your silken personality wraps around your loved ones like a whisper-thin blanket, comfortable and soothing. Your down-to-earth nature promotes a laid-back sensibility that your friends and family appreciate, so long as they haven’t awoken the bull within and had to face the horns. The real tragedy, though, is when you neglect your sensual side, dear Taurus.

Your very nature begs to be one-with-the-wild, to unleash the beast within that is concerned with loving, not fighting. Amber is the perfect stone to tap into your inner wealth of primal force, the energy that connects to the sun and awakens your sacral chakra. Allow this stone to untie any knots you’ve created within, and open your energy to love.


The sign of the twins is known for its duality, and our Gemini jewel might be quick to deny this: it is not to say that you have multiple personalities, far from it. You are a magnificently fluid creature, adapting to your environment and containing within many delicious contradictions and shifting energies. It’s a beautiful thing!

Your aura can become weighed down by the many hats you wear each week, adorable and festive as they are. Sage is an herb that cleanses your energy and the space around you, leaving room for your many characteristics to grow and flourish. Light a stick of sage and let the healing wisps of smoke remove the negative or stagnant energies that no longer serve your bad-ass-self.

Once you’re clear of negative energies, check out your free daily horoscope!


Your rich, emotional life is bittersweet like a dark chocolate mousse: you feel deeply, and sometimes those feelings leave you with an emotional toothache. It can be hard to keep the balance within, which may result in moody or temperamental behaviour.

Festoon your abode with a Himalayan salt lamp, which naturally cleanses the air and removes the negative or stagnant energy from all around you. These lamps are known to assist with Seasonal Affective Disorder, depression, anxiety and even promote more restful sleep. Plug in one of these bad boys and let the warm glow fill your senses and lift your mood.


Your zest for life invigorates those around you and reminds us all to live in the moment and appreciate what we’ve been given by the powers-that-be. Sometimes, though, you need a little boost yourself, and that’s perfectly okay! You can’t pour all of your energy into the world around you and expect to have an infinite reserve; you, too, need a little help now and then.

For this reason, you should arm yourself with sandalwood essential oil. Sandalwood is an ancient Ayurvedic medicine that provides calming energy and intensifies your good spirits. It enhances mental clarity, and as an added bonus for you, Leo, it is a natural aphrodisiac. You’ll thank me later.


I have a secret weapon for you my earthy Virgo, and it will help you manifest your dreams more efficiently than any other tool I could recommend, and that is: citrine. Citrine is the most effective stone to guide you toward the path of your unique, personal success.

This is your mystical, mythical birthstone and it will increase confidence, which is an essential ingredient if the recipe for greatness. Additionally, this stone builds a connection between yourself and your spirit and balances your Earthly tendencies with your cosmic greatness. Use it when checking your free daily horoscope for more clarity.


You favour balance and justice and prefer to maintain a focused center in all endeavours. To magnify this energy, I recommend a point of clear quartz, which is also called the “Master Healer.” This all-purpose stone energizes your spirit and helps you keep those eternal scales balanced equalized.

Don clear quartz on your jewelry or place a chunk of it in your workspace or bedroom to soothe and calm the energy of the space. Your internal justice warrior will thank you.


Your path leads down mysterious roads of exploration and wonder, wanderlust and wild abandon. Your determination is strong enough to take you far in this world, but to really boost your prosperity and success, create an essential oil blend that will bring out the best, most charismatic qualities of your personality.

Chamomile essential oil will calm angry emotions, lemon increases mental clarity and focus, and lavender soothes the senses and enhances focus. Allow the healing properties of this blend to motivate you, even in dark or misty moods. You can even use it when checking your free daily horoscope!


Because the ocean’s tides move by the Moon, and powerful lunar shifts have so much effect on our beings, I suggest that you take some time to study the patterns and the cycles of the Moon. Try to learn what each stage means and which energies they bring to help you make plans and carry out goals appropriately and efficiently.

In the meantime, moonstone is an incredibly healing stone that has direct lunar ties and will help you connect your spirit to Mother Moon. Your intuition will increase, your spirituality will awaken and your motivation will manifest.


Your nature reminds me of the earthy fragrance and woody energy of my favourite all-purpose medicine, palo santo. This is a tree that grows in South America; it cleanses the spirit, refreshes energy and acts as a sage-like, aromatic incense that will delight your senses and invigorate your molecules.

Meaning “holy wood,” palo santo is wonderfully ceremonial and adds a spiritual dynamic to any ritual or practice. Let its energy wash over you and lift your spirits toward the celestial bodies above.


I’ve always admired the inventive nature of Aquarius, and to enhance this innovative aspect of your personality, I recommend the creative and intellectual properties of amethyst as your go-to-tool. It acts as your supportive friend, your muse, lovingly suggesting ideas and backing you up along the way.

Allow amethyst’s balancing energies to gently nudge you toward your next great idea. We recommend holding amethyst when checking your free daily horoscope.


Your deeply emotional, wildly imaginative personality can sometimes be a bit sensitive, and you could use a protective barrier to keep your confidence and self-worth in check.

Tea tree oil has incredibly aromatic, therapeutic properties that provide a buffer between you and the dog-eat-dog world we live in, allowing you to take action and say “forget it” to those who try to bring you down or discourage you. Allow this essential oil to let your tough, don’t-mess-with-me side take over and guide you toward greatness.

With these astrology-specific tools, you’ll enhance your star-given skills and talents and take the first step toward the you that you are meant to be. Discover more ways to connect with your spirituality with Astrology Answers’ free daily horoscope.

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