These 5 Tarot Cards Mean You’re Ready for Motherhood

Mother’s Day often causes many women to wonder if they are themselves ready for a child (or another child) and a new phase in their lives. Sometimes we find ourselves nagged a bit by our mothers and grandmothers about our family plans for our future. In the days that follow that happy Mother’s Day Sunday each year, many women (and couples) start to wonder if they themselves are ready to create space in their lives for a child.

Can I manage a child now? Is it really the right time? How can I be sure? Will it be a successful pregnancy?

These are common questions taken to The Tarot every year around Mother’s Day! The Tarot is an amazing tool when you seek confirmation, validation, and direction when you are at a major crossroads in your life. Tarot offers a 360 degree panoramic view of all facets of your life so that you know what to keep in mind when making big decisions as to growing your family! It can even help you understand if your desire for family is destined and blessed by your Guardian Angels!

So, which Tarot cards should you be looking out for in a personal Tarot reading as signs that the timing is right to grow your family? Here they are, the top 5 Tarot cards!

1. The Empress

Undoubtedly, the Empress is the card that most strongly personifies the parent or mother figure in the Tarot. In some decks, she appears with a pregnant belly, while in others she does not. Her nourishing breasts are specifically highlighted in some Tarot decks as well. Irrespective of whether or not she appears with direct symbols of pregnancy and childbirth highlighted, the Empress is the potential for creation personified. The Empress has a certain air of authority over her creation, and by the looks of the card, it is not hard to guess that she is one capable parent. When the Empress appears in your personal Tarot card reading about family and children, she is telling you the time for family expansion is ripe—pun intended! She is also blessing you by making her presence known in your reading as well as confirming that you have in you a capable parent.

2. Ace of Wands

If you’re hoping your personal Tarot reading will hint to you that your family planning goals will be successfully met, but the Empress doesn’t show herself in your reading, don’t fret! The Ace of Wands is another important card to look forward to when it comes to family planning, matters, and goals. The Ace of Wands is passion and initiative. It bodes well for couples determined to expand their family. The Ace of Wands also signifies successful conception. In fact, if a couple is pursuing assisted reproductive procedures such as IVF in their attempts to get pregnant, The Ace of Wands hints that those procedures may very well bear fruit, pun again intended.

3. The Magician

Often overlooked as a very positive sign for family planning matters, the Magician is an awesome Tarot card to help you understand if you really have all the resources in your life to be able to sustain an expanding family and a tiny tot. The most popular version of the Magician, the Rider Waite version, shows objects or tools on the table in front of the Magician. These are tools the Magician uses to create, expand, and sustain his creation. The appearance of the Magician in your personal Tarot reading confirms that the universe will provide to you exactly what you need in order to successfully look after and nourish your newborn child. Just like the Empress, the Magician also provides validation that you are and will be a capable provider and that the timing is quite right for you to begin your pregnancy journey.

4. Ace of Cups

You may have all the practical, financial, and material resources at your disposal, but are you emotionally ready for all that comes with parenting? The Ace of Cups’ appearance in your Tarot reading will signal to you that you are! The Cups suite in The Tarot signifies the emotional side of each of us through the use of water imagery and the cup symbol. The overflow of water usually depicted on this Tarot card indicates that there is a tremendous amount of love and affection you hold inside of you that is ready to flow toward your future “mini me!” The Ace of Cups signals that you are also in an emotionally stable position in your life. This Tarot card reinforces positive emotions toward pregnancy and parenting.

5. Ten of Cups

Ah, a family complete! The Ten of Cups Tarot card provides indication that the dream, desire, or idea you have about expanding your family will manifest itself and lead to a complete family foundation in your life. For couples without children, it predicts that more members are coming to the family unit! One’s family is his or her fortune, and there is no better Tarot card than the Ten of Cups that signifies this truth. The Ten of Cups also hints that the expansion or completion of one’s family is drawing closer. Usually when the Ten of Cups shows itself in a personal Tarot reading about the hope for pregnancy, it indicates that within one year of its appearance the querent will experience a happy pregnancy event!

Concluding Thoughts…

There they are folks, the 5 Tarot cards to look out for as positive signs about your motherhood and parenthood goals and dreams! There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to birth, pregnancy, and motherhood, but The Tarot can be your best friend in providing you with comforting validation that your hopes and dreams are not in vain. These Tarot cards also can help instill in you the unwavering confidence that potential and new parents need in their parenting capabilities. Society can often judge parents harshly and put a crazy amount of pressures on them. The Tarot can provide reassurance that you’re as ready and as capable as those who came before you!

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