Venus Opposite Pluto: Embracing Sudden & Intense Change

Not many people like change. Some Mutable Sign folks like Sagittarius and Gemini love it. Sagittarius not only loves it, but is always seeking a new adventure. Sometimes it seems Gemini thrives on chaos and destruction. But then we have the Fixed Signs, Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio, who resist change. They resist change so much they get a little wiggy when it happens, or in Scorpio’s world, sometimes downright catastrophic. That’s because Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of death and transformation. Or, if you don’t want to sound morbid, change-maker Pluto. Pluto’s effects are intense, and if you know a Scorpio, you get that.

Once in a while Pluto makes an appearance, and we have a Venus and Pluto opposition in play this week that we should really talk about. Sit down. And don’t freak out. We’re going to talk about exactly how you need to deal with this.

Lover Venus Meets Change-Maker Pluto & Gets Cranky

Oppositions get a bad rap, but sometimes we can use them to our advantage. When love and money planet Venus forms an opposition to change-maker Pluto, we get some intense energy. This is the beautiful Venus opposing the transformation. Where Venus uplifts with her beauty, Pluto tears down with his intensity.

The message from Venus is: Love life!

The message from Pluto is: Tear it all down and start from scratch, death is liberating.

Venus is all about relationships as well, so when Venus meets Pluto, it’s fair game to get a little concerned. But always remember, when these things happen, it’s because something in your life needs to change and you just haven’t been ready to admit it yet. So Pluto changes it for you. Then Venus starts waving that magic wand, and helps you to attract what you need to replace what was torn down.

We always feel intense when someone disagrees with us, or when we need to connect with a polar opposite, and it just doesn’t jive for whatever reason. Yes, it’s a lot of pressure for you, especially in love or primary relationships, because we feel this energy intensely. Pluto does not play around, and it acts very quickly. Venus and Pluto working in opposition are going to stir up some very intense emotions.

Change is coming! It is nothing to fear. Here are a few tips to embrace it.

Embracing Change

Change is difficult to adapt to. Sometimes we just can’t accept that it’s actually happening. We may not mind the change itself, but adjusting to a change can be very difficult. When you learn to embrace change before it happens or during it, it will be more manageable. And we can manage anything.

1. Adjust the sails.

This one is easy. When you are on a bus or a train and somebody comes and sits down beside you, you move over without even thinking about it. That’s adjusting your sails. When change comes through Pluto, do the same thing. Adapt by controlling how you react to the change. The beauty about the Venus and Pluto opposition is that when you adjust the sails, you automatically feel better about the change, you’ve already adjusted.

Change isn’t so bad. The thing about change is that we don’t often mind the change, we are just lazy. The same applies when Pluto and Venus create change. We may know we need to break up with someone, we are just too lazy to do the work. But what takes more effort? Reveling in pain? Or just adjusting the sails and sailing on?

2. Be okay with pain.

We live in a society where it seems that showing pain isn’t cool. That’s not true. There’s nothing wrong with feeling and showing your pain. Now, you don’t have to start bawling in the middle of a grocery store when you get dumped over a text message. Go to the loo and have your minute. You also don’t need to pretend you are “fine” when you are not. It’s your pain and you can cry if you want to.

Don’t be afraid to talk about it. If someone asks you if you are okay, don’t say, “sure!” when you are dying inside. “You know, today I’m just really feeling the breakup, sorry I’m so sour,” is enough. You don’t need to pretend you don’t have pain. Own it, feel it, and you’ll work through it faster.

3. Meditate.

Meditation is a breathing exercise that will help you deal with the pain of the changes that Pluto causes. Breathe in, breathe out. Do it again. Big deep breath in, big deep breath out. As you breathe out, make sure that you physically breathe out, and maybe even blow a big “whoosh!” with your mouth. Sound silly? It feels SO good. In fact, it may even feel better than talking about your pain. Blow that big “whoosh!” and let it all out. When you do, you should feel instantly lighter.

Divination tools such as pendulums can also help you, especially when paired with meditation. Sometimes uncertainty is the biggest source of pain. Crystals and gemstones can also help ground you during meditation, and bring a sense of calm during these times of uncertainty. There are many tools that you can use when you are bringing yourself down from the brutal cliff of that pain.

4. Find inspiration.

Have a look at celebrities that have Venus opposite Pluto and you’ll see how this energy of change makes a difference in their lives, for the better. Hillary Clinton has a Venus and Pluto square in her chart, which is a little more serious than an opposition. Al Capone has a Venus and Pluto opposition. Chelsea Clinton has Venus opposition to Pluto in her chart. See? Change doesn’t have to be bad. It can be used to change the world. Indeed, the energy of change is the only thing that can exact true progress. Use it or lose it, baby!

Concluding thoughts…..

Okay, let’s be real. Change sucks. It sucks large. Loss sucks. So say it out loud! Own it. Adjust the sails however you can, be okay that you have pain. And meditate. Breathe in. Breathe out. Whoosh! Feel better?

Well, you may still have the pain. But at least you know you are brave enough to own it. That’s the first step to dealing with sudden and intense pain. Respect it and acknowledge that it has a place in your life. That’s the gift of Venus opposition to Pluto. It’s a reminder of something you lost. Respect that loss. And adjust the sails. Keep going.

Stay tuned to our Daily Horoscopes to find out how Venus opposition to Pluto will impact your chart!

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