Using Micro-Breaks During Mars Retrograde

In our increasingly busy, technologically-driven society, not only are we less connected with each other, but it can be hard to stay connected with ourselves. With Mars going retrograde this month, June 26th to be exact, this is an excellent time to reconnect with yourself.

A planet in retrograde is a perfect time for tying up loose ends, and in this article we will focus on crafting a beautiful French braid when it comes to weaving harmony within us.

When Mars is in retrograde, it is a call to recharge, relax and rest our bodies and our minds. Since Mars is the ruler of our passions, when we get too focused on our work or too engrossed in the details on our computer screens, we distance ourselves from our core and our spirit loses energy after a while.

How can we remedy this?

What Are Micro-Breaks?

Micro-breaks are an efficient, effective technique for breaking up the mundane and draining workday with small self-reflection, mini soul-sessions. Studies typically suggest taking a five minute break every 45 minutes to an hour to prevent fatigue, but did you know that breaks as short as thirty seconds can be just as effective?

These short pauses work to soothe your body by restoring blood flow and relaxing your muscles, which are essential functions for a workday that doesn’t leave you exhausted.

Let’s take a look at the effect that Mars in retrograde has on our lives and how we can use micro-breaks to keep our stamina up.

Take A Moment.

When Mars goes retrograde, certain things might happen that disrupt inner peace and stillness. For instance, mechanical and technology objects, like computers, cell phones, tablets, and even cars are more likely to breakdown during this transit than at other times. So when you find yourself confronting a computer crash or a car that won’t start, take 30 seconds to five minutes to try to breathe deeply, relax, and meditate on the moment. Feel gratitude for every time that the computer works and the car starts, and remind yourself that this is a temporary moment that will not only pass, but likely serves to teach you a lesson. Everything happens for a reason.

This transit also makes plans and projects go a little haywire from time to time. Even if you try to prepare yourself mentally, it can be very frustrating, even downright infuriating, when things don’t go as planned. If it feels impossible to get that meeting scheduled or get the entire family on board for the same dinner plans, remember that it’s just Mars teaching us to be patient and kind. If you feel the frustration building up, take a micro-break. Tense and relax each and every muscle of your body, from your toes to your eyebrows. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and squeeze every single muscle you can possibly feel for three to five seconds. When you relax and open your eyes, you’ll be amazed at how much more relaxed and centered you feel.

Mars retrograde has a tendency to hasten our temper, making us quicker to snap when we feel overwhelmed and under-appreciated. Your nerves are likely on edge and feeling a bit sensitive. If you feel the bubbles of rage begin to boil up toward the surface during this transit, take a micro-break. Stand up and walk around, take a walk around outside if you need to. Remove yourself from the source of discomfort and aggravation, and take a moment to be mindful and grateful. Gratitude is such an easy and effective way to turn a sour attitude around. Practicing gratitude will lift you spirits and remind you of all of the reasons you love being alive and being surrounded by the people you love.


While this Mars retrograde period might not exactly be an easy period of time, this is a time to learn and discover more pieces of the puzzles of life. Even learning to take micro-breaks throughout the day to avoid fatigue and boost energy could be one of the many lessons that Mars has in store for you this year.

Remember that everything really does happen for a reason and that everything is unfolding exactly as it is to allow you to become the you that you’re meant to be. Lessons may be painful at times, but they help you develop the skills that will allow you to fulfill your maximum potential. So keep your chin up during this Mars retrograde period, look for the lessons in the frustrating experiences and when you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a micro-break and get your vibes right!

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