The Useful Energy of a Void of Course Moon

What is a Void of Course Moon?

You may not have even heard of it, but it will have a subtle influence on you all the same. A Void of Course Moon (VoC) means that the Moon makes no aspect (angle) to any of the planets or points in the heavens. The Moon travels through the skies so fast, it takes approximately 29 days for it to go through all of the sun signs, so VoC Moons happen frequently”.They can last for few minutes to several hours.

Those of you who are familiar with your birth charts will know how important the Moon is in astrology. It often triggers moods or events and it reveals things about your emotional health. When the transit of the Moon makes an aspect to a celestial body, it brings about beginnings, conclusions, harmony, or disharmony into your life.

However, a VoC Moon means that nothing’s happening. It’s not making any aspect with anything, so there’s a pause, a lack of direction or focus. You can feel lost, tired, or uninterested during a VoC Moon because there’s no direction for your emotions. Of course, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, because emotions can be triggered before the Moon turned VoC. There’s going to be an emotional residue that carries over, positive or negative, depending on your mindset.

VoC Moons can be so brief you may not even notice them, but what about the more prolonged VoC periods which last for hours? The main thing to remember is to relax. You’re not likely to feel like pushing yourself, even if you did, chances are that little progress would be made. Find activities that make you feel at ease and at peace with yourself. You might also find that you sleep longer or more deeply during a VoC Moon, that’s absolutely normal.

VoC Moons are perfect for reflecting, planning, and organizing. Let you big plans take a back seat for a bit. Take the time to think things through; see what others are doing and saying. You could learn a lot! You’ll be surprised at how much information you retain and how much insight seems to pop into your awareness when you need it most.

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Void of Course Moons and the Zodiac


VoC Moons in Aries will make you lose your patience quickly and things won’t seem to unfold as fast as you want them to. People will seem to dither and it will get under your skin. Try to hang onto your temper and don’t get too annoyed with people. If it’s possible, delay any important decisions until the VoC Moon passes and you once again have a focal point.


A VoC Moon in Taurus is a wonderful time for balancing your checkbook, reviewing expenditures, and establishing budgets. Meet with your co-workers to see what, and how, improvements can be made. Check in with your family members to work on new strategies for getting ahead. You might not reach any decisions, but you’ve sown the seeds for future advancement.


When the VoC Moon is in Gemini, use it as a time for research. It’s is an ideal opportunity for fact-finding and review. Although, it is not when you need to be getting into deep discussions about decisions with others. They could quickly turn into an argument and you’ll get nowhere fast. You should delay any important decisions if at all possible.


You need to turn your attention to some rest and relaxation with your loved ones at this time. A VoC Moon in Cancer brings out the nurturing side, but there’s also the potential of co-dependency. People may get too familiar with you, so remember to hang onto your personal boundaries and try not get too emotionally involved.


A VoC Moon in Leo is a time for sharing compliments and praise with those people who have earned them. Everyone likes to be appreciated; it helps them to work harder and pay more attention to the task at hand. By encouraging others, you establish a solid foundation towards working towards your own success and the goals you hope to achieve.


It’s a known fact that Virgo is the Sun sign that is fascinated by minutiae and detail. When the Moon is VoC here, you need to be more detail-oriented. You could feel bored or restless because you’re focusing too much on the big picture and not on the little things required to get there. Start with the small stuff and then work up to the larger goals once the VoC has passed.


A VoC Moon in Libra is not a time for trying to fix relationships. You’ll feel disconnected from each other because difficult conversations can lead to greater distance between you, rather than lead to a resolution. This is a time for observation rather than action. By observing others and using your intuition, you’ll find out where their real motive lies. Actions will always speak louder than words.


The energy around Scorpio is intense, and the inertia of a VoC Moon here will be frustrating. It’s not the time to speak out or take action. Rather, use it for probing and investigating. Scorpio loves to get to the heart of a situation. People aren’t likely to be as open during this time as they usually are – another reason to delay making any serious decisions.


The sign of Sagittarius is so open and flighty that a VoC Moon here can leave you feeling distracted. There’s not going to be a lot of focus or organization here. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing, though. Use it for brainstorming and finding solutions. Then go back at a later time, after the VoC Moon has passed, and pick out the best ideas that hold the most potential.


A Cappy VoC Moon is appropriate for contemplating your long-term goals. They may seem unreachable because of the lack of energy this Moon brings. Make sure you’re not being too ambitious during this time. Downsizing and prioritizing should be your goals. Let the dust settle and focus on your to-do list once forward momentum has resumed.


If ever there was a ‘what was I thinking’ period, a VoC Moon in Aquarius probably sparked it! It is often a make-or-break time when it comes to friendships. You’ll either really resonate with people and see how valuable they are to you, or you’ll wonder why you ever thought you had anything in common. Don’t sever any ties yet. VoC Moons are not the time for drastic action.


I find this to be the most challenging VoC Moon. Pisces is nebulous at best and this Moon makes it more so. There’s no direction, no focus, no purpose, but a lot of ideas floating around without substance. You may also feel more tired than usual, more daydreamy or wistful. Your time is best spent in contemplation, rather than trying to make sense of anything.

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Some people talk about a Void of Course Moon as some dire astrological event, it’s really not. While it’s true this is not the time to start or push forward with major projects or decisions; there’s still plenty of energy here to use in a positive way. Take time to reflect, observe, and plan. You can put the VoC Moon to work for you if you slow down and become more thoughtful.

The main point is: don’t try to force things. If you feel lethargy approaching, don’t fight it. The more you try to propel things forward, the more frustrated you’re going to feel. Of course, you probably aren’t fortunate enough to be able to put your life on hold because the Moon is doing something funky! You’re going to have to take care of your responsibilities, whether you feel up to it or not. You can still make the most out of the VoC Moon, by knowing and understanding what it’s doing during this time.

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