What Your Daily Love Horoscope Says about Your Love Needs

Love is a complex emotion that is often difficult to understand, much less give and receive. Your daily love horoscope can provide you with insights into the ways that you should express your love and the expressions that you need to receive to feel truly loved and appreciated.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the wildly popular The 5 Love Languages, which people have shared extensively to help us understand that not all people give or expect the same type of affection. The ancient system of astrology has its own way of explaining the type of affection we need and how we’re likely to express it based on the Moon sign and our seventh house.

A house is one of twelve divisions in your birth chart that reveal aspects of a part of your life. The 7th house reveals information about how you relate to people one-on-one and what you expect a relationship dynamic to be like. This house is ruled by Venus, the planet of romance and the sign Libra, which is about partnership.

The Moon sign represents your emotional needs, and if those aren’t met, you can be sure you will not feel content. The same goes for your partner!

To understand your daily love horoscope, you’ll need to know are your Moon sign and 7th house’s sign (as well as your partner’s), which requires your time, date, and location of birth. The more in depth birth chart needs this information. This can be more than your romantic life and can be applied to the way you interact with close friends as well.

Each Moon Sign’s Emotional Needs, Based on Your Daily Love Horoscope

Aquarius – Needs their space and someone who stimulates their needs for big ideas or accepts them for spending their time on humanitarian endeavours.

Pisces – Needs someone who embraces their outside of the box thinking, their need for a creative lifestyle and who will be accepting of their loving nature which they share with everyone.

Aries – Needs someone who understands they need to keep moving, not spend a long time getting things done and can handle their direct communication and speak bluntly about how they are feeling as well.

Taurus – Needs comforts of the senses and needs to make decisions on their own and in their own time.

Gemini – Needs to be able to express themselves, and to have a variety of new experiences to feel OK, needs to have intellectually stimulating conversation on many topics due to curiosity and the need to be accepted for their childlike playfulness.

Cancer – Understand they need time alone but also lots of affection because they get overwhelmed and need comforting. Allow them to give to you because they have a need to nurture. They also like to be home in a cozy spot to cuddle.

Leo – They need attention and to be able to lead something, so don’t try to dim their light when they are trying to pursue things you may not feel comfortable doing yourself.

Virgo – They feel comfortable when they have a plan and organization as well as when they are able to do things thoroughly and have a problem to solve. Let them take their time and let their mind order things without criticizing them.

Libra – They need to fix issues in relationships, so be willing to talk and let them debate – they need to work things out in their mind this way. Know they want justice to be served so they will spend energy on those causes. They don’t like to be alone, so let them have friendships.

Scorpio – They are sexual humans so don’t be afraid of their carnal appetite and be willing to open up and talk about your feelings with them – that is how they understand people and feel safe.

Sagittarius – With this moon sign, they need to be able to travel and expand their knowledge of the world through new experiences. Don’t be intimidated by their happy and cheerful demeanor with others because this positivity helps them feel OK.

Capricorn – They need stability in their finances, work and long-term goals and they need to work hard to feel satisfied, so don’t get on their case about it and try to create stability in your own life so they feel secure with you.

How You Express Love, Based on Your 7th House

Aquarius – You express love by sharing your visions about the future and supporting your partner in their soul’s purpose. You need space and you need someone who wants to help the world.

Pisces – You express love through your emotionally supportive and caring nature instead of traditional flowers and a daily routine. You need someone artsy who is loving and non-conventional.

Aries – You express love by telling them what you think they need to hear and passionately wearing your emotions on your sleeve. You need someone motivated, direct and willing to take the lead.

Taurus – You express love through food, making a nice home and helping them feel the comforts of life. You need someone who lets you be yourself and isn’t controlling.

Gemini – You express love through words and silliness. You need someone who appreciates your curiosity for life and loves to travel like you do.

Cancer – You express love by nurturing others through food and helping them feel good no matter what it takes. You need someone who is willing and happy to commit and be attentive to you.

Leo – You extravagantly express your love from the mountain tops. You need someone who is happy to let the world know you’re in a relationship and someone who is confident.

Virgo – You express your love by helping people get their life organized or by fixing things they need help with. You need someone willing to receive and is not exorbitantly sloppy.

Libra – You express love by creating harmony in the relationship through open dialogue and by inviting friends to join you, sharing in your experiences. You need someone who is also social and cares about human rights.

Scorpio – You express love through intimacy and deep conversation. You need someone who can look at their dark side and yours without fear but as a learning exercise and someone who isn’t ashamed of their body.

Sagittarius – You express love through philosophical comparison and pointing out the integrity in others. You need someone intelligent, positive and compassionate.

Capricorn – You express love through your consistency and commitment. You need someone loyal who can weather the storm of emotional tides with you and who shows responsibility.


Be patient as you get to understand how the Moon sign and 7th house reveal your needs and how you express love. Observe how the couples around you behave and look at their birth charts or ask couples you’ve known a long time if you can see their birth charts.

Astrology is like learning a language but it is also a very accurate road map to improve our relationships. It helps us understand we have many layers and the way we perceive someone becomes more well rounded by looking at their chart to understand how they tick.

Alternatively, understanding our own multifaceted needs and personality is available to us through this tool of astrology, so we can express our needs and style of affection more clearly and articulately to others. This is certainly a great way to improve relationships and birth chart understanding is a great love language in itself!

One final piece to the puzzle when it comes to you feeling content in a relationship that can often be overlooked is if you and your partner are helping each other grow into your soul purpose which can be found in your north node.

If you are subliminally encouraging your partner to be stagnant and stay in their comfort zone, your partner could unconsciously lose their magnetic attraction to you because their soul isn’t being fed but rather disconnected through the dynamic of the relationship.

Learn more about how to better express and receive love by reading your daily love horoscope each day. You can use this information to improve your love life and feel more fulfilled.

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