The Best April Fools’ Pranks to Play, Based on Your Sign

Do you have nostalgic memories of friendly April Fools’ Day tricks? Do you remember shouting the icon words, “April Fools’ Day,” as you reveled in your genius pranking skills? Well, this impish holiday has historical roots that might surprise you.

While the true origins of April Fools’ Day remain a mystery, there are many possibilities available for explaining this springtime tradition. One such possibility is that it took ideas from Hilaria, an ancient Greek tradition that used jokes and parades to celebrate March 25, the day after the vernal equinox.

This day changed when the Gregorian calendar was introduced, moving the New Year to January 1, disregarding the idea of the vernal equinox as the signifier of a new year.

Another potential tradition that connects to the mostly-American April Fools’ Day, is the Norse celebration of their trickster god, Loki. Loki was known for his impish ways, often using his powers of manipulation to influence others gods and goddesses of Norse mythology.

The celebration of this god would represent change and new beginnings, honoring spiritual growth and transformation.

There is one school of thought that attributes the jokes and pranks played on April Fools’ Day to an ancient desire to ward off evil spirits, who would be so confused by the tomfoolery they would neglect to disrupt fertility rituals.

Regardless of its origins, April Fools’ Day is a light-hearted, spirited holiday that can lift your mood and the moods of those around you. Taking part in this holiday is a time-honored tradition. Let’s take a look at the best pranks to play, based on your sign.


You enjoy the element of surprise in your trickery, and you certainly wouldn’t want to actually upset anyone. Try something innocent yet effective, such as bringing a dozen donuts into the office…filled with mayonnaise. (Be sure to check for allergies beforehand.)


Don’t you hate it when your office supplies stop working? Tap into your inner trickster and tape an opaque image onto the bottom of your colleague’s computer mouse. Choose a funny image for them to find upon inspecting their defective mouse.


This April Fools’ Day trick is easy and hilarious. Chances are you’ll see someone who is about to enjoy a nice, cold can of soda. Simply flip the tab around and watch them try in vain to open their refreshing beverage.


You’ve got a soft spot for your loved ones, so I’ve chosen a prank for you to pull off that’s sure to introduce some sweetness into their day. Place a bowl of candy in your office, at your desk or even at home. Fill it to the brim with M&Ms, Reese’s Pieces and Skittles. They won’t know what to think when they bite down into the flavor confusion!


Your impish side runs quite deep, and for you we have a prank that’s hilarious, if not just a bit evil. Craft flyers to place around the neighborhood, calling for a Chewbacca impersonation contest. Instruct viewers to leave a voicemail of their best Chewbacca impression for a potential cash prize. The only thing left to decide is whose phone number to leave on the flyer.


You can be rather traditional, and we’ve chosen a prank that calls back to the classic jokes of The Office’s Jim Halpert. Take a couple packets of lemon instant Jell-O into the office and choose your mark. Place their stapler into the mold as it sets. Once it’s solidified, place the stapler-filled Jell-O mold on or within the desk of your adversary.


You’re all about balance, so we have a completely harmless, yet hilarious prank for you to pull off around the kids, or the adults if you’re brave enough. Empty and clean any mayonnaise jar you can find. Fill the jar with vanilla pudding and go to town. You’ll love the disgusted faces as your loved ones watch, in horror, your consumption of spoonfuls of mayo.


Your trickster will love this prank, especially if you’ve got a roommate or family member who adores cleanliness. Take a fresh bar of dry soap and cover the entire surface with a thin layer of clear nail polish. Wait for the soap to dry and place it back in its spot.


You love a good laugh, and especially one that inspires laughter in others. Try placing a heap of confetti on the upper side of a ceiling fan blade. When the fan is turned on, the room will be transformed into a colorful disco! Just be sure you have a vacuum handy.


Your prank might just be the sneakiest. Talk up this year’s prank, making sure your friends and/or co-workers know just how bad it will be…and then do nothing. Watching them squirm on the edge of their seats all day is sure to cause a little laughter!


This one requires a bit of prep work. Pour a bowl of cereal, milk and all, and place it in the freezer overnight. Offer breakfast to your roommate or loved one the next morning and watch their face fill with confusion at the hardened concoction.


You won’t want to do anything too cruel, soft-hearted Pisces, but you should still get in on the joke! Place a strip of opaque tape over the infrared sensor on the remote, and make sure to hide the batteries!


April Fools’ Day pranks can be hilarious yet harmless, and fun for the whole astrological family! Tell us about your favorite prank or one you just can’t wait to try!

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