Mercury in Aries Square Mars in Capricorn – Frenetic Expression Meets Laser Focus

Mars moved into the controlled and hard-working sign of Capricorn on March 17, increasing our chances of getting things done. Capricorns are known for setting intentional goals and making detailed plans, then putting their heads down and confidently working through until they achieve what they set out to do, no matter how long it takes.

On April 4, we have a square aspect, with Mercury in Aries squaring Mars in Capricorn, which can bring conflict, tension or power struggles between the influences of the two aspects. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it simply means that we may feel pulled in different directions because the separate energies are tugging us at the same time.

It can be a tough time of year for some of us, in the Northern Hemisphere, we are just reaching the seasonal change from winter to spring, and this can leave some of us spinning from the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Having a square influence can seem like it’s adding to our seasonal stress, but it doesn’t have to.

Today we are going to look at what all of this means, and how you can use the seemingly opposite energies to maximize your output – and chances of success!

What Does Square Mean?

With a square, we see two signs at a 90 degree angle of each other, which means they are 3 signs apart and share the same astrological quality (Cardinal, mutable, fixed), which can mean they will be able to see things on the same level, or it could bring out a stubbornness, like siblings, when they are too much alike and everyone wants their way.

Squares present an opportunity to see where we can face things head-on, throw all our cards on the table, and figure out how best to compromise. It’s not the same as when you are negotiating with your spouse, friend or co-worker, where you both give a little to get a little, this is you vs. yourself.

If you don’t square up two opposing opinions, traits, qualities within yourself, you can be causing undue stress, confusion and frustration, when really, all you have to do is recognize them, call them out like someone who’s budding in front of you at Starbucks, and emotionally sit them down to talk until they can get along.

Squares are a time for contemplation and self-reflection. This is a good time for planning and strategy, but not for making major decisions. Think about it – with so much opposite energy floating around, are you sure this is the best time to make serious changes, or do you want to consider all aspects and have a bit of a cooling-off period?

Mars in Capricorn

With war planet Mars moving into this sign, it brings a comfortable influence, amping up our drive to succeed and pushing us with a low key, but firm resolve to reach our goals. Determination floods us and we are more excited, more driven, and more disciplined, doing whatever we have to do to cross the finish line.

This energy is about achievement, staying on the ball, and keeping your eye on the prize. Reputation and maintaining self-control are of the utmost importance to Capricorn, and they will make sure not to reveal any anger, sexual urge or even how driven they really are. They like to play their cards close to their chest and they give away nothing for you to use against them.

Mars in Capricorn will help us feel more productive as long as we can see a real point to the work we are taking on. Mundane tasks just to stay busy are not purposeful and will be considered a waste of time. If you are still hanging on to a futile New Year’s resolution, this is the time to face that it wasn’t the best use of your time.

On the flip side, it’s also the time to renew your purpose in why you set that achievement in the first place. Either way, you have reset your responsibility to yourself and are willing to give it your all with renewed vigor, or let it go because it wasn’t right in the first place.

While Mars in Capricorn can be extremely productive, it lacks something as well – fun. It doesn’t mean Capricorns don’t know how to get down, laugh and let loose, but they take responsibility seriously and they just love to work. They need a little reminder to chill out and take a break once in a while.

Mercury in Aries

Here we have Mercury, the speedy messenger of the Roman gods, the planet of learning, communication, and adaptability in the idealistic, passionate, and spontaneous sign of Aries. See where this is going? This combination speaks to how we express ourselves.

With the swiftness of Mercury and the independence of Aries, our heads will be spinning with thoughts and we’ll want to make quick decisions that aren’t necessarily long-lasting. Our goal under this energy is to consume – information, experience, excitement – and then to share it with others in a direct and somewhat hurried or impatient way.

While this an infectious kind of spirit, we will be ever so much more frustrated if the people we share with don’t immediately get on board – or worse – dare to slow us down! Mercury-Aries has a childlike quality, and under it, we assume that everyone would be as motivated as we are if they only listen to us.

If we don’t get the reaction we anticipated, there’s a short fuse and potential for a bit of a blow up, just like a kid. Aries don’t stay mad long though, so this shouldn’t cause any long term issues. Mercury in Aries is a fantastic time for high-level learning – discussing ideas, traveling, and trying new things – but only as a surface skimming. Paying attention to details is not on the menu.

Put it all Together – What Does this Mean?

This could be a good time for you to face two sides of yourself and consider what you can learn from your extremes. On the one hand, you might be very expressive, enthusiastic and excited to jump into a project or a commitment that has sparked your interest. On the other, you might want to dig into something requiring focus that you can’t seem to hold on to.

Take this example to heart: You tell everyone in your social circle, at work, in your family about your new idea and encourage them to join you because it will be so fun. You manage to motivate most of them to join your dodgeball team, pagan book club, cookie tasting Tuesday mom’s group, etc.

Within 3 weeks, you are super bored and skipping the rest of the classes to take a last-minute vacation/yoga retreat weekend, leaving them all in your dust and potentially wasting money in the process.

You may have gotten everything you wanted out of that experience, but you may have forgotten the commitment you asked others to make in the process, which could cause them frustration and make them think twice about saying yes to you in the future.

Mercury in Aries energy can learn from Mars in Capricorn energy for exactly that reason: staying power, being true to your responsibility, while still feeling able to spontaneously experience life as it is thrown at you. On the flip side, Mars in Capricorn can learn from Mercury in Aries so they can remember that life doesn’t have to be just about putting your nose to the grindstone.

You can work hard and stay true to your goals, but the excitement of learning something new, being surprised by an idea, a connection, and showing your enthusiasm doesn’t have to derail you – it can serve to inspire you even more to make your dreams come true.


While at first, this square influence can seem like you are just getting pulled in two different directions, if you are able to harness both energies and find balance in between the impulsive desire to try something new with the diligent and earnest ability to put hard work into something with tangible results, you can get a lot done – and have fun at the same time!

Aries and Capricorn are both cardinal signs, and are usually leaders in some way. The key to bringing them together under this square may be to focus on the fact that they both want to achieve success – they just go about it in different ways!

What will you be working on with Mercury in Aries squaring Mars in Capricorn? If you can do some self-reflection and lay it all out on the table, you could be harnessing two very powerful influences to usher you into a whole new way to look at how you communicate and how to stay excited and engaged in reaching your goals. Think of what you could accomplish!

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