Which Hogwarts House is Your Astrology Sign Likely to Be In?

The archetypes of the stars, also known as the astrology signs, have long influenced writers of every genre. For all you Potterheads out there, if you’ve ever wondered which Hogwarts house your astrology sign is most likely to be in, wonder no longer!

At Hogwarts, all first-year students go through a magical Sorting Hat Ceremony that places them in one of four houses based on certain personality traits. In today’s article, we’ll have our own Sorting Ceremony for each of the 12 astrology signs!

Which Hogwarts House is Your Astrology Sign Likely to Be In?

Your astrology sign, known as your Sun sign, represents your core personality. Each of the Hogwarts houses is linked to certain personality traits as well as an element, just like astrology signs are! The four Hogwarts houses are:

  • Gryffindor – Associated with the Fire element. Gryffindor house most values the virtues of courage, bravery, justice, and determination.
  • Hufflepuff – Associated with Earth. Hufflepuff house most values hard work, patience, loyalty, and fair play.
  • Ravenclaw – Associated with Air. Ravenclaw house most values wit, creativity, learning, and wisdom.
  • Slytherin – Associated with Water. Slytherin house most values leadership, ambition, power, and cunning.

Do you have any guesses about which Hogwarts houses each of the astrology signs are linked to? Let’s look at how your Sun sign lines up with each Hogwarts house. Once you’ve been sorted by Sun sign, why not sort yourself based on your Moon sign as well to find out your hybrid Hogwarts house?

Astrology Signs in Gryffindor House:

Aries: Gryffindor

The traits of the zodiac sign Aries are quite in line with the traits of Gryffindor house! Aries is a Fire sign, and Gryffindor house also corresponds to the element of Fire. Daring Aries can be relied on to launch and push things forward because they have the bravery to initiate and conquer big projects with enthusiasm. Aries are high energy – ready and willing to face the big challenges head-on. Like Gryffindors, Aries people move fast and tend to be strong and athletic.

Aries characters in Harry Potter include the twins Fred and George Weasley (born April 1), and Harry’s father, James Potter (born March 27th). All 3 of these characters were Gryffindors during their time at Hogwarts!

Leo: Gryffindor

Known for their courage and extroverted nature, most Leos would fit perfectly into Gryffindor house. Leos lead the pack and are usually the ones stealing the limelight as they are natural performers. Harry Potter, who is a Leo and Gryffindor himself (born July 31), exemplifies the confidence and energy level both Leos and Gryffindors have. Even the mascot of Gryffindor house a courageous Lion, just like the constellation of Leo.

Ron Weasley’s younger sister and Harry Potter’s wife, Ginny Potter (née Weasley), is a Leo (born Aug. 11), as is Neville Longbottom (born July 30). Both of these characters were in Gryffindor house as well!

Capricorn: Gryffindor

The loyal Capricorn certainly falls into brave Gryffindor. Capricorns are known to be independent, bold risk-takers like those who live in the proud house of Gryffindor. Known to be chivalrous and noble, Capricorns often becomes well-known for their success, just like many Gryffindors. Capricorns and Gryffindors both need to be cautious not to become self-righteous and work on showing others that they care and can be vulnerable.

Interestingly, two of the series’ main antagonists are Capricorns: Severus Snape, born January 9, and Tom Marvolo Riddle, a.k.a. Voldemort himself, born December 31.

Astrology Signs in Hufflepuff House:

Taurus: Hufflepuff

Quite different from Gryffindor, Hufflepuffs do not need or particularly want to be in the spotlight. They thrive on being supportive, good-hearted, reliable people, just Taureans. Cedric, Ernie and Hannah were all Hufflepuffs in the stories. They tend to be by the book people that don’t reach for riches but instead live a humble life. They can like a Taurus, sometimes lack drive as they aren’t workaholics. Just like a Taurus, the element of the Hufflepuff house is earth which means they are practical and literal people who tend to do what they say. A Taurus certainly displays the loyalty of a Hufflepuff as well.

Unfortunately, there are no major Taurean characters in the Harry Potter series, but that’s probably because most Taureans are too practical to make a show of themselves, their hard work, and their skills, unlike the series’ three Gryffindor protagonists.

Libra: Hufflepuff

The fun-loving social butterflies of the astrology signs, Libra, fit nicely into Hufflepuff house. Hufflepuffs and Librans are both known to prioritize their friendships and to become particularly troubled when their friends are struggling. This demonstrates the loyalty and patience Hufflepuffs are best known for. Librans walk to the beat of their own drums and are certainly more interested in social justice and doing the right thing than being famous or powerful, just like Hufflepuffs. Both Hufflepuffs and Librans are typically friendly, jovial people by nature.

Minerva McGonagall, head of Gryffindor house and Headmaster Dumbledore’s right hand, may not be a Hufflepuff herself, but as a Libra (born Oct. 4), she still demonstrates the fairness and patience Hufflepuff house values so highly.

Cancer: Hufflepuff

Just like Cancer, Hufflepuffs are known to be wise with vast knowledge beyond their years. Cancers are known as the old souls of the astrology signs because of their strong intuitive abilities that allow them to deeply understand emotions and how people work. Cancers and Hufflepuffs often try to do all the work themselves without asking for help because their relationships and their work are integral to their identities.

There are no major Cancer characters in the Harry Potter series, likely because of their preference for support roles that do not call attention to themselves. Next time you’re in the Hufflepuff Common Room, ask around and find out how many of the students there are Cancers!

Astrology Signs in Ravenclaw House:

Virgo: Ravenclaw

Earth sign Virgos would make wonderful additions to the Ravenclaw house. The resourcefulness and intelligence Virgo is known for are is shared by all Ravenclaws. Ravenclaws live in their minds and can get so caught up in ideas that they get lost in their work – something Virgos experience all too often. Virgos and Ravenclaws understand that intelligence comes in many forms and no one person can possess all knowledge. That, however, won’t stop a Virgo or a Ravenclaw from trying!

Hermione Granger, although sorted into Gryffindor, is a Virgo (born Sept. 19). If you’re familiar with the books, however, you might remember that during Hermione’s Sorting, she experienced a hatstall, the term for any student whose Sorting takes longer than five minutes. This phenomenon occurs rarely, approximately once every fifty years. Hermione’s hatstall was as a result of the Sorting Hat’s indecision over sorting Hermione into either Gryffindor or, you guessed it, Ravenclaw!

Aquarius: Ravenclaw

The wisdom and creativity of Ravenclaw house are evident in eclectic, big-picture-minded Aquarius. Aquarians also demonstrate the independence Ravenclaws are known to have, and both Ravenclaws and Aquarians often struggle to ask for help! They share the element of Air, which means they are highly cerebral, idealistic people who can get carried away on the wings of a big dream. Their idealism is very altruistic, but Ravenclaws and Aquarians alike do need to keep their egos in check as they can often think of themselves as superior outsiders from the masses. That said, the heart and spirit of these wise people remind us that often, the pen is mightier than the sword.

Unsurprisingly, Luna Lovegood is both an Aquarius (born Feb. 13) and a Ravenclaw. Harry’s mother Lily Potter (née Evans), born Jan. 30th, was also an Aquarius, although she belonged to Gryffindor.

Pisces: Ravenclaw

Creative, empathetic Pisces fits best into Ravenclaw house. Pisceans tend to have the characteristics of a visionary, and their appreciation for the arts and beauty allows them to combine intellect with art flawlessly. Ravenclaw house is particularly inspired, encouraging imaginations to soar while seeking the ideas that will bring joy and growth to society. As a Mutable sign, Pisceans are also very versatile, flexible, and adaptable; their ability to think on their feet is typical of many Ravenclaws.

Although sorted into Gryffindor, Ron Weasley is a Pisces (born March 1) – although he would not be the best example of the Ravenclaw temperament. Professor Remus Lupin (born March 10), on the other hand, demonstrates adept intellect while being integral to Harry Potter’s emotional development, two things that are important to Ravenclaws and Pisceans alike.

Astrology Signs in Slytherin House:

Scorpio: Slytherin

Perhaps the quintessential Slytherin, a Scorpio is unafraid to look into the darkness in life to understand what fears motivate people and how to overcome them. As a Water sign, Scorpio is very intuitive and shares the Water element associated with Slytherin. Scorpios, like Slytherins, are masters in the art of manipulation, a trait that can be used simultaneously for good and evil. Scorpios are the rare people that confront the dark, heavy subjects in life and work in places others would be too stressed to handle. Scorpionic ambition is similar to Slytherin ambition in that both can become extremely passionate in an all-or-nothing sense. Huge success or bust for Scorpios and Slytherins!

Harry Potter’s tall, dark, and mysterious godfather, Sirius Black, is a Scorpio (born Nov. 3) who belonged to Gryffindor despite his family’s long-standing history of being in Slytherin. This goes to show the raw power of Scorpio – they cannot be swayed by what others think and will do whatever it takes to reach their own goals.

Gemini: Slytherin

Gemini, the sign of the Twins, is known for their intelligence, adaptability, and their dual tendencies, things valued by most Slytherins. There is nothing inherently bad about Slytherins or Geminis (despite the bad rap both have gotten); both are just willing to look at both sides of the coin and examine all the shades of gray in a situation. Geminis and Slytherins are cunning and able to get things done with few resources – if they’re focused in on something, they find a way to make it happen at any cost. The phrase “too smart for their own good” applies to Geminis and Slytherins alike. Just remember, Slytherin isn’t only the house of dark wizards – after all, Merlin was a Slytherin.

Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter’s Hogwarts rival, is a Gemini Slytherin (born June 5). Like Harry, Draco is torn between light and dark magic throughout the Harry Potter series, and the consequences of his abilities and his decisions demonstrate just how powerful Geminis and Slytherins are.

Sagittarius: Slytherin

Sagittarius is the flighty adventurer of the astrology signs. Direct, spontaneous, and prone to taking risks, most Sagittarians would find Slytherin to be the right house for them. The philosophical Saggitarian mind is very similar to the complexities and layers of Slytherin, and Sagittarius’ interest in looking at things from new perspectives allows them to tackle any problem with a 360-degree approach. Saggitarian confidence is well-received in Slytherin house, and their leadership drives their ambition to great heights. Plus, as the sign of the Archer is ruled by lucky planet Jupiter, Slytherin might be the house that gives Sagittarius the upper-hand they need to find the wild success they crave.

Hogwarts groundskeeper and former professor Rubeus Hagrid (born Dec. 6). Impulsive and passionate, Hagrid (although a former Gryffindor) takes many risks throughout the books to aid in efforts against Voldemort. It is often his cunning that allows him to work around the rules without consequence, a trait any Slytherin would value.

Learn More About Your Astrology Sign!

Were you Sorted into the house you expected? If you weren’t, check out what house corresponds to your Moon sign, which represents your inner, emotional self. Maybe your Moon sign’s Hogwarts house will resonate more with you.

Regardless of where we Sorted the astrology signs, however, it’s important to remember that the Sorting Hat takes your house preference into consideration. Harry Potter himself was very nearly Sorted into Slytherin, but became a Gryffindor upon his request. We all have some qualities and strengths from each Hogwarts house, regardless of what sign we are.

Dig deeper into all 12 astrology signs right here at Astrology Answers!

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