The Archer’s Tarot: Which Tarot Cards Represent Sagittarius?

As we move out of the intriguing and heavy Scorpio season, we move into the lighter and yet just as intriguing Sagittarius season. The Sun enters Sagittarius on November 22nd and moves on on December 21st.

Represented by the centaur, a mythical half-human, half-horse creature, in the zodiac he holds a bow, ready to fire an arrow.

Sagittarius in the Major Arcana: Temperance

It is not difficult to see why this fire sign most closely corresponds with the Major Arcana Temperance card in the Tarot. A Tarot card reading and checking out your daily Tarot online can always provide greater insight, especially if you get this card, but what exactly does Temperance mean?

If you look at the Temperance card, in many decks you’ll often see an angel or a woman pouring liquid from one cup into another. It is a process known as ‘tempering’ (hence the name ‘temperance’), and it means mixing two or more things together in order to achieve a perfect solution. If you look at the symbol of Sagittarius itself which is a half-man and half-beast, this is symbolic of how humans must learn to work in harmony with each aspect of themselves until they have achieved the perfect relationship between their ego and their soul.

Sagittarius and Temperance are both striving for the same thing: a more spiritual state of being. This does not, of course, mean that every Sagittarius is a spiritually-enlightened yogi! In fact, many Sagittarians may show little to no interest in ‘spiritual matters’; some may outright abhor them. But no Sagittarian can escape the path of the centaur – to attain spiritual enlightenment and wisdom, however that may be.

Often, this can mean going through some turbulent times in order to reach this state. Of believing in one thing and then dismissing all beliefs, only to experience an upheaval or event that gives them cause to believe again. This is no different to Temperance – mixing, matching, trying, trying again, and then again, until you reach that balance you seek.

While Sagittarius is seen as a light-hearted sign, one full of adventure, curiosity and excitement, there is a much deeper side to them as illustrated above. Their thirst for knowledge has a purpose, their sense of adventure has a profound destiny awaiting them. By attaining this enlightenment they can then spread this knowledge into the world and help others who may be seeking knowledge as they walk their own path. Like Sagittarius, the Temperance person travels the world, seeking things that are bigger and more illuminating than herself.

The journey never ends – it goes on and on, for this particular type of knowledge is infinite. In their enlightened state, Sagittarius becomes like the angel in the Temperance card, shining her light into the world and bestowing this wisdom to others.

Sagittarius in the Minor Arcana: Knight of Wands

How about the Minor Arcana? Which card corresponds with Sagittarius?

In the Minor Arcana, the Knight of Wands represents Sagittarius and we can see why.

The Knight of Wands is a great adventurer. Representative of Fire signs (wands in the Tarot symbolize the Fire element), this knight rarely stays in one place for too long and he has a tendency to go wherever the wind takes him. He is passionate and daring; nothing holds him back. He has a thirst for the journey and a strong desire to explore every part of the world in order to fulfil his insatiable curiosity.

But the Knight of Wands has a negative side and that is his arrogance. He may feel, after one adventure, that he knows all he needs to know and there is no reason for him to explore further in this particular area. This is similar to Sagittarius in their negative pole; they may explore and absorb knowledge in one specific area of life and then decide they are experts on the subject, thereby closing their minds to any potential new information that may come in.

It is a dangerous road Sagittarius takes when they choose this path, for it blocks them from further spiritual progression. Passion can quickly lead to frustration with this fiery knight and it is something that Sagittarius should be aware of. Learning to ‘temper’ these sides to themselves can help them astronomically on their journey.

Where Have the Sagittarius Cards Shown Up in Your Reading?

The Temperance card is the ultimate card of merging two opposing forces together in order to find perfection at the end; just as Temperance does this, so does Sagittarius as they go through life, coming up against oppositions of all sorts, only to find that, one way or another, these opposing forces can work in harmony with one another.

With the passion and daring of the Knight of Wands, the Archer explores every nook and cranny of life, their trusty bow and arrow by their side at all times as they gallop off into the sunset.

Whether their journey is a physical one, a mental one or an emotional one, it will always lead them to the same place – a heightened state of spiritual awareness and, eventually, an understanding of how different forces can come together as one.

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