Number 33

Similar: Numerology, Number 11, Number 22 

33 is a relevant newcomer to the Master numbers; some numerologists use it, and some reduce it to the single-digit number of 6.

If you’ve got other Master numbers (11 and 22) in your reading, then it makes sense to look at 33 too. However, if 33 is the only Master number in your numerology, reduce it to 6 and interpret it that way.

Remember, “Master number’ doesn’t mean that you’re elite or that you’ve mastered something already. Their purpose in your numerology reading is to show you that your life will likely be particularly challenging and hard to master in this area. 33 is the most difficult of the Master numbers to balance. 

There’s no foundation with 33, no focus, or an innate sense of direction. It shows you that you perhaps lack responsibility, that you’re ready to leave your obligations and what you thought was the norm in your life and go off on a whim or a fancy. Usually, that calling is something philanthropical or spiritual in some way. 

You could be forgiven for mistaking a 33 in your numerology as divine intervention because it may seem that way more often than not. The enigmatic calling of 33 is hard to recognize and assimilate; it’s just pure energy. It simply is, without needing cause or purpose or explanation. It’s hard to understand, even harder to put into practice. 

There’s a reason why some numerologists call 33 the master teacher, and there’s also a reason why it happens so rarely.

Many people who think they have a 33 in their numerology reading actually don’t. One of this number’s pitfalls is setting yourself aside from everyone else and being deluded that you’re somehow special, apart from the rest of the human race. This is the illusion that 33 spins and the very reason why it’s usually interpreted as 6.

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