Aquarius & Aries Compatibility

When an Aquarius and Aries come together there is a high love compatibility that fuels life into this union. This is a very compatible match between the Fixed Air sign of Aquarius and the Cardinal Fire sign of Aries.

As two very energetic signs, this is an energetic relationship that is always in motion. Aries will love the out of the box ideas that Aquarius brings to the table. Aquarius loves how Aries goes after things, and the creative and passionate approach that Aries brings to the table. This is a match with excellent sexual chemistry as well, and these two will keep each other going in love for as long as the stars allow.

The Pros

In this match we have the Fixed Air sign of Aquarius pairing with the Cardinal Fire of Aries. This makes for a very lively combination, as Air and Fire help each other grow. Aquarius brings a unique perspective that is out of the box that Aries is really attracted to. Aries on the other hand has a fiery drive to try out almost anything, and Aquarius will want to explore this further. Aquarius has an intellectual way of handling things that Aries really admires. At the same time, Aries is creative and always coming up with new ideas for Aquarius to try out. And Aquarius will never say no so long as the Aries ideas are adventurous, which they are. Where Aries leads, Aquarius is happy to follow, so this is a highly compatible match where each other's differences work well with, instead of against, each other.

The Cons

There are some key similarities between the compatible match of Aquarius and Aries that could cause some problems. Both are very fixed in their ways, especially the Fixed Sign of Aquarius. Aries likes to be the boss, and be in control, and well, so does Aquarius. Aries doesn't like the control taken from them, but they also don't like the jealous and possessive side of Aquarius. So there will be some tempers flaring. As much as we have exceptional sexual chemistry, when these two heads butt, the sparks will fly into a blow up if they both are not careful. Aquarius has a tendency to be on the unpredictable side of things, and this is the last thing that Aries wants. Aries wants full control on what is going to happen. Aquarius may find Aries too stuck in their ways on this, and both will need to find a meeting of the minds for this match to work.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

When both Aquarius and Aries are committed to making it work, then this match will bode well for love compatibility. They already have the advantage of having the Air and Fire compatibility, Air makes Fire grow, and Fire needs Air to be sustained. So both Aquarius and Aries will have a lot to offer each other in this way. Where they will differ will be in their styles of running life, and this could butt some heads. Both Aquarius and Aries however want the same thing, a long lasting love. So both of them will need to meet each other half way when it comes to being the boss. If they can, very happy sparks will fly and this happy couple will never have a dull moment together.

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