Aquarius & Virgo Compatibility

When Aquarius and Virgo make a go at love, it will be a match that is slow to start, with some noticeable differences. These zodiac signs enter love with two very different paces in mind, which could cause some problems.

But they offer each other a perspective and approach they will appreciate over time if they give each other this chance. One good thing fueling this match is they both want long-term love. Aquarius and Virgo will need to work equally to make it happen in this match.

The Pros

We have two very different approaches in this love match. Here we have the Fixed Air sign of Aquarius combined with the Mutable Earth sign of Virgo. This pair could not be more different. Aquarius is a bit thinker and moves quickly. Virgo is more slow and methodical. But there are traits in each of these signs that the other is looking for, and although it will be slow to start, once they find them, they will be very attracted to each other.

Virgo takes an analytical approach to love and to, well, everything. Aquarius likes how flexible Virgo is and how available they are to drop everything for them should the need arise. Virgo, on the other hand, is quite attracted to the intellectual in Aquarius and is constantly exploring this methodically. While Virgo tends to be old-fashioned, and Aquarius tends to be more modern, both signs are interested in exploring the opposites in each other over time.

The Cons

When making this match work, there are a few key personality differences in play that Aquarius and Virgo will need to keep an eye on if they want this love to last. Virgo is a slow mover and spends forever thinking about something before they decide. Virgo is also very organized and clean, and Aquarius blows in and out of places without really thinking about that.

This will frustrate and annoy Virgo as much as Virgo's slow motions annoy Aquarius. At the same time, Virgo likes to see many sides in an argument or challenge, and Aquarius, a Fixed sign, often only sees one view. Swaying Aquarius from this view could be difficult, if not impossible. Virgo will find in many arguments, as the Mutable one, they are more flexible than Aquarius. If Virgo is okay with that, there will be no problems. But if they aren't, some arguments could arise.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

The Aquarius and Virgo match has many differences, but this match can work if they find some common ground.

Virgo will need to exercise their flexibility, and Aquarius will also need to do so. Aquarius could be more emotional and less rigid when expressing needs with Virgo. And Virgo should pull back on the critical approach when problems arise.

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