Cancer & Pisces Compatibility

When two Water signs such as Cancer and Pisces, join forces, things get deep - especially feelings. Both of these signs lead with their emotions over logic, or rather, their emotions heavily influence the logic with which they rely to make decisions. Together, Cancer and Pisces are fluidly connected, as they are able to ride out the positive and negative traits of the other. It's just the way it is for two signs swimming in the same emotional depths. Cancer and Pisces compatibility is strong enough to swim against any undercurrents in their shared water. Immediately, these two signs have an intense feeling of familiarity. They just get one another, which is what makes Cancer and Pisces relationship last the test of time. There are negative aspects of each sign's personality that are not ideal for the other. They are both sensitive and know how to push the other one's insecurity buttons. Most of the time, Pisces takes refuge in the crab's compassion, while Cancer feels less alone in the imagination of the fish. There is ease to this connection that makes good times for Cancer and Pisces in bed. Cancer and Pisces are often quick to fall in love, so to answer the question, "Are Cancer and Pisces compatible?" The answer is, "Of course." The compatibility is emotionally rich with these signs, as the Cancer Pisces love horoscope reveals.

The Pros

When one hears about a Cancer and Pisces dating, one rarely asks, ""Are Cancer and Pisces compatible?" because there is just something about the way those two signs sound when spoken together that make them seem well matched. And it just so happens that the good more often than not outweigh the bad when Cancer and Pisces are in a relationship. The Cancer and Pisces relationship is one of an intense love that is rooted in a sense of belonging. Cancer enjoys Pisces romanticism and imagination, but what the crab loves most is the comfort Pisces provides. Cancer in times of weakness feels isolated from the world and people around them, and empathetic Pisces knows a similar feeling and offers the crab a much-needed comfort that is unique to the fish. This knowing on the behalf of the fish is why Cancer and Pisces compatibility is so strong. As an intuitive Water sign, Pisces gets that side of the Cancer and lets them be themselves. Much of what makes this relationship work with respect to the emotions is Pisces giving to make the Cancer feel secure. It's just the Pisces being its helpful and selfless self, realizing the Cancer is three times more sensitive than the fish. Both of these signs are incredible romantic, and this is an area where the Cancer excels as much as the Pisces, as it is spelled out in the Cancer Pisces love horoscope. Pisces loves romantic gestures, and the Cancer is willing to provide them. But the Pisces needs to remember that when involved in a relationship with a Cancer, they must treat it like a competition. The Pisces needs to do its fair share of romantic gestures in return for its Cancer. These gestures do not need to relate to Cancer and Pisces in bed, as there are many areas of this relationship to bring on the romance.

The Cons

When Cancer and Pisces are at their worst, it can make it hard for even these two Water signs to get along. Most of the time, they know each other well enough to let things go. There are times, however, when what they know they use against one another in the name of the competition. It is simply the way the stars aligned in the Cancer Pisces love horoscope. With the good, comes the bad of Cancer and Pisces compatibility, and it comes in the form of a game called ‘Control.' Cancer is competitive, and this nature comes from deep feelings of insecurity. At the heart of this drive for competition, Cancer always wants to feel in control. Unfortunately, it is not as easy for Cancer as it is for Pisces to understand that the best way to feel in control is to realize that you don't have control over feelings. Instead, you have control over how you react. It is an important lesson for the Cancer to learn, considering just how sensitive they are. When Pisces starts to feel overwhelmed by always being the bigger person, they escape. Not always physically, but definitely in the way they interact with the Cancer. Pisces the escape artist can fuel Cancer's feeling of isolation, even if the Cancer is choosing to stay silent in the bedroom. In these instances, the Cancer and Pisces relationship becomes strained. Neither of them is talking out their problem, because Cancer doesn't often like to receive feedback that might be taken as a criticism. Although, if the Cancer is upset and not already giving the silent treatment, the crab will certainly not hesitate to dish out critiques of the Pisces. This relationship works because the Pisces is willing to be a bit of a martyr to keep the Cancer happy, and the Pisces generally doesn't mind doing it. There are some cases that don't lead to making up with Cancer and Pisces in bed. It is those times when the Pisces has had enough of it, and dips out for a bit.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

Overall, Cancer and Pisces are a good match; however, it takes a lot of strength from the fish to make it smooth waters. The prospect of Cancer and Pisces compatibility is high, and these two signs are often seen swimming together. The natures of both signs are encouraged to do what they do best. And it is in that comfort that they have, which gives them the feeling that they are allowed to be the people they are without pretension is why the Cancer and Pisces relationship lasts for a lifetime. The biggest challenge is for the Pisces and how they will deal with the constant competition and sensitivity of the Cancer. Even as a Water sign, an overly sensitive Cancer can lead a Pisces down its self-pitying path. The Cancer is likely to complain most about finances, because Pisces tends to justify spending in a way that Cancer doesn't get. Cancer is relatively tight when it comes to money, but they are great at amassing a savings. Pisces on the other hand is likely to give their money away with good intention and a feeling that it will come back to them at some point. When it comes to finances, it is when Cancer seems to root decisions in logic without feelings. Pisces on the other hand, frustrates Cancer by discussing new paradigms of value to consider outside of their shared bank account. It is probably a good idea to keep at least three accounts: Pisces' own bank account, Cancer's own bank account and then a shared account. When the Pisces keeps its own account, the Cancer will likely be surprised at just how good the Pisces will be at managing their money when left to their own devices without the nagging of the Cancer influence the money flow. It may seem odd that two watery signs driven by the depths of feelings and emotions are likely to spend time arguing about money, but it's just the crab in the relationship. But when this relationship works, it works. Cancer and Pisces enjoy doing creative projects together and finding romance in doing so. The two of them feel at home with one another and are likely to get on well sharing a living space. Cancer and Pisces get on so well most of the time that to others on the outside it can seem like they are a bit co-dependent. And, there is likely some truth to co-dependency coming out of a Cancer and Pisces connection.

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