Leo & Aquarius Compatibility

There are many exciting things happening in love when Leo and Aquarius join forces in love compatibility. Here we have two fixed signs with a lot of common ground coming together. We also have the added compatibility of Fire and Air combining. So not only are there a lot of common areas of interest with this pair, we also see a lot of sexual chemistry as well! This is a relationship where there will be a lot of energy, a lot of action, and very few dull moments in between. And did we mention sexual chemistry? With this match, we say it twice for a reason!

The Pros

The love match that includes Leo and Aquarius is one that shares many areas of common interests. Leo and Aquarius are both big thinkers, and neither is short on admiration for the other. Leo loves the quirky adventurist in Aquarius. And Aquarius loves the creative passion that Leo exudes. Both of these zodiac signs are visionaries, and think big about almost everything they do. Leo has a certain charm and elegance that Aquarius is extremely attracted to. Aquarius also likes how flexible and not judgemental Leo can be about the world at large. Conversely, Aquarius is an out of the box type, willing to try just about anything. This is a great turn on for Leo who is always looking for the next adventure. As well, both are fixed signs in this union, and that means this relationship is marked by the common traits of loyalty and commitment. This is a match that will likely end in marriage, and last for many decades to come.

The Cons

When you have two Fixed Signs in play as you do in this relationship, you are going to have a lot of stubborn moments. Both signs are committed to their goals and opinions, and they won't always be exactly the same. This is going to spark some temper and some fire, and heads will butt in a heated and stubborn way. This could cause some problems because once one has decided it's over, there is really no turning back. So both parties will need to be careful about this. Leo as well has a tendency to be a bit of a flirt, and Aquarius will be confused by who they thought was a dedicated partner. Additionally Leo has a bit of an ego being ruled by the Sun. Aquarius on the other hand is one that rarely uses emotion to guide them, making them appear aloof to many on occasion. This could ruffle Leos feathers a bit, and both will need to be sensitive in this regard.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

When we match Leo with Aquarius, we have an exciting and highly compatible match in romance. This is a romance where there is more common ground than there are differences. As such, problems will not arise very often. But when they do, both parties will need to remember what is important in terms of the greater picture. Stubborn wills will not work when challenges arise, and both Leo and Aquarius will need to work on holding those at bay and remembering their shared and greater vision. At the same time, with this Air and Fire relationship, there are plenty of sparks flying. So if ever the Leo and Aquarius match are in a pickle, coming back to the passion and romance will be all they need to make things right again.

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