Libra & Virgo Compatibility

There are two different energies coming into play in the Libra and Virgo match in love compatibility, and this relationship will be the case of opposites attract. Both Libra and Virgo approach life and problems in very different ways, but they both have the same common goal. They also both have many commonalities that will nurture their bonds over time. Virgo loves Libra's elegant and charming harmonious nature, and Libra appreciates how flexible and easygoing Virgo is. Libra and Virgo both function at two totally different paces though, and for some this could pose problems. When both Libra and Virgo remain focused on the big picture, this relationship will progress on its own course to the satisfaction of both zodiac signs in this love match.

The Pros

There are many common interests and goals between Libra and Virgo in this relationship. Here we have the Cardinal Air Sign of Libra paired with the Mutable Earth Sing of Virgo. Both Libra and Virgo work at very different speeds with each other, but in the end they both eventually arrive at the same place. They both enjoy luxury and the simple pleasures in life, and neither is afraid to put their nose to the grind to get it. Virgo loves how charming and elegant Libra is, and Libra loves how tidy and organized and put together that Virgo is. There will be a lot of things that this couple will enjoy doing together, antiquing, going to the theater, fine dining, and they both work hard to provide these things for each other. Another thing working very well for this match is they both avoid drama like the plague. So even though there will be a few wrinkles now and then, they will usually be quiet and they won't last long because neither one of them wants to step outside of a peaceful box. This creates a solid foundation for this couple that has nothing but wonderful things on it in which to grow.

The Cons

Although overall the Libra and Virgo match is a lovely and harmonious pair, the two zodiac signs function at completely different speeds and this could create problems. Libra as an Air Sign wants everything right now, everything but a concrete decision that is. Virgo works at a slower pace and comes to conclusions after much practical soul searching over it. At the same time, Virgo always comes to a firm decision and doesn't understand why Libra has such a big problem with that. Libra will have many ideas and streams of consciousness going at once, and Virgo will wonder how Libra ever stays focused. Libra will hope that Virgo lightens up a little bit on occasion, and steps outside the box to go out and have fun once in a while. Virgo will become annoyed by Libra always asking this, and Libra and Virgo will probably spend a lot of nights apart as a result.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

This is a couple that can spend many nights apart without it destroying the relationship, because both Libra and Virgo are very balanced in their approach to love. Neither wants to deal with drama, so even when these problems do arise, this is a love compatibility match with the skills and the talents to talk things out. So long as they both remember this about each other, the commitment to long term love has a chance. Both have a little bit of a way to be critical with each other over the tiniest of details. And both will need to make a point of learning to let these little things go before a tiny wrinkle turns into a huge mountain of problems. The one blessing Libra and Virgo have going for them is they both avoid drama like the plague, and so this will help them stay focused on their overall goal of a happy peaceful family.

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