Pisces & Aquarius Compatibility

The Pisces and Aquarius match is one that has a spiritual tone to it that both partners will deeply appreciate. And it is this tone that will give them all of the energy they need to make this relationship last the long haul. At first glance, this is a love that seems like there is little common ground. But both Pisces and Aquarius are types that have deep undercurrents flowing, and it will not take them long to discover this in each other. This is the Mutable Water Sign pairing with the Fixed Air Sign, and while there may be challenges ahead, this pair will have fun making the world a better place together.

The Pros

There is an intuitive air of human kindness and compassion coming together in the Pisces and Aquarius match. The Fixed Air Sign of Aquarius is ruled by the expect the unexpected Uranus, so Aquarius is always thinking of the next great thing that will change the world. Pisces is really turned on by this gifted person they have bonded with, and will offer Aquarius a spiritual view of this greater vision at large. Aquarius is deeply attracted to the Pisces kindness, and will feel a soul connection at some level. Aquarius also really finds the Pisces intuition intriguing, and this will expand the Aquarius vision of the world. At the same time, Pisces loves how Aquarius is always up for an adventure. This is a pair that will have a wide social circle and always be in the mix of things. Aquarius as the Fixed Sign will want to be a bit controlling here, which is actually just fine by Pisces, so long as they aren't stifled in the process.

The Cons

In this love match we have two zodiac signs that are as different as they are similar. While the Pisces and Aquarius match have their vision of the world at large going for them, they have fundamental energies that are at cross purposes with each other. Aquarius is a Fixed Sign and becomes fixated on the object of their affection. This can translate into controlling and possessive if they are not careful. Pisces on the other hand lives in the moment, and isn't planning their relationship 5 years from now. That is not to say Pisces wants to leave, just that they aren't thinking about either way, yet. When Pisces feels stifled, they don't stick around, so Aquarius will need to be cautious of that. At the same time, if Pisces wants Aquarius to stick around, they will need to make a decision one way or the other, because Aquarius waits for no one.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

Both Pisces and Aquarius are big learners and they will be very attracted to how much they can learn from each other, intellectually, emotionally, and even sexually! So this is not a match that is going to be difficult to break, because they are both very attracted to that. At the same time however, we have Aquarius who is not known for their emotional side, connecting with someone who is almost nothing but emotions. This will be frustrating for both on occasion. Pisces will need to learn not to take things so seriously and so personally all of the time. And Aquarius will need to hold back on sarcastic wit, and emote a little bit more for Pisces. Some people give Pisces a bad rap when it comes to commitment. The truth is, if the partner is giving Pisces what they need, Pisces doesn't need to think twice. So if Aquarius is wondering why Pisces may want to run, they will need to look at their role and ask themselves why this could be happening. If Aquarius wants to pressure Pisces into making a commitment, they have a better chance of getting it by being the one that Pisces needs, and wants. Then it won't be long before Pisces is begging Aquarius to make it official.

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