Pisces & Libra Compatibility

When Pisces and Libra come together in love compatibility, the result is a very harmonious connection. You won't see too many problems in this relationship, as both Pisces and Libra are all about harmony. Here we have the Mutable Water Sign paired with the Cardinal Air Sign of Libra. Libra is in love with the very idea of love, and Pisces brings that to the table in spades. There is a bit of a manipulative side to both of these zodiac signs, so there are some cautions on the table. If both Pisces and Libra cater to the harmonious side of love, this will be a very peaceful match indeed.

The Pros

At first glance, the joining of Mutable Water Pisces with Cardinal Air Libra is one that seems like opposites attract. While it is true that both of these zodiac signs are working on different energy levels, and from a different place, there is a space for harmony and love to reside. Libra is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, and demands to be in love or they feel permanently scarred. Pisces as the Water Sign has all of the love that Libra needs, and then some, so Pisces and Libra will feel very secure with each other from the start. Libra as the Cardinal Sign in this relationship will also be the leader and the boss. Pisces has a bit of a tough time leading themselves, so will be very grateful to have someone around that is so capable. Libra on the other hand will appreciate how much Pisces lets them do just that.

The Cons

One of the zodiac signs in this match is a starter, and the other is on the wishy washy side. Libra is our initiator and leader, while Pisces is our wishy washy water sign. So while one sign is good at starting, and the other side is good at, going with the flow, we will have a lot of unfinished work in this relationship. Conversations will be left hanging, dates will be left waiting, and following through is a problem in this relationship. And when things get overwhelming, both signs go to their elements to manipulate, and this could make things tricky. Libra becomes mentally and intellectually challenging, to the point of biting and critical. Pisces on the other hand goes into tantrums or emotional displays, which to Libra just plays off as dramatic. There will be some trouble in paradise if this pair does not focus on the harmony they are both so good at creating.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

Because both Pisces and Libra have a difficult time bringing anything to fruition, the planets that rule them intervene with their energies to make it work. In this case for Pisces it is the dreamy and spiritual Neptune, and for Libra it is the loving goddess of Venus. With these two feminine energies in play, very little drama will be allowed. So even if there are some turbulent waters ahead, the chances of harmony prevailing are very good, as this comes naturally to both Pisces and Libra. To make it work, they both will need to pull back on the manipulation, and focus on adding the one element they love to the most in life to every uncomfortable conversation, unconditional love.

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