Sagittarius & Taurus Compatibility

When Sagittarius and Taurus pair up there will be many astrologers that might advise these two are coming from different planets. And while they definitely are, it is the very differences between them that will bring these two together. This is a match that appears like opposites attract, and a little unexpected for many. But Sagittarius and Taurus will learn that over time, if they give it a shot, they have more in common than they really think. Operating at two different speeds all of the time however could get exhausting. Both Sagittarius and Taurus will need to find a way to create balance between them so they always have energy left... or each other.

The Pros

The one very interesting thing about the Sagittarius and Taurus love compatibility match is they both bring things to the table that the other doesn't know it was looking for, or needed. So when Sagittarius and Taurus find these happy surprises in each other, it is a blissful connection. Sagittarius is a bit of a wanderer, and loves how stable and grounded Taurus is. Taurus shoots from the hip and Sagittarius finds this a huge turn on, there are actually people that do that? Yes will almost always be the answer from Taurus. Taurus also loves the energy level that Sagittarius brings to the table, and is frequently inspired by it! Sagittarius will take Taurus traveling on adventures they never thought possible, and always leave Taurus wanting for more. Being ruled by Venus, Taurus is never short of a want for pretty things, and Sagittarius is only too happy to provide. Sagittarius lucky streak from Jupiter makes for a fun connection with Taurus as well.

The Cons

The Sagittarius and Taurus love match has more differences than it does similarities. And so of course there are going to be some heads butting on occasion. Sagittarius is a wanderer and doesn't like to be stuck to one thing. Taurus is just the opposite, fixated and rooted and becomes upset when anyone could suggest otherwise. Tempers are very different here as well. Sagittarius is a hot headed one where fires tend to crop up all the time. Taurus is the stubborn Bull and just doesn't have time for it. Sagittarius and Taurus are at two very different speeds as well. Taurus is slow and practical and Sagittarius could lose patience with this. Sagittarius on the other hand is impulsive and spontaneous, and Taurus will definitely not have patience for that.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

What will need to happen here in order for the Sagittarius and Taurus match to work is not a matter of embracing the differences, but allowing them to occur without judgement. This means that both Sagittarius are going to need to meet each other halfway, on at least one issue, every single day. Sagittarius is mutable and always will be, so if Taurus wants a commitment they are best to have this talk with Sagittarius early on. Sagittarius can not be forced and if Taurus is not okay with that, nipping that problem in the bud early will soothe frustration for Taurus. Taurus will not be able to be jealous in this relationship unless they want to be uncomfortable all of the time. It isn't that Sagittarius isn't committed, but you will never be able to get the flirt out of Sagittarius. If both Sagittarius and Taurus want this for the long haul, they will need to find the common vision between them and then make a plan to achieve it.

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