Virgo & Scorpio Compatibility

Virgo and Scorpio coming together in love is an interesting match. The connections made between Earth signs and Water signs are often good matches. In the case of Virgo and Scorpio compatibility, it is well aligned for domestic bliss. Virgo's element is the Earth, which means they are down to keep things real. They will be the most grounded people you ever meet. They are a loyal partner who is ready to stand by their love's side through the most troubled water and the silkiest of seas. They are quite practical and are great at helping to get a job done. At times, Virgo can become a bit obsessed over the details or the 'what lies on the surface,' of things without taking the time to dig in deep to discover there is more there than meets the eye. Mutable signs like Virgo are great at utilizing all of the lessons they have learned under this quality to help perfect whatever it is they've been asked, and often times not even asked, to do in a partnership. Virgos are great at adapting, as they are more open to change as a part of life. It's not that they necessarily love change, but they are simply taking practical perspective on it as inevitable. This aspect of mutable enables them to come across more laidback for a perfectionist, as one might find them from time to time. The planet Mercury rules Virgo. What that means for this sign is that Virgo is great at conveyance. They are also found doing the things that need to be done that are often overlooked by other signs. It's not that Virgo loves to do these things, per se, it's more of a compulsion of them knowing it needs to be done and someone needs to do it. There is an innocence or naiveté about Virgo, which may relate to its symbol being the Virgin, and how Virgos may appear to be taken advantage of by the signs that are less keen to do the work Virgos are willing to do, because it is simply what you must do to get the job done. But it's not likely you will find this kind of dynamic between a Virgo and Scorpio. Scorpio's element is Water, which makes this sign incredible sensitive, emotional and intuitive. There is something quite mysterious about a Scorpio that lures in its partners to the deepest depths of passion and emotion. Water signs crave stability and security to help contain the storm of heart, mind and soul. As a Fixed sign, Scorpio is trustworthy - and more so than the depths of a Scorpio's eyes would suggest. Not to mention there is more to them than their sultriness. They are great at making things happen and keeping the ball rolling. They even enjoy getting things done with to-do list to boot. Scorpio is ruled by the on and off again planet Pluto, which - should come as no surprise - represents regeneration. The planet Pluto rules over the underworld, which gives insight into the intensity and depth of Scorpio. Intensity is not only in Scorpio's connection to the afterlife, but also by the scorpion that symbolizes this sign. The scorpion symbolizes self-reliance and danger, which you should take away as protective. Scorpios are protective, which is often why they seem secretive. But this protective nature is not too much for a Virgo. Virgo and Scorpio love compatibility is strong, if you find yourself asking if Virgos and Scorpios are a good match. As it turns out, a Virgo and Scorpio relationship is quite good. The twosome often feels like they've known each other for their entire lives and become fast best friends. Virgos like to please and Scorpios love being on the receiving end of pleasure. So do Virgos and Scorpios get along? The answer is a resounding yes!

The Pros

A match made between a Virgo and Scorpio is like two long lost best friends who are finally able to have a beautiful life together. Virgos are unable to resist the allure of a Scorpio. After their first date, Virgo will be secretly researching all the things they can do to make their Scorpio interest happy. That doesn't mean this will be a fast-moving relationship though. It is likely to take a while for the Virgo and Scorpio relationship to develop beyond friendship, although it will be an intense friendship that lends itself to what seems like dating. While Scorpio can move both fast and slow, they are content with moving along at the pace of Virgo, because there is a security in the stability the Earth sign offers. The slower the two of them move, the deeper the affection is with this Virgo and Scorpio love compatibility. Virgo gives Scorpio security through clear and straightforward communication when it is needed and knows there are certain jobs that need to be done in this relationship - and Virgo isn't resistant to putting in the work. While Virgo is quite logical and practical, there is something quite intriguing about the emotiveness and mysteriousness of Scorpio. Virgo loves diving into the intensity to analyze Scorpio's riddles. The evenness of Virgo's temperament is well suited for Scorpio and vice versa. There is a good give and take here, as the strengths and weaknesses of Virgo and Scorpio are complementary. Virgo is intrigued by the protectiveness of the Scorpio without questioning their trustworthiness. Virgos and Scorpios are a good match because they have similar values. They both value stability and doing the work to get the job done, which makes the Virgo and Scorpio relationship a strong one that is likely to lead to marriage, if all plays out in real life as it does on paper. Their home life is likely to be quite domestic and taking on a more Earth sign vibe than Water. It is in the bedroom where the Water sign vibes flow with intense intimacy and passion. Virgo and Scorpio love compatibility is quite hot in the bedroom.

The Cons

As is the case in all relationships, there are ups and downs in compatibility. Depending on how a Virgo and Scorpio were raised and what they've experienced in life will determine the extent to which their negative and positive traits are dealt. For the most part, even the negative attributes of Virgo and Scorpio are quite complementary. At the Scorpio's most sensitive of times, a less tactful Virgo can unintentionally press the buttons leading directly to the insecurities of their partner. Both Virgo and Scorpio have a tendency to become obsessed, although on different things. A Scorpio is more likely to become obsessed with the love between the two in the bond and the feelings there, while the Virgo will get obsessed with the mundane tasks of their relationship. Virgo will fuel Scorpio's insecurity and obsession by not also being focused on the feelings but on the acts instead. Often, Virgo will find a way to make things right, once they figure out the difference between doing and feeling. In spite of these types of hiccups, the Virgo and Scorpio compatibility is a solid one.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

Virgos and Scorpios are a good match. There is something about this Earth and Water relationship that works better than most with their pros and cons seeming to complement one another. Virgo provides Scorpio with the security that this water sign desperately seeks. And, Virgo does it in just the right way to where Scorpio still feels self-reliant. The Virgo and Scorpio relationship gives Virgo the opportunity to explore feelings by doing, which is great for this taskmaster. There is a lot of affection and admiration between this pair. They get on like they've known one another for their entire life. That isn't to say there are not hiccups from time to time, but their admiration for who each is as a person often helps shine a light on what is most important to them and their relationship. Virgo and Scorpio found a way to make Water and Earth work for them. As a Mutable sign, Virgo takes on more to make this relationship work, but because Virgo is an Earth sign, it works. Virgo knows that there are certain things that need to be done to make a relationship work and is happy to give its Scorpio the love that is needed to have a happy and stable life together. Scorpio has a profound respect for Virgo and that is just the kind of thing that makes a Virgo happy. And, getting to go to bed every night with a Scorpio isn't a bad thing either. Virgo and Scorpio have a loving and passionate relationship that lends itself to a long lasting and more traditional partnership. Virgos and Scorpios get along, and they do so in a remarkable way. Their love is one for the ages.

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