Color(s): Bluish white

Affirmation(s): "I embrace my feminine energy."

About Moonstone

Moonstone is one of the most popular crystals to use for lunar work. It is also wonderful for those who are out of sync with their feminine energy and wish to balance their masculine and feminine energies within.

Too much masculine energy can result in being disconnected from your intuitive side, and Moonstone can help bring these energies into balance. This is a wonderful crystal for spiritual balance and assisting with change.

Moonstone has various colors, such as green and pink, but regardless of color, this stone promotes a deeper connection with feminine energy and intuition. Its color is similar to the Full Moon’s, hence its name. The Moon is the feminine to the Sun’s masculine, the Yin to its Yang.

Moonstone is a Water crystal linked to Gemini and Cancer

Moonstone is linked to the Crown chakra and helps promote a higher spiritual understanding, greater empathy, and a deeper connection with intuition.

How to Use Moonstone

This crystal is best used by meditating with a piece in a quiet space, especially during the lunar phases. Still, it is also highly beneficial when worn around the neck area as it has loving and peaceful energy.

This is also a popular stone to utilize during a New Moon or Full Moon ritual.

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