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Similar dreams: Being Ignored and Waiting.

The theme of abandonment in dreams is a very common one. Many dream experts will tell you that the notion of abandonment is a notion associated more with a feeling, than with an actual event. Often this kind of dream can be associated with an anxiety or difficulty in planning for the future – sometimes it can be tied to being unhappy where you are or stressing about where you are going. The most common theme in this kind of dream is a lack of control in our own lives, which reenacts what it would feel like to lose or leave the things around us.

If you are feeling abandoned in your dream, there are several other hidden factors you need to analyze. Who are you feeling abandoned by? Very little of the time are you the one that performs the act of abandonment in your dream.

When trying to decipher this key dream symbol, examine who else is in your dream, and what other feelings you associate with this symbol, whether they are good or bad.

Feeling Abandoned

If you are feeling abandoned by a person in your dream, the message you need to examine is who do you feel is letting you down right now? Often, feeling abandoned comes with being rejected or dealing with childhood issues. Maybe you feel like someone is going to let you go. Or perhaps you just have this all over basic fear and have no reason to justify it.

Your dream could be suggesting that you have abandonment issues. If you are in a perfectly content relationship with no boats rocking right now, talk it out with your partner. They may feel they see a light bulb over their heads as this may help them understand you better.

Abandoning Others

Good abandonment feelings will show you exactly what you need to rid of in your life to experience the freedom and liberation you will feel in your dream during that moment.

If this symbol does occur where you are the one engaging in the abandonment, the dream analysis is easier than you might think. Something in your life needs to go and your dream content is telling you this as subtly as possible. Sometimes we feel liberated when we abandon something or “let go”. If you are making acts of abandonment in your dream then look to the other symbols in your dream to help define where and what needs to be abandoned or let go in your life.

Different types of abandonment interpretations…

  • Abandoned by family/family members – This dream symbol often means more than the fear of losing one’s parents, instead, it looks at our foundation and our safety. Our family acts as the stable ground we walk on, so when we feel abandoned by them in a dream it’s actually representing our overall unhappy or unsettling conditions in our waking life. To overcome this, we need to cut ourselves off from what is causing this toxicity.
  • Abandoned by spouse/lover – This often indicates that your anxiety is within your relationship. You may be fearing that they are cheating or falling out of love with you.
  • Abandoned by baby – This can relate to real fears about children in our lives or to a more metaphorical interpretation. This can connect to our inner child and wanting to release the boundaries set upon us as we grew up. This is an indication that you need to accept your own feelings.
  • Abandoned house or car – You are feeling anxious about a future opportunity that may change the way of life as you know it.
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