All You Need to Know About Stress Dreams

There’s no denying that 2020 has brought with it some unexpected stress. We know that stress releases certain chemicals in the body that we can counter with holistic remedies such as soothing essential oils, calming deep breathing, and meditation. But when it comes to our dreams, stressful times may mean more stress dreams.

Thanks to dream interpretation, we know that our dreams can be helpful messages of healing from our subconscious mind. Your dreams are there to help you see how to improve your waking life. If you’re wondering, “Why do I have stress dreams?” Here’s your answer.

Because your intuition knows that no matter what is happening in the outside world if you go within, you can still cultivate a state of peace.

A stress dream is not there to point out that life is stressful, the true stress dream meaning is that you do not have to let it control your life or your happiness. While there are some stress dream negatives such as sweating or waking up feeling anxious, when you accept the opportunity and the hidden message your dreams are trying to bring you, you will stop having that nightmare.

In fact, in the realm of dream interpretations, there are no nightmares, just hidden healing messages yet to be integrated into your waking consciousness! Let’s talk about how to find that hidden blessing, the gift, from your stress dreams.

How Do I Know if I am Having a Stress Dream?

If you’re not sure if you’re having stress dreams, it can be anything that makes you feel anxious, frustrated, scared, or upset. Here are some common examples of stress dreams:

  • Running from an animal or person.
  • Being late or unprepared.
  • Being naked or missing some of your clothes.
  • Having your teeth fall out.
  • Driving out of control or having car trouble.
  • Extreme weather conditions.
  • Losing something or someone.

There are many types of stress dreams – and you’ll know it’s a stress dream by the feeling you get from it. The more it stands out in your mind as an intense dream, the more strong the hidden blessing is for you. There are no bad dreams, just opportunities waiting to be accepted. The dream will often repeat until you get the opportunity too.

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How To Find The Healing Message In Stress Dreams

Not knowing how to interpret dreams can leave you feeling off all morning. One bad dream can make you feel stressed upon waking. Let’s change that by empowering you with the wisdom of the clairvoyants. Clairvoyants use dreams to help heal the subconscious mind, which is creating our vibration by thinking about things without the mind really noticing. Our anxiety is usually in the background of the mind while we are going about our day doing the things we need to do.

That background anxiety does not have to be there though, and your dreams are helping you see that. Once you address the anxiety and release it, you will stop having those dreams.

It’s a message that you’re missing out on a more joyful life, and all you need to do is say goodbye to fear and hello to your soul. When we say goodbye to our anxiety and put our trust in the Universe and its help, we will find our joy levels increase exponentially. Stress dreams are an invitation to deepen your spiritual connection and identity as a soul.

Ways To Resolve Subconscious Stress

Stress is something we often get used to because we lead stressful lifestyles and we are used to having a pretty high baseline, as modern society does. But we don’t have to! We can look to many holistic remedies and ancient practices designed to help harmonize the mind, body, and spirit. Our stress dreams are there to help us heal by reminding us what we don’t need to have in our waking life.

The next time you have one of these dreams, sit and ask your heart what you’ve been worrying over in your life that you can stop stressing about, giving it up to the Universe to take care of. This act of surrender allows you to raise your vibration because you trust that the highest good for all is being carefully orchestrated by the order of the Universe.

The acknowledgment of the anxiousness and the asking of the Universe to help you release that anxiety is a strong intention that will help heal that background thinking so your pattern will start to be one of trust instead of fear.

A stress dream indicates that you’re not dealing with your emotions in waking life – or from past experiences that are still impacting your perception. If you find you’re having stress dreams, it’s time to slow down, take an inventory of your emotions, and do things to help cultivate a more relaxed lifestyle such as incorporating regular relaxation into your day.

You can create a more zen-like home with soothing colors, sounds, and decor. You can develop a daily meditation habit and consider getting Reiki. Use calming herbs, oils, and incense to create that calmness within too. Finally, affirmations are a great way to retrain your brain to be naturally calm instead of naturally stressed.


The more you learn about dream interpretation, the easier it will be to uncover the hidden messages and symbols in your dreams. Overall, everything represents a part of you. If you see another person in your dream, most of the time, it still represents you. Cars, vehicles, houses, and stadiums, all represent you. The weather, the colors, and the feelings are part of you. You are in charge of what you allow in your mind.

Ultimately the empowering message of your dreams is showing you what you are allowing in your mind. It’s an invitation to empower yourself to only think of positive things that create a more beneficial reality. Dreams are powerful reminders that you are co-creating your reality.

So, have some fun and look up the symbols in your stress dreams in our dream dictionary. If you don’t remember the details, start writing them down, and more details will start to come out over the next few weeks. Dreams help us find our true power, our true identity, and deep healing!

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