Happy Hobbies: At-Home Hobbies for Your Zodiac Sign

We are living in a time when people are exploring all kinds of new interests and hobbies – but for some, it can be a real challenge to know how to get started – with so many options, how do you know just which one you’d like to explore?

Some people enjoy the tried and tested method of simply doing new things until they stumble upon one they like – which is an excellent investment when it comes to getting to know yourself better, but can take a fair amount of time.

To save you time, money and maybe a little frustration though, we’ve put together our list of hobbies you should try – by consulting the zodiac! If you’d like to leap into a hobby which will bring you a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction from an astrology point of view, read on!

Best Hobbies for Each Zodiac Sign

Your zodiac sign can tell you a lot about the type of things you like. This is because your Sun sign represents the ‘core’ of who you are. You’re naturally drawn to certain things which, one way or another, will satisfy that core.

Of course, a natal chart is a many-layered complex thing. If you are a Taurus Sun, for example, you’ll be drawn to the hobby suggested for Taurus. But if there is a lot of Taurus in your natal chart, or you are a Taurus Rising or Taurus Moon, you’ll also benefit from it.

Read on to find out more about the hobbies you should try at home!


Aries has a lot of energy and drive. This is the Cardinal Fire sign and they need a positive outlet to direct this powerful energy otherwise it can go haywire! Therefore, the best hobbies for them are ones which are intense and enigmatic, especially in regard to fitness.

For the more sporty Aries, HIIT workouts at home are strongly recommended. These workouts require short bursts of intense energy and don’t tend to last very long – this matches the energy of this feisty sign as they have a tendency to blow up quick and burn out fast. Meanwhile, the less sporty will benefit from transforming areas of their home, such as rearranging things to create a library or office space or a meditation den.


Fixed Earth sign Taurus is calm and loves nature, making outdoor hobbies ideal. So while at home, gardening is a great hobby for them, feeding that desire to be closer to the earth as well as providing a slow and methodical opportunity for enjoyment.

An alternative to gardening can be growing herbs in their home. Any Taurus would take great delight in planting a variety of herbs in little pots and leaving them in the kitchen, watching them grow as the weeks pass.


Gemini is the Mutable Air sign and loves to communicate. They have an interest in everyone and everything, eager to learn and explore. One great hobby for a Gemini to take up is learning a foreign language which can mentally challenge them and help them expand their horizons.

Geminis are often talented writers and speakers, so the more artistic types may want to focus on writing a book or communicating through other art forms, such as drawing, sculpting or painting.


The sensitive crab, Cancer, is the Cardinal Water sign and feels right at home when in their home! Cancer has a desire to protect and nurture, so cooking is a fantastic hobby for them. A Cancer would benefit from pouring over different types of recipes and trying them out. They’ll be especially inspired to do this if they are cooking for others.

A Cancer is the type of person who would create a Youtube cooking channel or post pictures of their culinary masterpieces on Instagram. Another hobby they would enjoy is gardening, especially growing their own fruits and vegetables.


Fixed Fire sign Leo rules the fifth house of creativity – so these talented individuals are big on creative stuff and like to let people know about it!

Leo signs thrive on hobbies such as dancing and fashion. Dancing provides a more physical outlet for their energy, while fashion – particularly designing – gives them something to create while keeping things fun. They will also enjoy cooking, especially unique and interesting recipes. The more creative, the better!


Virgo is the Mutable Earth sign. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo expresses Mercury’s energy differently to how Gemini does, the other sign ruled by this planet. Virgo’s Earth element means they are very focused on logic and practicality. They like to scrutinize and make sense of everything – logically!

A good hobby for Virgo is anything which is detail-oriented. They particularly enjoy crossword puzzles or brain-training games (which is also strongly recommended for them. Virgos can struggle with worry and nervousness so they are encouraged to take good care of their brain health.) Chess is also great for them and sculpting is recommended for the more creative, as is needlework.


Cardinal Air sign Libra is ruled by Venus. As the planet of love and beauty, Venus has a strong influence over Libra – and they have a special eye for beauty. Pretty things bring them joy!

So a good hobby for Libra is beautifying either themselves or their home – and they can spend hours doing this, so they’re unlikely to get bored! Exploring different DIY face masks, rearranging their homes, or trying out different outfits and styles are all enjoyable hobbies for Librans.


Scorpio is the Fixed Water sign known for their intensity. Scorpio may not always seem like it on the surface, but deep inside them is a chaos of emotion. Scorpio hobbies include meditation (which is excellent for keeping their emotions in harmony) and investigative work, such as learning about a period of history or a different culture.

Because Scorpio rules the eighth house of sex, death and magic, they may also be drawn to areas of the occult.


Sagittarius is the sign of the adventurer, so they like to travel and explore. Being indoors all the time can be depressing for them, so it’s important for them to have hobbies that fulfill their desire for exploration – a Sagittarius must sometimes learn that a lot of adventures can take place in their own mind!

This is the Mutable Fire sign and they can make great writers who weave amazing stories, creating their own adventures. They are also teachers of the zodiac, so taking up a part-time skill such as teaching English as a foreign language or life-coach studies can be very rewarding for them.


The Cardinal Earth sign, Capricorn is all about the long-term. This sign has got extraordinary stamina. Hobbies which are somehow related to advancing their career are very rewarding for them.

Online courses that help them learn about marketing or strategy may be right up their alley! Another great hobby for them is reading – Capricorn should fill their shelves with books, especially on topics they can apply to the real world. Capricorn also likes collecting things, so stamp or crystal collecting is enjoyable.


Aquarius is the Fixed Air sign – and a very quirky one at that! These are the innovators and odd types who have genius thoughts. Their minds are quick and they love having something to solve.

Puzzles are a great hobby for them. An Aquarius would feel joy and satisfaction from puzzles of all kinds – jigsaw, word or number. Because this sign is also the sign of technology, hobbies in this area can be equally rewarding. They may enjoy learning about coding or building robots!


The last sign of the zodiac is Mutable Water sign, Pisces. These gentle and compassionate individuals have wonderful imaginations. Hobbies related to the arts where they can harness their imagination are very rewarding for them.

Painting, singing, playing a musical instrument, writing, sculpting and drawing are all wonderful hobbies for Pisces. Because Pisces is also an ethereal sign, they may be drawn to metaphysical practices. Working with crystals and reiki are two things they may like to take up as hobbies which could evolve into something more.


We all work hard, as the world moves faster and we can make quicker connections, we all need something to relax with when we get home, or at least to take on something we really enjoy that may have nothing to do with our jobs. Hobbies can be relaxing or challenging, singular or social, but they all serve a purpose in keeping our interest!

Board games, sports, yoga, reading, painting and music – these are all hobbies we are used to seeing and are likely the most common around the world. Some of us tend toward the more intellectual pursuits, while others get more of a kick out of the physical. There are hundreds of options, so how will you go about choosing one that best suits you?

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