Summer Love: Is it Real Romance or a Summer Fling?

It’s officially Summertime! And now that means we are all looking for a little bit of love, sweet love.

We all want it no matter what our relationship status is. Who doesn’t want to be in love in the Summertime? There are so many things to do during the long sunny days and the warm moonlit nights. You’ve met someone, things are progressing nicely; but is it real romance or just a summer fling?

The Moon transits this Summer are going to guide you towards the changes in your relationships that you need. Do you want it to last? Or are you just looking for a May to December romance?

There is no wrong answer. But if you are wondering what the state of your Summer loving is, we are going to help you figure that out today. So let’s get to it.

Are You Single or Attached?

Love is in the air for all, whether you are flying solo or in it for the long haul.

For the Couples

For a start, things look pretty pleasant. Others will warm to this and perhaps reciprocate too. There’s an overall positive mood — and that’s a good thing for some summer frolicking! But under eclipses, big changes are coming. And change always causes stress, even when they are good changes.

Expect July to make some changes in your romantic outlook. Have fun with each other. These could be good changes like an engagement, wedding, or just moving in. Or you may just be making a fresh new commitment to each other in some exciting way. Have fun with these, and thank the Universe for the blessings that come your way when the Moon sends you all of the information you need to enjoy love.

This is a great period to stretch yourself socially, even though you may not want to. It’s quite possible that you want to stay closer to home, and if you’re already making doe-eyes at your beloved and your partner is just as content as you are to stay between the sheets, then go for it — this is an awesome time for romance.

Creativity is strong, also. This can be anything from a new art project to some form of self-expression. If you and your partner are trying for a child, this may just be the time that you conceive!

For the Single Folk

But what if you’re single?

These lunar transits are good for those who are still looking for that special summer someone, too. Do new things with new people. Stretch yourself socially, especially when it comes to places or activities that promote love, peace, and harmony. Art galleries, museums, and other venues are ideal — who doesn’t like an open-air concert on a warm summer’s evening?

Summer Full Moon’s connected with the Sun in Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo are going to help you close a chapter and take the lead. It will also help you to make a big change. It would be nice to have someone to spend it on, wouldn’t it?

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Two people sit on a railing near the ocean watching the sunset. They are falling in love in the summer.

Look for Love in The Zodiac

When we use astrology to our advantage, we can make the most of our summertime to find whatever love matches we desire.

Aries Summer Lovin’

If you are dating an Aries, or want to take love to the next level with them, leave your “tired” complaints at home, even if you are. Aries is driven by energy, enthusiasm, fire, and excitement. They will get bored very fast if you show up on a date with them and start complaining.

Unless your Aries lover has kept you up all night, and they will if you want them to, “I’m exhausted” is the last thing they want to hear. Take a nap before your date with Aries if you are that tired, but never, ever let them see you sleepy. Unless they’re joining you.

Getting Cozy With Taurus

Your Taurus date WILL like the details of your day, but they don’t need or want, a play by play. This will bore them into the ground. Stay away from tedious minutia when you are talking it up with your Taurus, unless that minutia is all about them. With the Bull, less is most definitely more. All you need to remember is that they are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, and use that energy and potential to your advantage when playing with your Taurus lover.

Get luxurious, focus on sexy, sensual fabrics and textiles, bling, glitter, feathers, you name it. Whatever will make their eyes widen under Venus. Going on, and on about the 448 message text convo with a bestie is going to have your Taurus wandering.

Gemini Lovin’ & Learnin’

Geminis are a bunch that loves their gadgets, their iPads, their cell phones, their emails, their text messages, their skype conversations, their everything that has to do with the digital world that is ruled by their planet Mercury. They just don’t like it when their date is all up in their gadgets on a fun date or activity.

Gemini tends to be a bit paranoid when it comes to love, and if you are checking your cell phone every five minutes, they will be wondering who you are talking to. If you must, send them a saucy text when you make the trip to the lady’s room, just to let them know they are on your mind, even when you are away. But putting your nose in your phone or iPad all day or all night you are with your Gem may breed nothing but contempt.

Turn it off when it’s couple time, and when it’s time to put your nose back in the phone, your Gem will be one of the first to blow it up.

Going Deep With Cancer

For Cancer, home is where the heart is and the emphasis is on the family. So if Cancer needs to include you in a family function because that’s the only time they have for you, groaning is your surest way to keep your relationship short with Cancer. They always will put their family first, and complaining about that is not an option if you want to keep your Cancer.

Consider it a compliment when Cancer brings you into the fold, it’s a sure sign they have an eye on you for good. And, if they need to postpone because they are with the family, being understanding and supportive and having your own life while they do so will ensure that your Cancer is thinking of you the whole time you are apart.

Hot Love With Leo

When dating a Leo you have to keep in mind that their roar is pretty much just that, a roar. Rarely will you see a Leo truly angry, but they do like to talk a good talk and a big one at that. Stroke their egos and enjoy every last delicious second they spend on you but don’t think their ego is all they bring to the table or your Leo will stalk off.

Underneath that confident and adventurous date of yours is a person who is much less sure of themselves than they let on. Inside is a little kitten that needs attention and assurance from the one they want to care about. Acknowledging that part of your Leo will stoke the fires for some time to come.

Virgo Love & Stuff

Virgo has the tendency to be on the picky side of things, and so if there is anyone that is easy to turn off it will be them. But you can use this information to your advantage in love. Ask your Virgo to make a list of their favorite things to do or their favorite fantasies.

Virgo’s love lists! They also hate clutter, so clean up a bit before you ask them over for dinner. Unlike Cancer (who will check) you can hide dishes in your stove without Virgo noticing, they just like clean lines and empty clutter-free space. They know you have stuff and don’t care where you put it, they just don’t want to see it.

Libra Love & Beauty

As the Cardinal Air Sign ruled by Venus, Libra is very easy to please in love, especially when you know how to find your way into their heart. The best thing about Libra is just how flexible they are, they are all about harmony and balance, and are lovers, not fighters. So fighting with your Libra lover is a big no-no unless you are geared to send them in the opposite direction from you. Instead, talk and think it out together.

Cater to the Venus side of Libra which is very sexy and very sensual. One thing Libras love in their friends and partners are people with wild imaginations. Even if you never act any of them out, talk them up, and your Libra will be at your side for literally hours, or even longer if you want them to be. Looking good is loved by Libra, but spending hours to get there is not. So, find an easy, maintenance-free way to your fabulous this summer if it includes a Libra, and expect a lot of spontaneous fun to result.

Deep & Passionate With Scorpio

Scorpio gets a bit of a bad rap when it comes to love, when all of their lovers need to realize is that more is more for Scorpio.

By more we mean more real, more truth, and as much more passion as you want to give your Scorpio lover. Scorpio is the zodiac detective, and although they seem mysterious and scary to you, all they are doing is trying to get to the bottom of your case file. Don’t fib to your Scorpio because as the zodiac detective they are also the truth seekers of the bunch, and have an internal intuition that screams they are presented with a fib.

Talk with Scorpio is anything but cheap, pile on all of the analytic and deep conversations that you want. Just don’t fake it, or you will annoy your Scorpio’s senses and sensibilities, and offend their intelligence as well. If you bring it real though, you will soon find out exactly why many consider this to be the sexiest sign of them all.

Sagittarius & Fancy-Free Loving

When it comes to having fun with a Sagittarius, don’t stick to one agenda. Sag lovers have an inner sense of adventure that is almost unmatched in the zodiac, and playing up to that is a must if you want them sticking around. The very word “routine” will send them running and packing, as will rules.

Sag likes things differently, so when trying to court them (or just spend some quality time) think of new and exciting activities to do. You sag love will get tired of movies and walking the same path, quickly. While this may feel high-magnificence, Sagittarians are the lowest maintenance lover you can find – they want hot loving and independence.

Capricorn & Commitment

As the confident, committed, Cardinal Earth Sign, most everyone that wants a relationship loves dating a Capricorn. You will never be kept guessing where you stand with them, unless you are asking them every 5 minutes. Capricorn lovers need to lead the way in, well everything they do, so if you are taking charge with them and trying to direct the relationship, they will give up on you.

Consider the fact that if you have had 3 or more dates with them, and they have started to become or suggest intimacy, they are considering you for the long haul. Cap doesn’t put energy where they don’t think it will work or be successful, so if they are spending time on you, that is your cue that they are in it to win it with you. If they aren’t, that’s when you can start putting on the brakes and looking elsewhere.

Aquarius Love & Action

An Aquarius is often the easiest to date, because simple random acts of kindness, or dates and adventures in group and intellectual settings, will be the ways to their heart for good. What Aquarius doesn’t like? Judgemental and critical people, mean people, and people that get a rise out of making fun of others. Thoughtfulness will far with your Aquarius, bring a cup of coffee when you are picking them up for the beach and they will be oh so touched. Leave a sweet note tucked into their visor in the morning so that it falls into their lap on their way to work.

These little things will be all you need to keep your Aquarius lover near. Stuck on a date idea, or want the right tip to move things along with Aquarius? Plan a date at a non-profit group or charity, and doing something good for others will be a bonding experience for both of you, and one that your Aquarius will certainly thank you for. And, speaking of tips, tip well when you are around your Aquarius and they will definitely notice. How well you do for others is one thing your Aquarius is looking for.

Loving & Dreaming With a Pisces

When it comes to dating a Pisces, the first thing you need to remember is just how sensitive they are. Really sensitive. This is the zodiac sign that will hide the second they think their feelings might get hurt, which means, long before they actually do! Pisces lovers are known for retreating to protect themselves from this pain, and it is often all pain that is in their heads. Not to knock Pisces, as a Water Sign ruled by Neptune, they have a dreamy and intuitive side to them that soaks up the angst of the world like a sponge.

So, as much as it feels to you like their pain is in their head, it’s not, it’s real, they just don’t often know whose pain they are feeling in that moment. Anything that will make Pisces feel self-conscious or more vulnerable to pain will send them running back to their cave. So always make your Pisces feel like the one that rocks your world.

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How to Attract Your Soulmate This Summer

Have you found your soulmate yet? Or are you hoping to reconnect with someone that you think might be this summer? If things in love haven’t been going your way this year, fret not, the summer has just begun (you may even connect with your twin flame). It’s never too late to meet or reconnect with the one that Universe has destined for you. And, if you want a few extra tips up your sleeve while you are working your magic to bring them back to you, we’ve got them right here!

No matter what zodiac sign you are, here are 5 very easy ways that you can attract that soulmate or bring them back into your life.

1. Believe in love.

It sounds a little cliché for some people, that simply believing in love is all you need to make it happen. But it’s the truth! Believing that your soul mate exists is actually step number one in attracting them. When you believe, it creates an intention with Universe, and sets you on the right path to getting the love you want. If you are reading this, then you already have accomplished this one easy step, or are very close to it. You already believe your soul mate exists, so what’s next? Attracting them!

Easiest for: The Water Signs who believe everything from the plants in their garden to the letters in their mail box have the potential for love. Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio believe in love better than anyone else, you guys have this step in the bag!

Hardest on: The Air Signs who need to think everything through. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are rational and logical folks, and we love them for it. But they see one bad thing going on and think everything is doomed. It’s not! Believe in the power of love sweet Air Signs, and the wind will blow it your way. You will never have that relationship as long as you believe that it does not exist. Period!

2. Clean up your past.

This is the lesson of forgiveness that we all must learn before we open up new love. You need to dig deep for this one. You likely don’t need to ask your Self what your wounds are, you know what is hurting you. You know what hurt you in the past. Are you clinging to that rejection and bitterness? Then your soul mate can feel that wherever they are and they will keep their distance until you figure that one out.

Lose your baggage by simply…letting it go. Ask Universe to take it from you, and really mean it. By so doing, you open up the space in your heart that your destined one is desperately hoping to fill.

Easiest for: Air Signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. In this situation, logic prevails. The Air Signs know how to cut to the chase better than anyone, and they see no purpose in hanging on to the past. We can learn from these signs, by doing the same.

Hardest on: Water Signs. Where believing in love is easy for the Water signs, letting go of the past, not so much. Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer, wear their hearts on their sleeves and show off their wounds as often as they can. How is that working out for you? Not so well if you are still waiting for your soul mate. Cut that pain out, and you will find miracles.

3. Practice Self-love, Raise your vibrations.

We speak of vibrations frequently here, and you have probably heard me discuss them in our talks on how to increase your intuition. You can do this in love too. The Universe and all of the destiny that awaits you is on a higher vibration. That doesn’t mean you can’t access it, only that you need to work a bit to get to that point. You do that by connecting with the Divine, the Universe, and setting that intention regularly.

Believing is one step, forgiving others the next, now you can take some practical experiences and put those beliefs and forgiveness to work. Get in the garden and play with Mother Nature, practice random acts of kindness, meditate or pray, whatever you need to do to get in touch with your Self, and the Universe will raise your vibrations.

Easiest for: Fixed Signs. Scorpio who loves to talk with the angels, Taurus who loves to get in the garden, Aquarius, and Leo who likes to play, play, play. These simple acts will raise your vibrations and get you closer to the Divine more than any other act will. Being in the garden gets your hands in the soil of your destiny, so does talking to angels, and injecting the spirit of play into your life. All of these things will work, so do what tehse signs do and raise those vibrations. The closer you are to the Divine, the sooner Universe will send you your soul mate.

Hardest on: Mutable Signs, Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Virgo. These folks are always flitting from one thing to the next hoping it is their next big love. This prevents you from raising your vibration because you aren’t focused. Universe wants you committed to one thing, mostly your Self, to find your soul mate. Commit to one act daily to raise those vibrations, and you will be happily surprised by the results.

Want to find your soulmate? Learn more about getting a synastry chart reading.

A couple looks at each other with love in their eyes while the sit under a tree.

4. The power of visualization.

You can call this the Law of Attraction, you can call it whatever you want. But the truth is, visualization works, and it is very, very powerful. This can be difficult if you are suffering from a breakup or haven’t cleaned up your old baggage and past pain. That’s why this step is so important. You can’t visualize your soul mate if you are too busy thinking about how much they or someone else hurt you. So let that stuff go, and start getting dreamy again. Ask Universe to send you the dreams of your soul mate every night, and start mentally picturing that special someone just a little bit every day. You will be happily surprised by the results.

Easiest on: The Cardinal Signs, Aries, Capricorn, Libra, and Cancer. You guys are born leaders, and you visualize success wherever you go and in whatever you do. Once you set your mind on something or someone, you don’t stop until you get it. You know how the power of visualization works, because you experience it every day! Now, put that action to work in love.

Hardest on: The Fixed Signs, Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus. This is particularly hard on you guys if you are obsessed with someone who is NOT your soul mate. And many of you are whether you want to admit it or not! Hey, you’re human, nothing wrong with thinking about someone else. But for soul mate love, you need to stop being human, for just a few minutes a day, and let the Universe take control. Again we go back to letting go of past pain, let it go, let it go, let it go. If you are stuck in a cycle of anger because someone in your life hurt you, you will not be able to visualize that amazing one Universe has planned. So, start visualizing and watch the miracles manifest.

5. Enjoy your life.

Ever heard someone tell you that they met their soul mate when they least expected it? That is always the way. That’s because the Universe knows you have completed all of the above 4 steps, and knows you are ready. You can’t enjoy your life if you are fixated on someone else that has hurt you or isn’t coming back. You can’t enjoy your life if you don’t believe in love. And you can’t enjoy your life if your vibrations are in the gutter.

So, let it all go, and begin enjoying your life and believing that the Universe has something wonderful planned for you. When you do, your soul mate is right around the corner. Promise!

Easiest for: The Mutable Signs, Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces, and Virgo, who are all about simply relishing in the beautiful things that life has to offer. They are always having fun, so do what they do!

Hardest on: Capricorn, Scorpio, and Aquarius, who are all very busy fixated on something else, work, past love and broken hearts, or rational logic that doesn’t fit into the equation of love. I get that it is hard to have fun if you are sad about past pain, but the law of the Universe is that being sad about past pain will be your only mission in life if you don’t let it go. That’s why it is so important for you guys to really and truly just…have fun once in a while! When you do, your vibration raises immediately, and that will attract all of the infinite and unconditional love you truly want in your life.

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5 Tips for Summer Love

1. Be specific, and be clear.

The planets are smiling upon love but also causing some frustrating roadblocks, everything is going to feel confused and delayed. You will find yourself asking yourself or your significant other, what did you mean by that? They will be asking you as well. So keep your communication simple, and that keeps it clear. Be prepared for questions, and answer them honestly. Just be specific, and set those clear intentions.

Two people walking in a crowd of people near the boardwalk holding hands.

2. Make sure you are having a true conversation

Ever hear someone say, “Sometimes I just feel like you are waiting for me to finish talking so you can get your own points in. Are you even hearing me right now?” Or, have you said that to someone else? Happens all the time in romantic conversations. Our own agendas drive us, and this affects our communication skills.

So, let those agendas out the window. Ask your partner, “what do you want?” Have a real conversation and don’t be afraid of the answer.

3. Listen

Try to truly listen. As hard as you are working at being honest, setting those intentions, all of that hard work will not pay off if you are the only one talking in this conversation.

Try not to read between any lines, but rather, take into consideration everything that is being said.

4. Come from a place of love

It is always important to come from a place of love when we are having love talks. This sounds like such simple common sense, right? But we all forget this. I do too! Our anger and our hurt and our egos get in the way, and we forget that love is the root of all of that, and lash out at people without meaning to. It’s so easy, and it happens all the time, I am just as guilty as anyone else on this one.

When you put love first and come from that place of love, the rest literally falls into place. Put away the passive-aggressive snipes and if someone else is tossing them your way, don’t let them get away with that. That is not a place of love.

5. Never assume

This should always be your number one rule in communication, whether there is a Mercury Retrograde or not. Just because you know your lover well, does not mean you are inside their head. And, if you are assuming things about them, that means you haven’t communicated with them about what you want, and about what they want. And that’s not fair to them, it’s not fair to you. Maybe your assumptions are correct? And maybe they aren’t.

Lead With Love

Even though the question of whether this is real romance or just a summer fling doesn’t have a definite answer, please don’t put off exploring where things lead. Everything can teach you something about what you want out of romance!

Just make sure that you’re intentions are pure. In the Summer heat and hazy lazy days, it’s very easy to get caught up in the moment. We jump in and are so excited that we don’t express what we really want. Treat your partners the way you want to be treated. Be open.

If it’s just a fling, say so with love. If you’re wondering if it’s just a fling, ask with love. If you want a change in a relationship, handle it the way you want to be treated.

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* Editor’s note: This article was previously published May 23rd, 2019 and has been updated for astrological accuracy.

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