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Kissing is one of the most intimate acts and it can have a number of different meanings in a dream.

Kissing in a dream could simply be a manifestation of a need or desire for more intimacy in your life.

It could also simply indicate that you are happy with your current state of romantic affairs, and this is showing up in your dream life. If the romance department could use a boost, sometimes seeing people in your dreams where kissing is involved could show you who is a good romantic potential for you.

Sometimes the act of kissing is also simply an act of affection to someone that means a lot to us in life. Who is kissing who and the associated feelings with this will be particularly helpful when it comes to determining the latent meaning of kissing in your dream?

Dreaming About Kissing Someone Else

If you dream you are kissing someone else it can mean you respect that person or you have a desire to be intimate with them in your waking life.

Sometimes a dream about kissing someone else can also indicate that your intimacy needs are being repressed. This type of dream often points to you and helps you explore any feelings you have about your sex life, romantic companions, personal self-care, touch-deprivation/overstimulation, and more.

When you experience a kissing or intimate dream, it’s important to write the symbols down and looks for a connection to your waking life, as these romantic signs have important meanings and growth potential.

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Dreaming About Being Kissed By Someone Else

If you dream that someone else kisses you it could mean that this person has genuine affections for you in the waking world and wishes to express them.

This does not have to be of a sexual nature. It is your subconscious’ way of highlight the aspect of affection to you. So if you end up being kissed by someone that completely grosses you out, don’t be alarmed! This person may simply feel a strong nurturing and loving feeling for you.

If you are kissing a stranger or unknown person, but are into it in your dreams, this could be a sign that someone important is about to come into your life, even if the connections are not inherently romantic.

Dreaming About Unwanted Advances

Most kissing in dreams are wanted or weird but not alarming but if you find yourself feeling disgusted or rejecting this kiss there is an entirely different meaning associated.

if you dream you are being kissed by someone and you do not like it, then it could mean that someone in your waking life is making advances towards you that you don’t like, or your dream is warning you that there may be a predatory person in your life. Whoever/whatever is associated with this unwanted kiss is a red-flag that you need to remove this thing or person from your life.

For example, if the person is standing in a bar, maybe this is a sign that you need to focus less on drinking or partying.

This dream can also show that you feel powerless in a situation in your life and it may be romantically-related. How do you feel about your romantic life? Is something preventing you from expressing your true authentic self? Does someone have control over you? Are you unable to break free of a negative thought pattern? These are good questions to consider to help you understand your dream.

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