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It is not at all uncommon to dream of the zodiac, as it has become a part of our everyday vernacular. In fact, it is so popular because it is based on psychological principles.

It was Carl Jung’s dream symbols that became archetypes that developed the zodiac system, so archetypes in your personality, in the zodiac, and in your dreams, are of course all interconnected.

Dreaming About A Specific Zodiac Sign

While the zipper represents intimacy, we all know that what the zipper reveals is so much more interesting. Seeing a zipper in a dream could suggest that you have intimacy issues, or are not being real enough in your intimate encounters.

Alternatively, it could suggest that you are being extremely open, perhaps even too much so.

Be sure you are getting the proper balance of giving and receiving in your intimate experiences when you see a zipper appear in your dream.

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Dreaming of Zodiac Elements

Other things to pay attention to the elements of your dreams. If you have a zodiac associated dream and experience symbols of the elements, such as fire, water, earth, and air, there is deeper intrinsic meaning waiting for you to discover.

If you see any of these elements in your dream of the zodiac, then these combined zodiac signs and elements will also have a deeper significance.

  1. Fire Signs – It’s time to take a risk and be spontaneous.
  2. Air Signs – It’s time to focus on your relationships and connections.
  3. Water Signs – It’s time to focus on your emotions and finances.
  4. Earth Signs – It’s time to focus on self-development and personal growth.

Dreaming of Your Own Zodiac Sign

Your zodiac sign in your dream can also be symbolic of your various layers of consciousness, and how they are connecting you with the universe.

You may be on a course to understand it better, or it simply may be making more sense to you. The message may also be that it is a good idea to have your astrological chart done, as this may help give you clarity on a specific situation in your life.

Dreaming Of Having A Different Zodiac Sign

If for some reason you dream of yourself but with another zodiac sign, there are three interpretations that this can take.

  1. You are admiring the traits of this sign. This is a dream of growth that allows us to compare who we are to what we long to be. A Sagittarius dreaming of being a Capricorn could be someone who is dreaming of being more grounded and business-oriented.
  2. You need to look at your birth chartThis dream could be drawing you to look at important placements in your birth chart that will be affecting you. For example, if you’re an aries but dream about Capricorn, you should check how your Mercury in Capricorn is affecting you right now.
  3. You are dreaming of a past life. A zodiac dream can be another time passage dream, so if you dream of the zodiac and see others you have never met before, this could be a past life regression dream.

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