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Tarot Cards

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Tarot readings are common dreams for those who are venturing into divination or personal growth. While seeing the Tarot as a whole has a meaning, the cards all individually have a meaning that they are wishing to share with you.

Dreaming about Tarot cards usually has two meanings:

  1. The symbols on the cards have special meaning for you in your life at this time.
  2. It’s time to get a Tarot reading.

Tarot cards are symbols in themselves, so if you see one or many in your dream, you are getting many symbols at once. First is the symbol of the tarot cards, and next are the symbols on the tarot cards.

Try to remember which tarot cards you saw in your dream if you can, as those symbols will be very powerful to you in terms of making decisions regarding the situation in the dream. But if you can’t, identify as many feelings as you can from your dream, the good ones, and the bad ones.

Which direction in your life are your feelings taking you? Dreaming of tarot cards can also be simply that it might be a good idea to get a tarot reading done about a situation that is perplexing you.

This might give you some clarity and vision on how to move forward. If you are already very intuitive by nature and exploring alternative theories and therapies, this symbol appearing in your dream may be a suggestion to explore this powerful deck of symbols.

Below is a list of different Tarot cards and the meanings they have for you if they appear in your dream.

Major Arcana Dreams

The Fool: A new beginning is imminent in your life. This dream also carries a warning to come down to earth if you have had your head in the clouds too much.

The Magician: Solutions to problems in your life are going to manifest, possibly in the form of a vision or mental image.

High Priestess: Your intuition is going to be stronger in the coming days. This dream also urges you to pay attention to your intuition.

The Empress: If you want something in your life then you have to make it happen by nurturing it and helping it grow. This dream encourages you to have patience.

The Emperor: This dream highlights your ability as a leader. It also warns you not to be too rigid in your beliefs.

The Hierophant: This dream can indicate a strengthening relationship with God or the spiritual world. It also encourages you to listen to your inner wisdom.

The Lovers: This card encourages you to trust your instincts. It can also indicate you will have to make an important choice in the coming future, or you are about to meet your soulmate.

The Chariot: You are being encouraged to control your emotions and not let them get out of control. This card can also indicate a desire to win in your waking life.

Strength: This dream is a message from your subconscious to be as strong in the coming days as you will need to be. It also indicates someone in your life will be strong for you.

The Hermit: When the Hermit card appears in a dream it indicates that it’s time to take a break from the bustle of modern life and embark on a retreat to find inner peace and balance.

Wheel of Fortune: This is a dream of karma and reincarnation. Pay attention to the circumstances surrounding this dream to give you clues as to more details about this.

Justice: This dream highlights a desire to find balance in your life. It is important for you to make adjustments so you can achieve this balance.

The Hanged Man: This dream indicates you are about to gain a new perspective on a situation in your life. It also indicates sacrifices may have to be made in the coming days.

Death: This card in a dream indicates that a time of powerful change and transition is upon you and it is not in your control. You are advised to go with the flow.

Temperance: This dream indicates that things in your life that seem impossible to reconcile can find harmony and balance together if you keep trying. This card is a message of persistence. It may also be encouraging you to keep your emotions in balance.

The Devil: This card may be suggesting that it is time to break free of the restrictions that bind you. A desire to break away from what is conventional may be yearning to release itself. This card also comes with a warning to be careful of going down a dark path.

The Tower: This card indicates that a shocking revelation is coming into your life. It may not be pleasant but it will be necessary in order to build something better in your life.

The Star: This card indicates in a dream that unexpected help is coming to you and things are going to get better. If things have been especially challenging for you, look to the Star for hope and guidance.

The Moon: This card warns of possible deception in your waking world. It also indicates that there is untapped creativity within you which you are being urged to pay attention to.

The Sun: This card indicates a huge revelation may be incoming in your waking life. It also indicates joy is to be found on the horizon.

Judgment: If the Judgement card appears in a dream it indicates that you are about to embark on a path of healing. You may be urged to face aspects of your past you have been running from.

The World: The World in a dream tells you that success is coming to you. This card can also indicate that you will be traveling soon.

Minor Arcana Dreams

The four suits of the Minor Arcana – Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles – indicate messages from your subconscious pertaining to the specific qualities of that element.


If you dream about Wands cards it is a sign that it is time to pay attention to your creativity. You may be neglecting it in your waking life. It is also a sign of passion, so an exciting love affair may be on the way.

Wands cards highlight the life force within you and suggest that you may be about to embark on a time of rebirth and renewal where your inner talents will come out to shine.


If you dream about Cups cards it encourages you to pay attention to your intuition and emotions. There may be underlying emotions you are not dealing with in your waking life. The Cups in dreams can also highlight romance and true love, so a new person may be entering your life and a deep bond may be forged.


If you dream about Swords cards it is a sign that there may be mental issues in your waking life that are hindering your progress. You may be dealing with stress or anxiety in an unhealthy way and your subconscious is encouraging you to deal with them in a way that benefits you. Swords in dreams can also highlight mental alertness and indicate that you are at the top of your game. Swords are also a good omen for writers and may indicate that writing success is on the way.


If you dream about Pentacles it highlights your material, financial, and physical world. Pentacles in dreams indicate that finances are going to improve for you; conversely, you could also experience the opposite and there may be some failure in your endeavors. These cards bode well for new careers or being promoted. Pentacles in dreams may also indicate that it is time to pay attention to your physical health.

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