10 Luxe & Lounge-y Ideas for Taurus’ Birthday

It’s officially Taurus season, and it’s time to celebrate the birthdays all of our loyal Bull friends.

To show them our love we can focus on the things they love and plan something special for them. We’ve come up with simple ideas and more extravagant ones depending on how much time and money you’d like to put into this fun celebration. Our loyal Taurus friends are always there for us throughout the year and it’s time to celebrate the amazing things they bring to our lives like their welcoming homes, how they encourage us to enjoy simple pleasures and of course, their ceaseless support and attention when we need it.

Let’s shower the Taureans in our lives with love this spring and show them how much we care. Surprise them with one of these ideas to make a memorable experience for them, or present them with some of the options and let them decide. And, before you celebrate, read up on the Taurus sign so you can spoil them in exactly the right ways.

10 Taurean Birthday Celebration Ideas

A Taurus birthday may not involve a wild night out on the town. They are a practical Earth sign that don’t need you to spend a lot of money to make them happy – but they will never turn down the chance to be spoiled! Like most Earth signs, they often most enjoy the simple company of friends and family, good food, and a beautiful ambiance.

1. Picnic in Beautiful Gardens

Spring is upon us which means beautiful flowers and green lawns. Pack a picnic with gourmet bread, cheese, jelly, honey and your Taurean’s favorite beverage. Find a local botanical garden or a park where you can relax and enjoy some birthday time with your friend. You can bring flower petals and music, or maybe even a board game to make it even more fun.

2. Estate Tour & Dinner

A Taurus likes to see the beautiful things in life being that their sign is ruled by Venus, goddess of aesthetics. Find a fun castle, historic building or architectural marvel to tour and you will impress your Taurus friend. Follow it up with a nice dinner and good conversation and it will mean the world to them. They often like one on one time more than a big party.

3. Pottery & Ceramics Painting

Pottery and ceramics painting at a studio or at home can be a blast for the whole family or a group of friends because it’s something anyone at any age can do. Look up a local pottery painting place or get some ceramics from the craft store and paint in the comfort of your own home. If you want, you can make something especially for the Birthday Bull! Perhaps paint a vase and fill it with flowers, or paint a frame to hold a picture from the day.

4. Theme Dinner Party

Choose a type of food you know they love and have everyone bring part of the meal. Maybe you choose to go with Hawaiian, comfort food, or even fun salads. A Taurus often has a sweet tooth so make sure to plan a fun dessert assortment as well. A Taurus really loves good food and planning a dinner party like this is a gift they won’t forget.

5. Romantic Weekend Getaway

If you are planning a Taurus birthday for a lover, want to gift a getaway to a friend, or even want to spend some time with a dear friend without the romance, a weekend adventure is always fun for a Taurus. They love to walk around new towns and experience the beautiful and relaxing places around the world. Find a bed and breakfast or something charming and they will feel loved. Have flowers and a bottle of their favorite beverage delivered so the gift is there when they arrive for the added touch.

6. Glamping

If you’re with a nature-loving Taurus, they may like the idea of camping but not the dirt. Glamping is a happy medium. Glamorous camping can be renting a clean cabin, yurt or tiny home in the woods or dessert. Eco-resorts and Airbnbs have unique ways to be in nature with the comforts of a hot shower and often some fun areas for socializing. You can still get out in nature during the day with activities like surfing, biking, hiking or horseback riding.

7. Backyard Barbecue

Want to keep it local and get some friends together for an afternoon? A great family Taurus birthday activity is a backyard barbecue party. Set up a volleyball net, decorate it with balloons and get some pitchers of lemonade ready. Then, fire up the grill and serve your Taurean’s favourite BBQ munchies. Don’t forget a table for the gifts and some fun beachy music!

8. Homemade Pizzas

Taurus is someone who likes a good meal but they are not always the one that wants to bake. Since it’s their day, why not have everyone pitch in and make pizzas together? To make it special for the birthday Bull, get crafty and try some DIY birthday decorations like painted jars with their favorite flowers, homemade cards, and even popcorn strung up like streamers to go with the food theme.

9. Romantic Movie Binge Session

Whether it’s your mom, friend or lover, a Taurus loves to lounge and indulge in some movies about one of their favorite things, love. Cue up some great movies, make a fruit, nut and cheese platter and get ready for a night on the couch cuddled up with cozy blankets. You can always take a break for cake and presents between films.

10. Fondue & Shopping Extravaganza

If you want to be a bit more extravagant, find a fondue restaurant or a fondue kit to use at home and pair this decadent meal with some fun retail therapy. Even if it’s just window shopping, a Taurus loves to try on fancy things and daydream about having them. If you want, add on a massage or mani-pedi to the day to really make it a day of pampering.

Happy Birthday, Taurus!

If you want, you can use this list to brainstorm your own ideas. The important thing here is that we show love to our Taurus friends while the Sun passes through their sign. If you’re stumped on gift ideas, you usually can’t go wrong with specialty sweets, flowers, and a gift card to their favorite retail store. They are practical creatures and often put off spending on things they truly want, so pay attention to hints they drop about things their heart really desires and go ahead and splurge for them.

They love comforts of the home so decorations, cozy throws, and pajamas coupled with a theme basket of fun foods could be enough to make them feel your love for them. Don’t wait to plan it at the last minute and you’ll have fun showing your love to the Taurus in your life. More than anything, they will enjoy being around the ones they love for their birthday.

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