Your Essential April 2022 Energy Forecast

The fire of our inner truth shines bright as the wheel turns and the second quarter of 2022 begins. We’ve made it through an intense period of leveling up, and now April blazes in with confidence, strength, and willpower.

This month, the message is vital—get your head out of the clouds and into your heart. We are entering a significant period of overcoming odds with new possibilities and more trust. Time to think about what your heart requires this month?

Although April is the fourth month, the collective numerology of April 2022 is number “1,” symbolizing the vibrations of change, new beginnings, independence, becoming who you are, and the start of new things in a life that has been dormant.

Last month felt like an entire era ended as Pisces season brought us beyond the threshold of our fears and into the Cardinal energy of springtime. But the past is over, and it is time to release the feelings and beliefs that may be anchoring you, so you are fully awake and present when new opportunities emerge out of the blue this month, like Aces in the traditional Tarot deck.

What’s so unique about April is that it brings us not one but two New Moons, with the first one opening the eclipse gateway/wormhole passage that will kick off the summer eclipse season.

Venus and Mars continue to steal the show when they move into Pisces, blending a unique mix of passion, power, and spirituality. Mercury finds comfort in Taurus, while Jupiter and Neptune meet for the first time in over 12 years.

Mid-month brings a dramatic Full Moon that will activate a potent light bridge, altering our relationship with the world as we know it.

Then the Sun enters Taurus on the 19th, gracing us with the beautiful Lyrid Meteor shower on the 22nd.

Finally, Pluto stations retrograde at the end of the month, Mercury returns home in Gemini, and a partial Solar eclipse ushers glory and gold into our lives.

When you begin to accept the need for real change, develop a sense of worth aligned with your higher self, and listen to and follow your intuition, a brand-new field of possibilities opens for you.

The attitudes and doubts you held in the past months no longer cut it for this new chapter. It’s time to move in a completely different direction, and that is ok.

Stay flexible yet grounded, and most importantly, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

Now, let’s explore your April 2022 energy forecast!

April 2022 Essential Energy Forecast

April 1st: New Moon in Aries – The Awakened Warrior

New Moons are high-powered events to plant seeds and set intentions for the Lunar cycle. In Aries, the pulsating creative life force, this New Moon represents the beginning of something grand.

Aries has started its rotation around the great wheel of life and the New Moon opens the eclipse portal, kicking off the spring/summer eclipse season at the end of this month.

Aries is the fiery Cardinal sign of consciousness creation and discipline; this zodiac teaches us how to channel the higher self, to receive immediate assistance that helps us act on higher will and not on anger or impulse.

With four planets in Aries, including Mercury and Chiron, we’ll find ourselves initiated into a new level of mastery that is the full embodiment of our infinite potential.

Chiron creates a smoother pathway to wake up and see our actions, communication, and thoughts in the blind spots of our wounds. Mercury helps us see the patterns created by our mind, the rippled reactions that keep us looping in karmic cycles and at odds with each other.

Altogether, self-healing is enhanced, and sparks are flying this New Moon. Self-realization is essential to actualize your dreams. It’s time to shift your lens because this is a beautiful chance to realize that you write the script. You have the power to alter the story.

Mars disposes of the New Moon, currently conjunct Saturn, while clashing with the North and South Node. Use this energy to plant seeds surrounding authority, confidence, curbing anger, how you assert power, and find new ways to uplift your spirit.

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April 5th: Venus in Pisces – Ethereal Vibrations of the Heart

Ever since Venus was stationed direct back in January, she forged new contracts with Mars and Pluto to commit to the divine embodiment through the higher octave of Universal love.

Now, in the beautiful and mystical waters of Pisces, Venus seeks to restore our capacity to trust the heart as we clear the emotional body to strengthen our relationship with the divine.

The goddess generates waves in her dignified position, allowing us to build more heartfelt connections, shift values, and tap into the creative power of our imagination. This placement represents unconditional love and is the template to release attachments that create conditions in our lives.

Here, love is free to be what it truly is— the omnipresent everlasting force of the Universe.

April 9th: First Quarter Moon Cancer into Leo at 11:59 PM EST

The First Quarter Moon phase occurs about a week after the New Moon when the Moon is at a 90-degree angle ahead of the Sun. Half of the Moon is illuminated during this time, while the other half hides in the darkness.

This Moon phase represents a period of growth and momentum. A time when the energy continues to increase in intensity, providing you the necessary force to foster the intentions you’ve set during the New Moon.

Shifting from Cancer to Leo, this lunation illuminates our capacity for self-love and ignites our pursuit of self-mastery. Use the fiery energy to burn through any distractions that cloud your perception—this is a time of clarifying and applying a more profound commitment to our goals.

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April 10th: Saturn Square the Nodes and Mercury enters Taurus – Messages from the Future

Saturn clashes with the Nodes, while Mercury enters Taurus to deliver important messages. Currently, the Moon in Leo clashes with Mercury and Saturn while conjunct the North Node and opposite the South Node.

All signs point toward discipline, patience, responsibility, and structure. Under this energy, you may feel restricted in pursuit of goals. You may find yourself focusing on matters surrounding your destiny or developing talents and conjuring up new ways to release the karmic bonds of the past.

Mercury in Taurus seeks to ground the mind in a pure state of cooperation and harmony, a profound chance to let the heart lead the way and restore the mind, body, and spirit relationship.

When you see things through the lens of inner truth, there’s a chance for everyone to be heard and understood.

April 12th: Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces – As Above, So Below, Expansion of the Soul

After a magnetic trine to the South Node, while sextile the North Node, Jupiter forms an exact conjunction with Neptune, 23 degrees in the cosmic ocean of Pisces.

It’s the first time Jupiter and Neptune have linked forces in Pisces in over 166 years, although their magical conjunctions happen every 12 years. This magical conjunction opens the portal to new creations, imagination, psychic energy, and a more transparent connection with your purpose and spirit.

Their grand meeting will spark a new wave of art, fashion, music, philosophy, spirituality, and more. What’s so special about this conjunction is that both Jupiter and Neptune rule Pisces, indicating a massive dose of spiritual energy.

The downside of this energy is the over expansive force of Jupiter, paired with Neptune’s ability to cast illusions, may generate anxiety and extreme escapism. So it’s essential to be grounded.

Artists, healers, therapists, psychics, etc., will be needed. Use your discernment when seeking guidance or a teacher.

Don’t be afraid to share your gifts and talents with the world if you’re clairvoyant.

When Jupiter and Neptune connect with Mars and Venus, it will open the masculine/feminine energy to unconditional love. We will feel this energy intensely from April into May and October to December.

Psychic sensitivity will be high, and the energy says it is time to follow and trust your intuition.

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April 14th: Mars enters Pisces – Spiritual Warrior

Mars enters Pisces on the 14th, gradually increasing in energy to eventually join forces with Neptune and Jupiter after its most recent activations with Venus.

When the warrior archetype presented by Mars takes a swim in Pisces, our actions and desires shift toward a more universal and all-encompassing level.

However, the Fiery Martian energy must learn to adjust while in watery Pisces. So, our Mars energy can charge forward gently, expressing its anger through creativity and fighting for a better purpose.

Pour this energy into a cause or creative pursuits; find new ways to integrate the ethereal energy of Pisces and the action of Mars. It’s critical to know where your energy and passions take you, as the warrior in a Water sign can manifest as blindly lashing out thoughtless anger.

April 16th: Full Moon in Libra – Emotional Adjustment

April’s Full Moon occurs in Libra and is also known as the “Pink Moon,” representing rebirth after winter, spring, renewal, change, and growth.

Since Full Moons are known to be potent times that mark the culmination of energy in the current Moon cycle, you can expect this Full Moon to be a full-blown activation of power from the Aries New Moon and recent 5d upgrades.

Libra is the light of balance within creation and the reflection of our higher self, mirroring every experience in this reality back to self. The Moon is T-square the Sun and Pluto. There is also a magnificent Yod with Jupiter, Neptune, and the North Node, that will bring relationships into our complete focus for a new understanding that will shift our values and how we relate to one another.

With the Moon at the apex of the Yod, we can see that this shift requires an inner emotional adjustment and the need to bring our impulses into proper alignment to regulate urges with greater self-control and discipline.

We are moving full speed ahead through a dynamic eclipse portal, and this energy carries the capacity to alter our connection with the physical and spiritual worlds.

It’s time to bring balance back into your life and build a more harmonious relationship with yourself and others. When you lack a healthy relationship with who you are, that manifests in the external world.

As you become in touch with your truth, you’ll see clearly who or what you want to invest your energy in.

Allow the Full Moon to be the bridge to bring you toward greater unity and oneness.

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April 19th: Sun enters Taurus – Stabilizing Force of Love

The Sun enters stable and dependable Taurus on the 19th, acting as the deeply rooted sacred force of love grounding the most recent activations of 5th-dimensional consciousness.

Taurus is the Fixed Earth sign of material creation, security, sensuality, and value. The root of our core and the Fixed sign teaches us to harmonize physical needs with spiritual aspirations.

With a partial Solar eclipse in Taurus, conjunctions to Uranus and the North Node, and opposition to May’s Full Moon, Taurus season is the force to stabilize a sense of true meaning and value in life.

Sun in Taurus also teaches us that our inner security and value increase into the external world by increasing our spiritual nature and true purpose.

The theme for this season is growth and life purpose, patience, and becoming rooted in newly expanded awareness. So, tap into the beauty and sensuality of life this season.

Happy Birthday, Taurus!

April 29th: Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn, Mercury enters Gemini – Collective Renewal

Pluto stations retrograde today, 28 degrees in Capricorn, while Mercury enters Gemini, where it will station retrograde in May. This Pluto retrograde is significant because the collective is also experiencing a high-powered Pluto Return during eclipse season.

Since Mercury returns home in Gemini, we can expect the voice of our inner truth to take us deep into the potential of our newly manifested paradigm. Here is where we build a new relationship with the shadow.

It is crucial to hold the frequency of love and trust through the unexpected twists and turns so you can unlock the hidden magic of this realm.

With Saturn and Uranus still holding their square, we can continue to expect many new developments to structures and systems. Themes of sexuality, power, control, and the subconscious come into play.

Ultimately, this is a time to move forward and apply a softer approach towards change.

April 30th: Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus – Revealing the Soul’s Truth

At last, the month comes to a dramatic end, signaling a series of events that take us deep into the recesses of the unknown for regeneration and transformation of the highest order.

Solar eclipses bring in promising opportunities and offer a more straightforward pathway to set intentions.

In Taurus, the second New Moon of April signifies the calibration of feminine wisdom that empowers the masculine force to show up in partnerships as the active force of intelligence, will, and protection.

There has not been a Solar eclipse in Taurus since 2013-2014. So you can expect yourself to travel through the past to remember how far you’ve come and how much you grew.

The New Moon will tightly conjunct Uranus and the North Node, opposing the South Node, activating the portal of the sacred union between the physical and spiritual selves.

Venus is also tightly conjunct Neptune and Jupiter; these aspects signify feeling good in all areas of our life- emotionally, financially, mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually.

We are shifting into a period of maturity and self-actualization.

Themes To Expect During This Eclipse

It’s time to step up and feel secure in your world. Align your dreams with your heart and watch them bloom:

  • Secrets and change
  • Relocation and land purchases
  • Shifts in agriculture and food
  • Networking and social connections
  • New business or romantic partnerships
  • Income earned from the industry, stocks, etc.
  • Expansion of arts, creativity, music, and more

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Energy Tips for April

We’ve moved forward, full speed ahead in newly awakened consciousness of the heart. Aries into Taurus season is the alchemical agent that grounds our goals into earth’s rich soil for material creation and enables you to bring those manifestations into the physical world.

This month’s oracle card is “The Brother in Darkness,” overcoming negative energy with feminine power; brought to you by the Isis Oracle Deck.

Under the solar flares of April, Guidance comes to you to help you become more conscious of the negative energies either within or directed toward you, without being scared. The love of the divine feminine can help the masculine force rise out of darkness and into the light.

Negative energy indicates that you need to move more deeply into your divine feminine power of intuition, love, and wisdom.

Don’t fight or judge the darkness; recognize and respond with compassion and loving, firm boundaries. Compassion is the alchemical force that removes darker energies and psychic debris attached to us.

Part of your spiritual path is to honor the darkness as a master teacher and a gateway to greater consciousness. Just imagine what will occur when you rise above fear or anger and go deep into your heart.

This oracle also guides you toward building a more intimate relationship with your creativity and passions.

All the energy this month is ripe for intention setting and manifesting; the dreams of Pisces season are still alive thanks to Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune. So, don’t stop believing!

This Month is Perfect for:

The smell of April brings everything back to life. So, embrace the spirit of this month and don’t deny yourself of the things that could give your life more meaning.

  • Gardening and spring cleaning
  • Starting a new exercise/fitness routine
  • Eating foods that will center and ground any impulsive or restless energy
  • Reconnecting with nature and the vibrancy of spring after winter
  • Working with shades of pink to work with the shadow energy in a new way. (Crystals, flowers, etc.)

When you connect with your inner wisdom, the universal energy of the divine, and your guides will lead you to make choices more aligned with who you are on a Soul level.

With love, April

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