Are We Born With A Life Path Number?

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Are we born with a Life Path Number and can you explain how it works?

Thanks for asking such a great question! Numerology frequently seems complicated until the bare bones of it are understood. Life path, soul path, hidden passion… what does it all mean?

Some of it seems confusing at times because it’s based on your name and your name can change throughout your life because of marriage or other factors. However, your date of birth never changes. That means your life path number never changes because you can’t go back and change the date you entered the world!

Finding Your Life Path Number

Your life path number is simply the numbers in your birth date added up. There is more than one way to do this, and some ways do provide inconsistencies. This is my preferred method, but it’s not carved in stone.

Add the month of your birth and the day of your birth together, and reduce that down to a single number. For example, if you were born on the 18th of September, you’d add 18 and 9 to get 27, and then add 2 and 7 together to get 9.

Next, add that to your year of birth. If you were born in 1986, you’d add 9 to get 1995. You add that together (1+9+9+5) and to arrive at 24. This is also added together, and the result is 6. This person’s life path number is 6.

Alternatively, check out the Life Path Number Calculator if you prefer the calculation to be done for you.

There are instances where you don’t reduce the final number. If that number is 11, or 22, or 33, then stop. These are what are known as Master Numbers in numerology, and they behave a bit differently.

What does your LPN—Life Path Number—mean for you? The LPN is one of your core numbers, and quite possibly the most important number in your numerology reading. It does just what it sounds like; tells you about the path you should travel during this lifetime.


You’re very innovative and have a strong personality, even if you’re on the reserved side of this vibe. You think outside the box and are very creative in some way. You’re fabulous at coming up with new ideas and starting new projects, but may fall short on the follow through.

Multitasking comes easy for you. You’re able to work independently and don’t need the approval or the company of anyone else to feel satisfied with your work. You’ve got natural leadership skills, and people look to you to take charge in group activities.

Part of your life’s lesson involves learning how to deal with your ego. You often come across as a bit of a know all, and can be very demanding. You’re not always a team player; you’d rather do things your way than to take advice or instruction.


You need harmony in your surroundings, and can’t stand atmospheres or discord. You like to be in one-on-one activities and partnerships. You’re kind and thoughtful, and you consider the feelings of others.

You like to keep the peace in all situations and you’ll go out of your way to mediate in order to reestablish that balance. You’ve got excellent powers of persuasion, and are extremely loyal to your loved ones and your beliefs. You enjoy sharing, and you’re a good friend.

Because you’re so caring, people sometimes take advantage of you. Your sensitivity has been known to get the best of you, and you take things too much to heart. You stifle your own needs rather than speaking up and creating possible confrontation. You’ll do nearly anything to avoid conflict.


You’re so playful! You enjoy communication of all kinds, and are probably very creative. You certainly know how to express yourself. You’re a great storyteller, and you have a lot of energy!

You’re also usually pretty optimistic, and don’t have trouble looking on the bright side of life. You find it easy to share who you are and what you have. You’re a people person, and have the ability to put people at ease.

Because you’re so good at living in the moment, you might overlook your responsibilities. You truly believe that everything will work out okay, and frequently live by the seat of your pants. When backed into a corner you come out fighting, using acerbic words and moodiness as your ammunition.


Like the four corners of the world or the 4 legs that hold up a table, you’re pretty grounded and stable. You see clearly the difference between right and wrong and there’s little gray area. You work hard, you’re practical and disciplined. People might even say you’re pragmatic!

You are more than willing to earn your reward, and don’t try to cut corners or pass the buck on your way up the ladder of success. You expect others to take their tasks just as seriously. You like to plan ahead, and value your home and the people in it.

You do tend to be a bit of a workaholic though, and need to remember to come up for some refreshment and amusement from time time. Not doing so makes you appear too rigid, too serious. It’s okay to do something different now and again. It opens new doors for you!


You’re such a socialite! You love to be free and independent, exploring new places and meeting new people. You love being busy and take all the changes that life throws at you in your stride. You positively welcome them—they alleviate the boredom!

You are interested in life and have a natural curiosity. You love variety and may flit from job to job, house to house, or even person to person in your life. The more varied and diverse your experiences, the better you like it!

You hate to be bored. It makes you moody, and impatient. You need freedom and resent anyone or anything who tries to tie you down. Your intrigue in what’s happening next sometimes causes you to inadvertently step on the feelings of your loved ones.


You’re a natural caregiver. You are responsible and aware, and that enables you to troubleshoot what needs to be done before it happens. You are open and compassionate. You like to make people smile.

You enjoy looking after others. You are dedicated to your family and friends. You appreciate your home life and the joys that it brings. You’re intuitive and domestic, and people come to you to be nurtured.

Sometimes when caring for others, you forget to look after yourself. You get involved in other people’s situations too deeply, sometimes crossing the line from helping into meddling. When you’re out of balance, it’s easy for people to use you as their enabler.


You spend a lot of time in your head. You’re aware of a lot more than the average person and thus able to see things from a broader perspective. You’re mysterious and aloof, and you quite like it that way.

You’re incredibly intelligent, and enjoy observing and reflecting more than participating. This isolates you as somewhat of a loner. It also sometimes draws to you the very attention you’re trying to escape. You tend to be a bit of a perfectionist.

You’re very comfortable in your own company. This sometimes makes relationships difficult. Your love of independence often isolates you, making you feel lonely, and breeding inflexibility. It’s hard for you to blend being social with your need for self-sufficiency.


You have a definite vision for your life and you’re not afraid to work hard to see it happen. You’re a good judge of character and will seek out people who will help you reach your goals. You know how to manage and lead, and have a strong work ethic.

You need security and stability around you and will strive tirelessly to create it. You’re hungry for success, and enjoy being recognized for your achievements. Status is important to you, and you’re a good provider for your loved ones. You strive to fit into your community.

It’s hard for you to take advice from someone else. You tend to show your affection for people in providing for them, but remember to show affection, too. Be careful in your quest for success that you don’t become cold and materialistic.


You’re a natural leader and have a way of taking charge of things even when it’s not your responsibility to do so. You are good at speaking up for the underdog and making sure their needs are met. You’re humanitarian, with a strong sense of compassion.

You genuinely want to improve the world. You’re generous and kind. Spirituality and progress is important to you. You’re selfless and want to see others succeed and be happy. You’re open and friendly, and people usually warm to you.

You need to watch your finances because you’re not the most responsible when it comes to what to keep and what to share. You often ignore your own needs when you’re helping someone else. You hold grudges, and it’s hard for you to let go of past hurts.

LPN 11

You’re very intuitive. You’re sensitive and compassionate and care deeply for others. You strive to understand what they’re going through, so you can help. You have an innate way of knowing what they need and are usually a means of providing assistance.

You’re very charismatic, and inspire others to reach their full potential. You think deeply and feel passionately. You depend on your emotions and your hunches to lead the way forward. You prefer faith over logic and subjectivity to objectivity.

It’s easy for you to feel overwhelmed by life and your position in it. Fears may get the better of you. When out of balance your energy takes a turn toward nervousness, stealing away your confidence and replacing it with indecision and mood swings.

LPN 22

You were born with a great spiritual understanding. You know how to take that knowledge and apply it in a practical and useful way. You see what you want, and aren’t afraid to pursue it, especially if it is something that will better more than just yourself.

You’re very intuitive, and you know how to take that intuition and put it to work for you. You’re not afraid to work hard to make your plans a reality. You understand that your destiny is in your hands, and it’s up to you to shape it how you want it.

The insight you have often overwhelms you, because you realize what a chasm there is between how the world is and how it could be. You are always worried you might fail. Make sure that in your determination to succeed you don’t become bossy and insensitive.

LPN 33

You are very nurturing and responsible. You feel the need to love the world and lift it up to a higher vibration, one that is more peaceful and compassionate. Your life revolves around improving things, for yourself, for your loved ones, and for society in general.

You see what needs to be changed and you do whatever is in your power to change it for the better. You have a way of understanding what needs to be done before it even comes to light, and you simply do it. You’re a natural nurturer.

Life is often hard for you, because you’re idealistic and the world is not. When your spirit is aching, it’s hard for you to function. You may become a recluse so that you don’t have to face the pain of a world that is crying out for so much love and forgiveness.


Remember that your LPN is only one facet of who you are, just like your Sun sign is only one facet of your birth chart. There are other core numbers in your life, as well as minor influences, and—just like the transits in astrology—the cycles of the calendar will influence you.

Still, your LPN is one of the most important aspects of your numerology report, and a key factor when it comes to knowing who you are, and what your life’s purpose really is.

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