How to Succeed as a Scorpio

Scorpio, ruled by both Mars and Pluto, is the 8th sign of the zodiac. A water sign, Scorpios are deeply feeling, emotional creatures. You are mysterious yet honest, passionate and determined. Bill Gates, Brittany Murphy and Ryan Gosling are shining examples of just how successful a Scorpio can become with the right tools and techniques.

Let’s explore 5 positive and negative characteristics of the Scorpio personality that can benefit or hinder your journey to success.

The 5 most useful Scorpio characteristics when seeking success are:

  1. You are resourceful.
  2. You are brave.
  3. You are passionate.
  4. You are observant.
  5. You are dynamic.

Scorpios are intelligent, clever and quickly overcome obstacles. You are great problem solvers and think outside the box. Your refreshing and unique ideas set you apart from the crowd. Courageous and strong, Scorpios have a bold constitution and do not back down easily.

You will stand up for what you believe in and fight to preserve your integrity. Scorpios have passion running through their veins. You feel your emotions wholeheartedly and deeply. When it comes to your career, you will follow your heart and find a path that truly suits your desires.

In a social setting, you might find a Scorpio sitting quietly by themselves, seemingly minding their own business. You might be surprised to learn that they are, in reality, observing everything around them, taking in every nuance. With great attention to detail, it is nearly impossible to get anything past a Scorpio.

Scorpios are ever-changing and always evolving. You are well-rounded individuals with intriguing personalities, mesmerizing those around you. Funny, bold and sometimes loud, you’ll always find yourself having a great time.

Scorpios don’t typically wear their heart on their sleeves. As previously stated, Scorpios can be very mysterious. Be sure to share your feelings and desires when the time comes – you might find that you’ve spilled your guts to the person that can and will help you the most.

Here are 5 personality traits to beware of when seeking accomplishment and prosperity.

  1. You can be secretive.
  2. You can be suspicious.
  3. You can be controlling.
  4. You can be jealous.
  5. You can lash out.

Always curious and seeking out the meaning of things, Scorpio can sometimes become suspicious of others’ motives. Trust your instincts without becoming accusatory. In order to find the best in people, practice trusting and sharing.

While everyone prefers things go the way they see fit, a Scorpio can be slightly more controlling than some of the more mellow astrological signs. You feel relaxed when in control of any given situation. Remember, however, that you can’t control everything and learn to go with the flow.

A Scorpio’s passion can be responsible for a great many things including exciting relationships, fulfilling careers and beautiful art. That same passion can always cause jealousy in Scorpio too. Remember that you are independent and allow others to be as well.

With such a deep well of emotions that aren’t always shared with loved ones, Scorpios can sometimes bottle their anger. When you’ve reached a point where you can no longer remain silent, you may become outwardly angry or lash out. Avoid this by speaking your mind to someone you trust with your feelings.

When Scorpio is self-aware and utilizes their natural skills and talents, you can become extremely successful. Embrace your unique personality and depth of self and you’ll go far.

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Rhiannon Liselle is a nomadic Sagittarius with a passion for writing and trying to help others grow. She’s studied astrology for about 10 years, and has been writing about metaphysical, spiritual, and esoteric subjects for 3 years. Rhiannon lives in the mountains of Colorado, and loves drinking coffee and spending time with her coloring books.
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