5 Bad Omens to Watch Out for in Your Dreams

Have you ever had a stressful dream and thought to yourself, “was that dream trying to warn me of something?”

If so, it’s likely your theory is correct. Dreams about bad omens are not as uncommon as you may think.

It’s important to pay attention to your feelings after waking up from a dream. Your feelings are an excellent indication of letting you know what a dream is trying to tell you. If you have some fear or apprehension, it’s a strong possibility that your dream is trying to warn you about something.

Your dreams can, of course, represent underlying fears and anxieties. But if there is a bad dream omen in your dream, then it’s important to watch out for it.

Dream interpretation is a mysterious thing. However, certain dream omens can warn you of impending danger or troubles ahead.

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What Are 5 Bad Dream Omens to Watch Out for?

It’s natural to tell ourselves, “Oh, it was just a dream!” But if that bothersome feeling is eating away at you, don’t ignore it!

Read on to find out about five of the most common bad omens experienced in the dream world.

1. Teeth

Dreaming about teeth can be a bad sign in dreams. Though it can also indicate feelings of insecurity, teeth can be an omen that troubles are on the horizon or an unpleasant event is about to happen.

This is especially common if the teeth are falling out in the dream. If the teeth are rotting or decayed, it can mean that something in your life requires cutting loose, but you are not facing it.

Dreaming about teeth can often lead you to frantically checking your teeth upon waking to make sure they are all intact. But if you dream about teeth and have a bad feeling upon waking, it’s a good idea to be cautious and prepare yourself for any eventuality.

2. Being Chased

Dreaming about being chased by someone can be very frightening. You may or may not be able to see your pursuer(s) in your dream, but you’ll likely wake up and feel like you had a terrible nightmare.

Being chased is a warning that there are underlying issues you are not dealing with, and they are affecting you in a powerfully negative way in your waking life. If the issue is not addressed, it could spell trouble in the future.

This dream encourages you to confront yourself and the fears that bind you. It is not uncommon for this to be a recurring dream for many people.

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3. Dead Flowers

While it’s nice to dream of flowers, dead ones are a different story. Dreaming about dead flowers is often an indication that something in your life is over and it is time to move on.

It may indicate the end of something major in your life, often in romance or in your career. The dream is showing you something powerful: Where there is growth, there is also the possibility of wilt.

There may be a reluctance to do so. Hence your subconscious is passing the message on to you in the dream world!

Dead flowers symbolize it is time to let go. Whatever it is that needs letting go of, there is no coming back from it, no matter how much you may wish the situation to be different.

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4. Sabotage

This is one omen that should not be ignored! Though it can be a sign that something in your waking life is being ignored or overlooked, it can also be a warning that someone is attempting to sabotage you in some way.

During waking hours, you may have felt that something isn’t quite right and if it is a feeling that points towards someone having negative intentions towards you, then listen to your intuition!

5. Sickness

Dreaming about sickness can mean that there is an area of your life that requires your nurture and attention, but it can also be a forewarning that sickness is coming to your life in some form.

If you are sick in the dream, then it is time to pay attention to your mental and physical health in your waking life. If it is someone else, then it is important to consider the health of this person.

Such a dream can be your subconscious mind’s way of warning you to take better care of your health or to warn someone else to. These dreams can actually be described as blessings in disguise.

Dream Omens Are Different for Everyone

Dream omens are extremely varied and can be interpreted differently for everyone.

Ultimately, listening to your intuition and paying attention to your gut feeling is the best way to determine what the omen means for you.

If your gut is telling you that something isn’t right, then listen closely. Our subconscious mind is a valley of information and wisdom, and dreams are one of the easiest ways for it to communicate with us without the chatter of the conscious mind.

The more we pay attention to our dreams, the more we prepare ourselves for our waking life. Trusting ourselves and giving our dreams the attention they deserve is a way to both nurture and protect ourselves.

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