5 Good Omens to Watch Out For in Your Dreams

The world of dreams is mysterious.

Some people have dreams so powerful and vivid that they stay with them for the entire day. Others have dreams but don’t remember what happened; they may be left with a specific feeling when they wake up and can find no rational explanation for that feeling.

Some people have dreams of a psychic nature. These people may have dreams of things that happen in the future, or they may be able to telepathically pick up on another person’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Others still can “dream walk” – entering the dreams of others during sleeping hours.

But all dreams, regardless of their intensity or meaning, always carry an important message from our subconscious, which is designed to help us one way or another in our waking lives.

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Dream Omens: What Are They?

A dream omen is a symbol or aspect of your dream that is either warning you of something, letting you know that something positive will appear in your life or something that is happening right now, but you may not be consciously aware of it.

For example, if you dream of a storm, it can be an omen of a troubling event to come in your life.

Our unconscious mind is a peculiar and mysterious thing. While our conscious mind helps us deal with everyday things, our unconscious mind deals with a world far beyond our conscious-reaching capabilities of understanding.

It is the home of the sixth sense, psychic abilities, astral events, and, of course, dreams. When we sleep, our conscious mind is given a break, and therefore it is easier for messages from the unconscious to filter through.

Good Omens in Dreams

This is why dream omens are so helpful to waking life. The conscious mind can only process what is in front of us – what it can see, hear, and sense in our immediate reality.

The unconscious mind has the ability to see past, present, and future in a way the conscious mind finds extraordinary.

So what are some dream omens to look out for? Below are five good omens to keep an eye on in your dreams. Next time you have a dream, see if any of these appear in it. Keeping a dream diary is always a good idea!

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1. Death

We’ll start with death because this is one of those omens that tend to freak people out.

Death is something that the majority of people are frightened of in waking life. But in dreams, it very rarely means physical death. In dreams, death means it’s time for a transition and major change in your life – this change is often out of your control, but it is for the better in the long-term.

This is similar to the Death card in the Tarot. It’s something that people feel terrified of when they see it, but the Tarot Death card very rarely means actual physical death. It means the death of a situation, or relationship, or perhaps a way of thinking, to make way for something better.

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2. Wedding

Like the death omen, weddings are all about new beginnings and change. Unless there really is a wedding coming up in your life, either your own wedding or someone else’s, then you can look forward to new changes and opportunities coming into your life.

This omen is especially potent when it comes to relationships. It may not exactly mean that you are to be married anytime soon, but it is a great omen, especially if you have just started a new relationship with someone or have met someone new and are uncertain about how things will progress. The wedding omen is the green light that it’s a good idea to move forward with them!

3. Rabbit

Another omen that signifies new beginnings!

Rabbits represent Spring (think of all those bunnies hopping around on the meadows!), and when a rabbit appears in your dream, it is a sign of rebirth and beginning something new.

This is a very welcome omen to appear after stormy and challenging times. Rabbits in a dream show that the tough times are coming to an end, and soon you will be able to embrace the newness, the same type of newness that Spring brings with it.

Rabbits can also symbolize pregnancy, so if you are trying for a baby, then the good news is expected. It also indicates faithfulness, so if you have been struggling with thoughts about your lover being unfaithful, the rabbit indicates that the worries exist only in your mind.

4. Cats

Dreaming about cats in a dream is often an omen of powerful psychic expression within you, beginning to take form.

In Ancient Egypt, cats were revered for their spiritual gifts and their connection to the spirit world or underworld. Of all the animals, cats are most closely associated with spiritual and metaphysical (even witches like cats as their familiars!)

Dreaming about cats is often a sign that you are leveling up spiritually. Perhaps you have gone through an intense spiritual experience or significant change. Whether it is your own or somebody else’s, seeing a cat is a sign that it is important to trust your intuition and psychic gifts because they are growing stronger each day.

5. Spider Web

Dreaming about seeing a spider web or being stuck in a spider web is often an omen that you feel trapped in some area of your life. This is a good omen because it is alerting you that there are areas of your life you feel trapped in, and it is important to face them so you can break free.

There may be accompanying feelings of fear, helplessness, anxiety, or disgust with the dream. While these emotions may be negative, it is not uncommon for positive things to manifest from what we consider negative.

This is why spider web dreams are considered one of the best omens. They are not immediately recognized as something positive, but by dragging your discomfort into the light, you can recognize areas of your life that need fixing so you can become a better version of yourself.


The world of dreams is complex and illusionary. But illusions don’t mean something isn’t real. When you have a dream, remember that there is always a reason for it. A dream is never just a dream. Dream omens such as the ones above can provide deeper insight into our lives and let us know of things to come.

Keeping a dream diary is a great idea because the more we monitor our dreams, the more we understand the subconscious’s effects on us, both in dreaming life and waking life.

Have you had any of the dream omens listed? How has their influence manifested in your life?

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