The Pisces Stellium: Using Charisma, Creativity & Clairvoyance

Earthlings, this week we’re in some major Pisces energy!

A Pisces stellium is kicking around with the Sun, Venus, and Neptune in Pisces, and this week, we’ll also have a New Moon in Pisces and the Moon in Pisces from March 11th to 13th.

Pisces is lovely, sweet, gentle energy. We’re in Pisces Season with the Sun in Pisces, so we’re naturally attuned to the Pisces energy.

Neptune, the natural ruling planet of Pisces, is also at home in Pisces and helps us be comfortable with Pisces. Add Venus in the mix, the pleasant planet, and we’re in some sweet Pisces energy.

What is a Stellium?

A stellium occurs when three or more planets are together in one zodiac sign. This means there is highly concentrated energy in that sign, and whatever that sign rules is elevated.

In the natal chart, someone with a Pisces stellium is likely psychic, spiritual, creative, and empathetic. The Pisces stellium man cares deeply for others and tries to help as much as he can, while the Pisces stellium woman can sense what others feel and has a gentle demeanor.

What we have now is a transit stellium with the transit (moving) planets currently in Pisces. They are:

  • The Sun: February 18 – March 20
  • Venus: February 25 – March 21
  • The Moon: March 11 – 13
  • Neptune: All year

And there will be conjunctions (alignment) between them on these dates:

  • March 10: Sun conjunct Neptune
  • March 12: Moon conjunct Venus
  • March 13: Sun conjunct Moon (New Moon in Pisces), Moon conjunct Neptune, Venus conjunct Neptune

The conjunctions are what makes the energy so strong right now this week. The Sun, Moon, Venus, and Neptune are riding close together and concentrating the energy.

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Pisces in Astrology

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and so it comes with all of the knowledge and experiences that the previous 11 signs had. Pisces understands so much and feels so much. It’s an emotional Water sign and flexible Mutable sign.

Pisces is the sign ruling intuition and spirituality.

That makes this period one where you can be more in tune with your instincts or strengthen your intuition, and we can all be a little more clairvoyant than usual.

Pisces is a highly creative sign and rules imagination and the arts. Because Pisces can feel so much emotionally and sense so intuitively, this sign needs an outlet, and something creative tends to be the answer. That makes this period excellent for creative projects and ventures.

Since Neptune rules Pisces, it’s also a charismatic sign. Pisces doesn’t slowly seduce you like Taurus, or charm your pants off like Libra, or melt you with its intensity like Scorpio. Instead, its gentility, imagination, and empathy give it a warmth that draws you in subconsciously.

Pisces Stellium Horoscopes

See what you should focus on with this Pisces stellium now!

These horoscopes are outlined for the houses, so read for your Rising sign if you know it (otherwise, you can read your Sun sign; if you know your time of birth, you can find your Rising sign using the free birth chart generator):

1st House Pisces Stellium (Pisces Rising)

This stellium occurs in Pisces, so this is an energy focused on what you want for yourself. What new beginning do you want to embark on, or project do you want to start, or venture do you want to take the first step with?

Your energy can be higher right now, and your intuition can be on point, so trust in yourself. This isn’t usually the Pisces way, but you can give it a try and surprise yourself.

2nd House Pisces Stellium (Aquarius Rising)

For Aquarius Risings, this Pisces stellium activates your money sector. What ideas have you had to improve your financial situation? This can be a good time to take a hobby or side gig and make it something more profitable for you, so listen to where your instincts guide you.

In general, you may be slow to take action unless you feel confident in your choices, so do your homework. Get informed, and then move forward.

3rd House Pisces Stellium (Capricorn Rising)

For Capricorn Risings, this Pisces stellium triggers your mental energy, and you can come up with lots of new ideas and work on short-term plans. You may want to keep yourself busy this week and work on what interests you most or where you can be most creative.

There can be plenty for you to do, so keep track of everything. If you have a hard time making a choice, try letting your intuition give you an answer.

4th House Pisces Stellium (Sagittarius Rising)

For Sagittarius Risings, this Pisces stellium lights up your home and family sector. This can be a good time to improve at home or with your living situation, give attention to those you think of as family, and have a solid home base somewhere.

You may want to think about what you can start from the ground up with right now. This may be the kind of thing that doesn’t culminate for at least another year., so see what your intuition has to say about what you should focus on.

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5th House Pisces Stellium (Scorpio Rising)

For Scorpio Risings, this Pisces stellium targets your heart. You may want to dedicate more of your time to what you enjoy most, to spending more time with the people you love, and reminding yourself to feel joy.

Creativity can be high right now, so try channeling that into something productive. You may feel more inspired to make progress.

6th House Pisces Stellium (Libra Rising)

For Libra Risings, this Pisces stellium increases your workload, but it can be in a good way. You can get a lot done, off of your list of things to do, and finally tackle the chores that you’ve been putting off in creative ways, so you don’t have to worry about them anymore.

This may be a good time to focus on what’s been stressing you out lately and work on tackling that. It can set you up to manage things as you go on better.

7th House Pisces Stellium (Virgo Rising)

For Virgo Risings, this Pisces stellium brings attention to the people in your life, and you can work at improving your relationships, partnerships, and connections. You can make compromises, bring peace, and get everyone on the same page as you, using your charisma to your advantage.

You may want to help others out and be extra sacrificing, but you need to make sure you’re not giving away too much.

8th House Pisces Stellium (Leo Rising)

For Leo Risings, this Pisces stellium might make you focus on a transformation of some sort in your life. You may feel guided by your intuition, like you need to bring some fresh air into your life, make something old shiny and new again, and this can help you deal with some challenging situations.

This can be a good time to research anything you need to know more about, and you can keep going until you get to the heart of the matter.

9th House Pisces Stellium (Cancer Rising)

For Cancer Risings, this Pisces stellium can be a great time to focus on expanding in some way and pursuing new opportunities for new experiences. You can be more open to anything bold and adventurous, and you can focus on what you can learn from it.

This can also be a good time for learning, teaching, writing, or speaking, so if you feel inclined to any of that, this might be a good way to use creative energy.

10th House Pisces Stellium (Gemini Rising)

For Gemini Risings, this Pisces stellium activates your goals and direction sector. You can hit a high point or achieve some success with something you’ve been working hard at and smart with, or you may set a new goal for yourself and hit the ground running.

This can be a time of high ambition, and that may mean new long-term plans or new responsibilities, but you can handle either of them. Your charisma may help you meet new people who can help you advance further.

11th House Pisces Stellium (Taurus Rising)

For Taurus Risings, the Pisces stellium can bring attention to your dreams for the future. You can feel more hopeful about the future and more willing to make changes or try things in new ways if you think it’ll help you make progress. Let your intuition help you figure out where to start.

You might get some help from friends or expand your social circle in ways that can open up new opportunities for you down the line.

12th House Pisces Stellium (Aries Rising)

For Aries Risings, the Pisces stellium might help you do some cleaning out and finishing up. This can be a good time to end what needs to end, and you can clear out what is no longer healthy or serving a positive purpose in your life.

This may feel like a time when you’re getting ready, making plans, and preparing for what is to come next. Dive into your subconscious, let go of things from the past and strengthen your connection to your spiritual self.

Welcome the Pisces Energy!

This Pisces energy now might be a little preview of what’s to come. Jupiter is in Pisces briefly from May 13th to July 28th and spends a good part of 2022 in Pisces, paired up with Neptune.

Pay attention to what you’re focusing on now, this week, since this may be something you focus on again when Jupiter is in Pisces. This also means we have quite a bit of time to use intuition, be creative, and show our compassion over the next two years.

Enjoy the Pisces energy!

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