10 Affirmations for Imaginative Pisces Season

Are you ready for the season of dreams, romance, and imagination? With Neptune-ruled Pisces in the stars, life is about to get a whole lot more fantastical.

Rebellious and revolutionary Aquarius season is already under our belt, and we may already be feeling the unpredictability and changes that have come with that. Aquarius season may indeed be out the door, but like it or not, changes don’t tend to slow down with Pisces season en route!

Perhaps in different ways than Aquarius, Pisces season — reigning in the skies from February 18th to March 20th — still demands change and progress.

Let’s learn about what Pisces season often brings to the table, and then affirm what we will need from within to make it a great one!

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What is Pisces Energy?

Dreamy, imaginative, and intuitive, Pisces energy often gets a funny rep for being hopelessly romantic and emotionally intense.

It’s true that there is a Piscean tendency for emotional dramatics at times. Like its fellow Water signs (Scorpio and Cancer), intuition, creativity, and all the feelings tend to run high when Pisces season comes around the corner.

Additionally, Pisces is the Mutable representative of the watery crew, making the sign seem more unpredictable and chaotic if not properly understood and worked through. However, at the end of the day, Pisces is the culmination of the zodiac as the last sign, indicating an abundance of wisdom and creativity for us to draw from.

So while the ups and downs may seem plentiful with Pisces season at bay, know that a steep challenge often comes with rich rewards. You may just be able to tap into a stronger intuition, free-flowing creative energy, and dreamy perspective that Pisces has the power to bestow.

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10 Affirmations for Imaginative Pisces Season

1. “I Go With The Flow.”

The mutability of Pisces season can sometimes throw even the most thrill-seeking of us for a loop.

Going with the flow — whether that’s an emotional, mental, or spiritual flow — is often essential to a successful Pisces season. This affirmation encourages this attitude and assists us to roll with even the most unexpected punches.

2. “I Express Love With Ease.”

While they are still so much more than just one or two labels, Pisces spirits are, at heart, intense lovers and romantics.

As Spring blooms and romantic Pisces season reigns, it’s always a good idea to affirm our ability to express love to others. This affirmation encourages vulnerability and openness and encompasses love in all forms.

3. “I Honor My Intuitive Senses.”

While we all have an intuition to varying degrees, Pisces energy this season tends to bring out the strongest of our intuitive senses no matter where you land on the psychic scale.

Sometimes this is uncomfortable for those of us who aren’t as acquainted with our intuition. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable simply because it’s too strong for those who are typically intuitive.

Either way, it’s important to honor whatever comes through. Use this affirmation to assist with the management of your very own intuitive power!

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4. “My Emotions Empower Rather Than Overwhelm.”

Like it or not, Pisces energy leans heart over head.

This inevitability can be uncomfortable if we think of our emotions to control us, rather than something that we can use to our advantage.

Use this affirmation to remind you of this reality. Your emotions are a gift, not a curse!

5. “I Listen to My Dreams.”

Ruled by dreamy Neptune, it comes as no surprise that Pisces season ranks high when it comes to zodiac seasons that shower us in crazy dreams.

Often, these dreams can offer profound insights if we’re willing to listen. In fact, dreamwork is often a fruitful practice during Pisces season if you’re willing to give the unconscious mind a shot to speak up!

6. “I See Confusion As Opportunity.”

It’s no secret that sometimes Pisces season is just a little… weird.

Thanks to the foggy influence of illusory Neptune once more, we often have a bit of confusing energy on our hands when Pisces season rolls around. While we could see this fog as frustrating, it’s usually a push to have some faith and trust that your intuition will guide you.

Think of these hiccups as avenues for growth, as well as excellent opportunities for strengthening your connection with your intuition!

7. “My Feelings Are Meaningful & Important.”

No matter how frequent or confusing your emotions and feelings may be during this Pisces season (or any time, for that matter), it’s crucial to know that these feelings are still valid and meaningful.

The emotional flow of Pisces season can be seemingly overwhelming, but that should be a sign of your strength and capacity to feel rather than a signal to minimize your experience. This affirmation simply reminds you of this!

8. “I Easily Ground Myself In The Present Moment.”

Thanks to the romantic and dreamy energy of Pisces season, it’s easy to get caught up in the whims of the imagination.

At times, this leads us to reminisce on the past or perhaps think too far ahead into the future. With this affirmation, you can stay centered in the here and now and make a stronger attempt to be present.

9. “Creativity Supports & Nourishes Me.”

Undoubtedly, one of the perks and beautiful traits of mystical Pisces is its creative potential.

Whether or not you yourself are a Pisces, we all have a unique form of creativity that gets enhanced by the watery Pisces flow. This affirmation encourages whatever your creativity may look like and places it in your palms for self-empowerment and nourishment.

10. “I Am Intuitive, Mystical, & Creative.”

Finally, we can use this affirmation to remind ourselves of some of the best Pisces qualities and know that they are within us in our day-to-day lives to some degree.

While they may not always be the clearest or most traditional qualities, they are powerful when utilized properly under a Pisces sun. Tap into them, and watch yourself make some magic!

Meditating On Piscean Power

Life may seem to get a bit hazy with Pisces ruling the skies and stars. It may seem like you don’t always have the answers, but your heart sure has plenty of questions and musings.

But the power of Pisces lies in our ability to take that “haziness” and run with what we feel rather than what we’re trying to see. That’s why Pisces’s imagination, creativity, and intuition are so strong!

That said, it’s always easier said than done. That’s why affirmations can help us set the right intentions, put us in the ideal frame of mind, and help us make the most of what we have at our disposal.

With perhaps your favorite journal, some sticky notes, or even verbal repetition, using these affirmations can be an easy and simple way to make the most of this Pisces season.

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