This is Exactly What You Should Manifest in 2023, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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2023 is just around the corner.

You may be wondering exactly how yearly manifestations work. Simply put, it involves writing a note to the Universe (or even just saying it in your head is fine) and telling it what you want for the rest of the year.

Intentions, intentions! Manifestation is really about what we need instead of what we want, and you may already intuitively have a good idea of what you need for the coming year.

If not, take a look at your zodiac sign below to give you a boost in the right direction.

What Do You Need to Manifest for the Coming Year?

Each zodiac sign is bound to experience the highs and lows of 2023, but some are likely to experience them more than others.

2022 was an intense year. In Chinese astrology, it was the Year of the Tiger. Tiger years are always rollercoaster years, full of unexpected occurrences, surprises, and unpredictability (much like the sign itself!).

2023 is the Year of the Rabbit, and in this year’s cycle, we can expect to see some continuation of these upheavals. However, 2023 will prove a truly spiritually transformative year for many. During this year, many people will realize how the decisions they have made previously have made them who they are.

It will be a time of crossroads, critical decision-making, forming new connections, and truly realizing their place in this world.

Your zodiac sign can provide much insight into the type of manifestation that can help you. While there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to manifestation, the guide below should give you some idea of how you can use manifestation to help you along your journey in 2023.


2023 brings some powerful focus on your career and directions you may wish to turn in. You might find yourself on an entirely new path so prepare for anything, Aries!

This year, think about manifesting the wisdom to make the best decisions for yourself. Thinking carefully about the decisions you make and not leaping into anything will be a big theme for you this year.


This will be a powerful and intense year for making connections, Taurus.

You may find people from your past popping back up; quite possibly, a long-term soul connection will launch next year and bring many unexpected experiences. Ask for openmindedness to stay open to new and old connections in 2023.


It’s a year of amazing potential for you when it comes to your creative spirit, Gemini.

The need to burst forth with your imagination and creative talents will be strong. You may even discover hidden talents you didn’t know you had. Ask for opportunities to showcase your creative spirit. Let the Universe know how much you want to show them to the world, and the Universe will provide!


2023 will be a time of great self-reflection for you, Gemini. Much spiritual transformation is happening for you.

There will be unexpected moments, and one relationship, in particular, will be highly life-changing. Ask for the boldness to venture into the unknown. There may be a strong desire to stay within your comfort zone, but it is outside of the comfort zone that growth awaits.


Some wonderful opportunities are headed your way in 2023, but first, you will need to shed the old ways and ways of thinking that are outdated, Leo.

This will not be the easiest year, but it will be rewarding in more ways than one. Ask for the strength to see through the challenging times and trust that the Universe has a great plan for you because it does.


2023 looks set to be a powerful time for friendships and relationships, and this is the year to let go of old disappointments and aspects of your past that are holding you back. Keep your mind and heart open, Virgo.

Ask the Universe to manifest positive thought patterns for you to adopt that you can carry with you throughout the year, as new connections often mean new ways of thinking!


This is an extremely powerful year of communication for you, Libra. It seems your voice will be heard by many, far and wide.

Others will look to you for inspiration, and there may be times when your views and beliefs are challenged. However, you are urged to stand by the strength of your soul. Ask for the courage to stand by your convictions, no matter the obstacles that stand in your way in this upcoming year.


2023 looks set to be a powerful year of career and finance for you, Scorpio, and there may be a chance of a new business venture that leads to fulfilling outcomes.

However, there may be some doubt or indecision on your part, so manifesting the self-confidence to go ahead and believe in yourself is important this year. Trust in yourself and in your deepest instincts.

Read your career horoscope right now to get more insights as we prepare for 2023!


Prepare for the unexpected, Sag! As much as you may want things to go to plan smoothly and uninterrupted, you may find things veering off in various paths.

This year you are encouraged to manifest the willingness to be flexible as there may be ups and downs you had not foreseen, but the more you go with the flow (which you are already pretty good at), the better the outcome will be for you.


As you move forward in life, 2023 will be a time to focus on the family and home for you, Capricorn. New arrivals in the family or a change of scene look likely. There may be some important readjustments or rearrangements.

In 2023, you are encouraged to manifest a mindset where you are ready to keep your heart open and reveal your feelings. You sometimes keep them closed up, but this is the year where you truly bare your heart for all to see.


2023 will be a year of intense concentration for you, Aquarius, and you may experience some sudden shifts in feelings and in your priorities. Manifest the wisdom to follow your heart.

Try not to be swayed by others. Follow the beat of your own drum. This is what you were born to do. Others will look to you for inspiration in 2023. Show them what you are made of.


This is a year of powerful spiritual renewal for you, Pisces. There may be much to let go of and embrace what is to come in. The process may not always be easy, but it will be worth it in the long term.

You may be urged to confront aspects of yourself that have been long buried in 2023. Ask the Universe for the courage and determination to go inwards when necessary, even if it isn’t easy. This is the path to growth.

Trust in Yourself in 2023

No matter what transpires this coming year, self-belief is crucial. There may be twists and turns, unexpected moments, and new connections to make. There may be moments when you are uncertain of what lies ahead and question whether you are on the right path. But staying in tune with yourself and believing in yourself is key.

Always remember that the answers you seek lie within you, and you must continue your spiritual journey. Doing so will help you unlock them.

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