Are YOU One of the Meanest Zodiac Signs?

Do you ever have those moments where something inexplicably grates on your nerves? Or that one pet peeve that you just can’t seem to let go of?

Astrology is a lovely tool to unpack our sense of self, the inner workings of our personality, and our connection to the Universe all around us. As a result, we can use it to understand current events or some basic aspects of our best skills and qualities.

But what about the parts that aren’t so fun?

Today let’s discover which signs have a reputation for their “mean” exteriors and take a look into the darker side of each zodiac sign. After all, there’s a shadow side to us all, and therefore a shadow side to each member of the zodiac.

“Meanness” in Astrology 101

There are often certain traits and characteristics assigned to each member of the zodiac — this much we often all know.

And when it comes down to proclivities to certain bad habits or unsavory behaviors, there are certainly those assigned to each sign too. Maybe you’ve heard that Geminis are “two-faced” or Leos are all “self-centered.”

These characteristics are not universally true, and your zodiac chart is never the end-all, be-all of who you are as a person. However, it can show you what your likely tendencies can be when you’re angry, upset, or in a “shadowy” place all around. And having that self-awareness is super important, too.

For example, your Mars placement — ruled by the planet of war — in your birth chart can highlight how you might feel about conflict. And your Mercury placement — ruled by the planet of communication — may explain further how you go about resolving or responding to it.

Knowing how the zodiac signs tend to react in their “mean” side, and locating these signs in your chart, can therefore be a great start for self-exploration and some serious, honest “me time.”

Which Zodiac Signs Are the Meanest?

With all of that in mind, let’s go over the zodiac signs from “meanest to nicest” that maintain large reputations as rude, brash, or tend to have the biggest bite when on their bad side.

(Just keep in mind that, ultimately, each sign has a shadowy set of traits, too, even if they’re not outwardly perceived as mean!).

1. Scorpio

Mysterious Scorpio can get a reputation for being mean thanks to their more introverted tendencies.

It isn’t the only sign ruled by the planet of passion and war, Mars, but thanks to its Water elemental quality, there’s a reserved quality to Scorpio that can make its anger seem particularly off-putting.

As a Scorpio, even when there’s no mean intention on your part, others may interpret your reserved but intense Martian exterior as something ill-intended.

2. Aries

Unlike Scorpio, Aries is ruled by the same planet of war–Mars–but doesn’t quite share its reserved nature.

Fiery, bold, and brash, Aries is more upfront when upset and is less afraid to say what they’re thinking. Rest assured, if Aries is mad, they will be the ones to tell you off, especially if you hurt someone close to them.

3. Sagittarius

Spontaneous with a quick wit, Sagittarius is often known for their bluntness.

And yes, sometimes that brutal honesty can hurt.

Philosophical Sagittarian spirits prioritize their honesty and prefer to deliver “tough love” rather than none at all. You may not always vibe with their delivery, but a Sagittarius is not one to mince words.

You may actually thank them for what at the time may seem mean.

4. Gemini

Smart and flighty, Geminis tend to have a reputation for more than just one thing.

Witty and unpredictable Gemini sports a Mutable quality that makes them a bit hard to pin down, coupled with the communicative aspect of being an Air elemental.

This makes them prone to charming others but sometimes equally prone to saying whatever flows to them at the moment. Geminis may not even necessarily believe a mean comment they let fly out, but their love for all social affairs can leave the gateway open for words that sting to fly right out.

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5. Virgo

Meticulous and detail-oriented, Virgo is known to be a perfectionist all around.

Virgos don’t necessarily feel the need to be mean, but they certainly want a job done right. At times this leads to judgemental habits or a nitpicky comment, and let’s face it: sometimes those comments hurt more than they help.

6. Capricorn

Ruled by oh-so-serious Saturn, Capricorns are often known for their cold, serious exteriors.

Straight-forward, practical, and Earthy, Capricorns don’t have time for silly, frivolous matters or games. As a result, their language may be more upfront or clear-cut, with less sugar-coating than some are used to.

Ultimately, however, a Capricorn is less likely to waste their breath on unnecessary rude discussions.

7. Leo

Full of Fire and holding a flair for the dramatics, Leos can often be branded as a passionate bunch.

It’s true that Leo has a penchant for the dramatic. However, with a Fixed quality, a Leo is more likely to bite if the offense was first thrown towards them (or, even more so, a loved one — beware of the loyal lion!).

In that case, all bets are off, and you may face the wrath of a Leo for quite a long time–fixed folks tend to hold a grudge.

8. Pisces

Sweet and sensitive Pisces cares deeply for those that they attach their affections, being known for their romantic and intuitive spirit.

Ruled by elusive and mysterious Neptune, however, Pisces has the potential for a cunning and crafty side as well.

Sometimes known for their white lies or half-truths, holding the mix of mysticism and real-world can sometimes lead the fish to blur the lines in their favor, sometimes at the expense of others.

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9. Taurus

Like Leo, Taurus is aligned with the Fixed modality.

Slow, steady, and more of a homebody, however, a Taurus is less likely to go out of their way to engage in the dramatics. After all, a sudden burst of mean-spirited discussion surely interrupts the comfy Taurean routine.

At the same time, they equally hold a grudge and can hold mean-spirited thoughts and feelings for those that have slighted them or their loved ones.

10. Cancer

The sensitive Cancerian spirit is not known to be prone to engage in mean-spirited behavior.

A Water sign with a deep love and care for close loved ones and especially family, the crab is likely to spend time prioritizing fortifying those bonds.

When it comes to anger, however, a Cancer has to be careful they don’t let their frustrations come to a boiling point with their tendency to keep things hidden under their shell.

11. Aquarius

Humanitarian Aquarius is likely to keep its values and morals high on its list of priorities.

Now, are they immune from being mean or rude? Of course not!

An Aquarius is likely to care about large-scale ideas and morals and loves a good open discussion or conversation. On the other hand, their tendency to think big can sometimes prevent them from, well, thinking small.

As an Aquarius, you’ll have to remember from time to time to keep a sense of groundedness and maintain some awareness of social convention, or else you risk hurting feelings by accident.

12. Libra

If there is one sign that prefers to escape conflict more often than not, it’s Libra.

Diplomatic and charismatic, Libra prefers to mediate rather than instigate. Sometimes, the desire to prevent others’ confrontations can actually be more harmful than helpful, but Libra is nonetheless not one to create a heated debate for no reason.

So, Are You One of the Mean Ones?

Whether you keep your anger too hidden within or have a tendency to fly off the handle even when you don’t mean to, recognizing those habits can be the first step to finding a remedy to our troubles.

Still not satisfied or looking for the next steps? There’s always more to be discovered when it comes to deep diving into astrology and the magical world of the zodiac signs.

Remember to take a close look at your birth chart to find out more about your personal placements and traits, and from there, you can figure out what areas of astrological research you may need to see next!

Take the quiz: Which Zodiac Sign is Your Enemy?

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