Embrace the Wow Factor Under Solar Eclipse in Leo

Are you feeling the wow factor yet this month? Well ready or not, here it comes. We’ve already had a few big moments this month early in August with the Full Moon in Aquarius and the lunar eclipse, but that was just Act One. Following that in the second week of August, we have Act Two arriving with Mercury Retrograde.

By this point of the month you may be soooo over the wow factor in your life, but, hang on. The universe is about to top off this glorious sundae with Act Three, and the cherry of a total solar eclipse and New Moon in Leo right before August is about to close. Are you ready for some exciting and exotic new changes in your life?

Solar Eclipse in Leo Review

Eclipses are like Mercury Retrogrades, or any kind of retrograde, when it comes to a reputation. They don’t tend to have very great ones. Unfortunately, this upcoming solar eclipse is occurring during a Mercury Retrograde transit, but it’s all about your perspective.

An eclipse season bears change, and we all need change in our lives to succeed, even if we are already doing great. There’s always room for better, but this is why they are so exciting. If things aren’t going so great, a powerful eclipse season is one that can help us make the changes we need to elevate our lives substantially.

This particular August 2017 eclipse season is part of what began last August and created a big change in our lives. This change is continuing into January 2019. We had our first eclipse this month with the lunar eclipse and Full Moon in Aquarius, which helped us to close some chapters and make room for something new in our lives.

That something new is about to be launched under the New Moon and total solar eclipse in Leo. Whereas your normal New Moon cycle we have every month lasts four weeks, an eclipse cycle actually lasts about six months. That’s why the changes are so exciting.

As we discussed earlier on our lunar eclipse notes, an eclipse means that something has been eclipsed out of the picture. For a solar eclipse, that means the Sun is eclipsed out of the picture. When the Moon passes in between the Earth and the Sun, the Sun becomes blocked. It will be a darker day, literally.

Metaphorically, the solar eclipse means something about your personality is momentarily blocked from the world, so it’ll be an introspective day as well. When you use this energy wisely, you have the chance to launch some very exciting new beginnings in your life. The changes that happen now can have an impact on your life for months to come, and in some cases even years!

This solar eclipse New Moon is happening in the Fixed Sign of Leo. Our Daily Horoscopes will tell you where that lies in your chart, and how this is going to impact you personally. There are themes in this amazing event that all Earthlings will share in common. This particular solar eclipse and New Moon arrives in conjunction with some Uranus energy.

That’s very exciting as well. This is the wow factor dialed up quite a few notches!

Expect the Unexpected During the Solar Eclipse

It is this “expect the unexpected” notion that has us mere Earthlings freaked out over a solar eclipse. We don’t know what is eclipsed from the picture, and we won’t for a few days. With Uranus chiming in, that adds an “Uh oh!” element to the entire situation. Nobody likes to be caught off guard about anything.

What if that is a proposal to get married? Or a new home offer that was accepted when you were sure it was going to get tossed? This is what I mean when I say it is all about perspective. The Law of Attraction states that what you focus on grows. If you are approaching this solar eclipse with doom and gloom on your mind, that is exactly what you are going to get.

Instead, embrace the possibilities that lie ahead. Unexpected things can be very exciting indeed!

Let that Light Shine in Leo, baby!

Leo is always the star of the show, the attention grabber, and the king of the jungle. With this New Moon and solar eclipse in Leo, that’s now you! With the Sun being momentarily eclipsed, it’s your turn to decide how you get to be the super star of your life. Leo commands this in their life, and now, so must you.

That moment where the Sun is eclipsed will be your moment of introspection as you prepare for this big change. Once that passes, prepare to be amazed. This is a time of letting that light shine, and figuring out where you really belong, and who you belong to. Hint: You belong to the ones that make you feel like you shine in their world.

Famous individuals who saw great life experiences as a result of this energy in their charts include Winston Churchill, Gandhi, and Margaret Thatcher, just to name a few. These are people who insisted on ensuring the legacy they left behind was one of good will, and one which changed the world.

You may not become the next Gandhi or Churchill, but you can in your own life if you want. Remember, Leo commands this type of success.

The New Moon in Leo solar eclipse is long associated with royalty and world leaders. Many astrologers are predicting that world leaders are going to experience shock waves under this transit. Some big news currently eclipsed from the picture will come out for some. The name Donald Trump is mentioned frequently.

A big wow moment is about to transpire across the world, at both the individual and collective levels, and it won’t necessarily be a bad thing. It will all be about karma, and the truth. If that’s how you play your life anyway, you’ve got nothing but grand things to look ahead to during this months’ epic, and possibly life changing, New Moon in Leo solar eclipse.

Concluding Thoughts…

The New Moon and solar eclipse in Fixed Fire Sign Leo is all about being ready for the big change that is coming. You can’t stop it from happening. And it’s nothing to fear. That’s because this one, like every other transit, is all about ensuring your success. It’s your time to shine, baby! Expect the unexpected. Make those New Moon wishes count. This one could be the biggest new beginning of your life. What do you want it to be?

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