Surviving a Solar Eclipse During Mercury Retrograde

Eclipses always bring with them some kind of a clout, and September’s solar eclipse is no exception, especially with Mercury being retrograde in Virgo at the same time, AND the eclipsing Sun making a hard aspect with Neptune and Saturn, forming what’s known as a ‘T-Square.’ Wherever this falls in your chart, you’re probably going to be in for a bit of a bumpy ride, but remember, not everyone is going to be bounced around the same way.

Mercury turns retrograde at a critical degree (29 degree Virgo), and that may already be triggering something quite major for you, depending on where it’s happening in your own natal chart. Even though we’ve come to accept Mercury retrogrades as a minor inconvenience because of they happen every few months, this one is pretty important because of the degree that the retrograde starts, and because of the solar eclipse.

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The Influence of Mercury Retrograde

One reason that this particular eclipse is packing a punch is because Virgo is ruled by Mercury – which, as I just mentioned, is dancing backwards at the moment. This means that everything that has been discussed so far is going to have that contrary energy applied to it. You’re going to have to think on your feet and be prepared to adapt. It’s a wonderful time to make plans to organize yourself better, but remember, don’t start them yet. Wait until after both the retrograde and the shadow period if it’s feasible, for you’ll find your way a lot smoother than if you try to do things in the proverbial now.

Mercury retrogrades are suitable for all the ‘re’ words: rethinking, reflecting, revising, and redoing. Don’t start anything new, but revisit existing plans and make sure they hold water. The eclipse will charge this with energy, making it possible for you to move forward with clarity once all the planetary pandemonium has passed. You might want to do a little ritual to set out your intentions during the during the eclipse – or at least, no more than a few hours either side of it. Speak your desires to the universe, or write them in a journal or blog so you’re able to reflect on them later, and see how you’re doing with your goals. The darkness of the Sun combined with the Mercury retrograde is an awesome time for meditation and prayer, and for releasing any emotions that you feel are holding you back.

The Stress of Saturn and Neptune

Moving forward, the aspect between Saturn and Neptune is challenging, although this is neither a sudden nor a brief aspect. These two heavyweights have been dancing around each other for a while, due to Saturn’s recent retrograde and Neptune’s slow orbit. You’ve already seen some of the fallout from this, in the tragedies and the discord that’s happening in the world, with the global shootings, and the political unrest. This alignment might invoke fears or even paranoia to rise to the surface, and make you doubt your dreams and your aspirations. Try to remain level-headed when it comes to things like unfavorable gossip, conspiracy theories, or anything that seems too good or too outrageous to be true.

You may also feel uneasy as if something’s left undone, and if so, the eclipse energy is going to highlight that. Try to keep your feet on the ground, and focus on the mundane side of things. Take responsibility for anything that’s outstanding, and point your muse to creative self-expression. This is a good time to take stock of all aspects of your life – particularly your environment, your health, and your finances. Anything that removes worry and stress is a good idea!

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Managing Relationships

While eclipses do bring new beginnings to you, this isn’t the ideal time to embark on a new relationship, because of the Saturn / Neptune influence. You could start to see things through rose-colored glasses (Neptune), or be too critical (Virgo), or see problems that aren’t there (Saturn). Set some personal boundaries and be careful who you let close to you during this time. Strengthen relationships that are working well, and let those which are becoming baggage fall by the wayside.

You’ll need to make a conscious effort, to be honest, in all your words and deeds, because what you start during September’s solar eclipse will determine how things are going to carry on for the next several months. It will be easy for there to be misunderstandings, especially with Mercury in the mix. Don’t take things for granted, and make sure you get clarity on everything you plan or discuss. Others might try to deceive you at this time if it’s in their best interests, so don’t let them. Also, make sure that you’re not manipulating someone else, too. You’ve got to make sure your intentions are right and your heart is true, or you’re likely to set yourself up for difficulties as time passes.

Reflections and Responsibilities

Situations that demand more responsibility of you seem to draw your attention during this period, and you can thank Saturn for that. However, if you’re starting something new, choose a date either side of the eclipse. If someone else has made the decision for you, it’s okay to proceed, but if you have the opportunity to pick the timing, you may even want to wait until after Mercury’s retrograde, to get things moving forward as smoothly as possible. The eclipse could trigger a phase of added obligations that seem endless, but thanks to Saturn you’ll find the determination to deal with them, and Virgo will help you have the patience to do so. This will earn you a good reputation in the long run, so don’t get disheartened.

The eclipse might also trigger a time when you withdraw into yourself more than usual. This is great for introspection and self-understanding, but don’t brood – and don’t engage in any escapism. It’s a bad time to self-medicate because that will only help your fears and anxieties take hold of your thought process. You need to stay in touch with reality so that you’re able to discern what is factual and what is just an illusion. Find an outlet for your fantasies through a creative pursuit – you could well surprise yourself at just what you’re able to produce!

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An Opportunity to Manifest Your Bliss

However you choose to celebrate September’s solar eclipse, know that it’s bringing shifts in consciousness. This may be very profound and personal to you, it might pertain more to a loved one than it does to yourself, or you could observe it in global affairs. However, it influences you, know that it will bring you opportunities to move forward in some area of your life. It’s possible that this is something that you’ve been working on for a long time, or perhaps it will be an opportunity that just falls out of the blue. If you remember one thing about the planetary weather during the eclipse, remember this: It’s your life. It’s your destiny. Get out there and create the reality in which you want to live!

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