Lunar Eclipse in Pisces — Be Cool & Stay Close to Friends

Hot on the heels of the recent solar eclipse is September 16 lunar eclipse. What do you need to know? Well, many of the things that are relevant are in the article Five Things You Need to Know About Lunar Eclipses. However, every eclipse — solar or lunar — is going to have it’s own personality, depending on what sign it falls in and what else is going on in the skies. Let’s take a look at what this specific eclipse has to offer.

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A Watery Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

This particular lunar eclipse is in Pisces. Now, the Moon is watery, and rules the sign of Cancer, and Pisces is watery too. This will help you to steer you towards expressing your feelings through creativity — and those feelings are likely to be strong! There could even be anger here, so be forewarned, and have a backup plan for if things start to overwhelm you.

While the solar eclipse kicked off some fears and anxieties — particularly with the retrograde Mercury at 29 degrees — the lunar eclipse has the potential to counteract that. The square between Saturn and Neptune might be making you see things that aren’t there, and you’ll need to make sure you’re not letting your emotions run away with you. If you don’t, intolerance, prejudice, apprehension, and suspicion will rise to the surface and create setbacks and inhibitions.

Of course, eclipses happen during full moons, and full moon’s bring feelings to the surface. Relationships are going to be key players for this period. Whatever commenced on the solar eclipse is going to come to a head now. Whatever energies permeate this eclipse, you’re going to carry them forward into next year, so choose wisely and act accordingly.

Astrologically, oppositions create tension, and a lunar eclipse always happens with the Moon and the Sun are in opposition with each other. It may be hard to be objective. Uncertainties, and either the build up of unnecessary anxieties, or illusion that things are better than they really are, will tug at you. It will be hard to see things as they truly are, so make a point to examine everything objectively, and not to be too hard on yourself. Virgo is a nitpicky sign at best, and with the moon opposing the Virgoan Sun, it will be easy for you to find fault with others.

Mars is also a key player when it comes to the influence of the September 16 lunar eclipse. In mythology, Mars was the god of war. In astrology, Mars represents action, enthusiasm, vitality, and a sense of adventure. The way the planets line up around this eclipse, it’s quite possible that your patience is going to run thin and that your integrity is going to be tested — and with everything that’s happening in the world at the moment, you could well feel like taking a stand, championing a cause, or just rebelling in general. Face things confidently and assertively, but try not to be aggressive. Try to find creative ways to express your feelings in a positive manner, because the other side of all of this energy is passion, fun, and exhilaration.

This eclipse highlights ambition, because of the aspect that Mars is making to both the Sun and the Moon. You’ll have a lot of great ideas, but you might be short when it comes to the follow-through — and watch for stories in the news to reflect this, too. If either this eclipse or the solar eclipse on September 1 happen anywhere near your natal Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, then you’re going to be extra influenced by it, so meditate, stay cool, and remember that things said or done in haste or temper are often the hardest ones to rectify.

Keep Close Ties During This Lunar Eclipse

The main thing to consider regarding this eclipse is that it’s associated with feelings, and those feelings are going to be raw, passionate, and intense. However, if you’ve been feeling isolated, like you’re on the fringe, or you’re stranded on the outside looking in, this eclipse can bring you a chance to find your tribe again. It may not be easy, but finding the right people is vital for your spiritual and personal growth. The September 16 lunar eclipse, when handled correctly, will lead you to the right relationships.

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