6 Interesting Facts About Solar Eclipses

As an astrologer, I always get an influx of questions from my clients whenever an eclipse is looming, so I thought I would discuss them as one will be upon us soon on February 26 at 9:58 AM (EST).

There are usually four eclipses during a year (although like everything else, there are exceptions to this rule.) We usually see two solar eclipses and two lunar eclipses in our annual trip around the sun.

How potent the upcoming solar eclipse is for you will depend on where it falls in your birth chart—but I can’t blame you for worrying what it might bring! It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom.

If you remember these six facts about solar eclipses, then you’ll be able to stay grounded and take everything in stride when they happen. You might even be able to educate other people about them.

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Eclipses Always Bring Change

Life sometimes suddenly changes direction with an eclipse in a sly to point to as the cause. Changes can represent any new beginning, or it could also be an ending. Simply because something always had to end before something new can begin. These changes don’t have to happen to you, personally, though.

It may be a big change in the lives of some of your loved ones—like an engagement, new baby, or job offer. It could also be a small change—someone buys a new car or changes their look. These events are often unpredicted and unexpected, appearing out of the blue.

Although Not Always Life-altering Change

Much of how the eclipse affects you is going to depend on where it falls in your birth chart. If it’s at a critical degree, if it makes a conjunct with a natal planet or makes an aspect with an influential point of your chart, then you’ll feel it more strongly than if it doesn’t.

As many different factors as there are in astrology, not every eclipse is going to be life-changing for you. The three main things to look for are your natal Sun, Moon, and Ascendant signs, for they make up your primal triad.

Also, remember that the eclipse doesn’t have to be conjunct to those points to matter; other strong aspects such as an opposition, trine, or square will also have some impact.

Eclipses Accentuate Things

Whatever happens during an eclipse is always going to seem larger than life. Eclipses bring a sense of urgency. I’ll stress that it’s not the time to make any sudden. huge, life-changing decisions during this time. Hold a steady course and don’t rush yourself.

Of course, you can’t put your life on hold, but if you have the opportunity choose the date for something, try not to make any hard and fast plans for the day of the eclipse. It might be a smart idea to avoid making any important decisions the few days before or after the eclipse if you’re being extra careful.

Eclipses Start Things in Motion

Even though things might start on the eclipse, you may not realise them on that date. For example, you could conceive a child on the date of a solar eclipse, but not find out that you were expecting for several weeks. Eclipses have long-ranging influences, and not everything that is triggered will be known to you immediately.

An astrologer will look at the degree of the eclipse in your chart and how it will affect you, personally. They can then tell you what to expect as a result of the other planets hit that degree in their orbit. See how an eclipse can be a catalyst for things to come?

Eclipses Repeat Every 19 Years

Since the planets and the Moon have predictable orbits, so do solar eclipses. In astrology, it’s known as the saros cycle. If you want to know how a particular solar eclipse is going to impact you, think back to what you were doing 19 years ago, did you have something happen as a result of a solar eclipse back then?

Now, obviously the other planets won’t be in the same place that they were 19 years ago, but because the Sun represents your countenance and your personality, you’ll get a very good idea of what to expect. If you want a hint of what’s to come, just look behind you!

Eclipses Bring Potential

As well as triggering new aspects in your life, eclipses also bring you potential and highlight where you need to work on things. You could even think that the eclipse brought something unpleasant—the loss of a job, maybe—yet as time unfolds, you’ll see that this was indeed the beginning of something better for you.

In this scenario, perhaps you landed a much better job, one that you’d never even have looked at had you not lost your previous position. Another possible alternative is that, in losing your job, you decided to open your own business or pursue a completely different career path.

You might get up to something and chase a lifelong dream you’d have never thought of doing had you not lost your job in the first place. That’s not such a bad thing if it brings you happiness in the end.

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How a solar eclipse will impact you personally is all down to where it falls in your chart, and what planets are dancing with it at the time. Solar eclipses are an amazing time to do a little ritual to kick off a new project, or to set your intentions for what you would like to achieve.

How long these events take to manifest often depends on the total length of the eclipse; the longer the Sun is blocked out by the Moon, the more the energies of the eclipse influence you.

Hopefully, these facts about solar eclipses have helped you to understand that there’s more to the dance between the Sun and the Moon than meets the eye. Eclipses are not to be feared like they were to our ancient ancestors, but they’re still very mysterious, all the same!

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