Your Zodiac Forecast for the Solar Eclipse in Pisces

The lunar eclipse that occurred two weeks ago has set us up nicely for the annular solar eclipse on Sunday, February 26 at 9:58 AM (EST). Solar eclipses are fascinating, they’re mysterious—even in these modern times when we understand the science behind them! The Earth experiences up to four solar eclipses a year, and they’re always around two weeks before or after a lunar eclipse.

Obviously, how an eclipse influences you is going to depend on where it falls in your natal chart, but there are some generalizations that apply to everyone. The influence of this eclipse is going to last until the next solar eclipse in August of this year, so tap into those energies and use them wisely!

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Expect Solar Powered Changes

Any eclipse is a harbinger of change. A change can be a beginning or an ending—which are often the same thing because something has to end in order for something else to begin! During an eclipse, these changes are sudden and unpredictable. They don’t have to happen to you personally, either; perhaps they apply to someone close to you, and you feel the repercussions that way.

Sometimes you won’t even be aware of the changes until you reflect back. You might meet someone new on the date of the eclipse, but a romance doesn’t blossom until weeks, or even months, later. Eclipses that happen at a critical degree in your chart more will affect you more strongly than something that is weak or unaspected. The main planetary activity to watch for will concern aspects made to the Sun, Moon, and your ascendant sign.

Slow Down and Look Back

Eclipses seem to make things larger or more important, somehow. They bring an urgency that makes you feel like you need to rush into things—sometimes that’s not a good thing! If at all possible, try to avoid making any life-changing decisions while you’re under the influence of a solar eclipse. There’s a lot of potential with an eclipse, and even the unpleasant influences have a chance to turn out even better than you ever thought they could.

The loss of a job could lead to a better position, for example, or a traumatic relationship breakup could open the door for you to meet someone even more wonderful. Keep yourself open to the infinite—and if you want to get a look at the potential this eclipse has to impact your life, look back a couple of decades, and see how your life was unfolding.

Eclipses tend to run in 19 year cycles, and even though the other transiting planets will be in different positions and bring different energies around the eclipse, you can still get a good idea of how this eclipse is going to affect you by looking over your shoulder to the events in your life 19 years ago.

Planetary Weather During the Eclipse

Obviously, the Moon and the Sun are important, as they cause the eclipse! They’re at 8° Pisces, in the sign of the fish. New Moons—which happen approximately every 29 days—always indicate the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next. This goes hand in hand with the changes that the eclipse brings. This is all happening in Pisces, which is a very nebulous sign, one that is full of fantasy, creativity, illusion, romance, and wonder.

Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces, is at 9° Pisces, so there’s quite a strong relationship there, with the eclipse happening within 1°. There’s a caution here not to delude yourself and see things as they truly are. It’s the beginning of a new emotional cycle, and wherever feelings are involved, sometimes rationality takes a vacation! It could take you awhile to make sense of things, particularly if this is at a critical angle in your natal chart.

It doesn’t help matters that Mars is aligning with impulsive and impractical Uranus during this eclipse, making an opposition with Jupiter, and a wide square with Pluto. The Pluto / Uranus square has been engaging off and on for years, now, ever since 2014, and with that things have been intensifying on a global scale.

It is an alignment that agitates social discord and demands that people get involved on a personal level, finding new information and digging deep in the search for the truth. It’s imperative that every new idea is tested, and that emotions and feelings are tempered with logic and reason.

It’s going to be a bumpy ride for awhile but think of it as growing pains. The discord now will small price to pay for the new beginnings that the eclipse will trigger. How is all of this going to impact you? Check out the eclipse forecast for your Sun sign below to find out!


Mars and Uranus are encouraging each other in your sign, and you’re likely to have an abundance of impulsive energy. You might want to do things that you have never tried before. Typical of a cardinal sign, you might initiate and act without much thought to the consequences.

For you, Aries, the eclipse is going to heighten your emotions. You’re a fire sign and you’ll have to watch your temper! The creativity you possess is likely to increase. You’ll be drawn to all kinds of imaginative ideas, so make the most of it! This is a good outlet for your frustrations, too.


You’re walking an emotional tightrope, and have been for awhile, even if you’re not aware of it yet, Taurus. This eclipse is likely to lead you away from where you don’t belong. Relationships that have become stale, friendships that you’ve outgrown, and other attachments that are more trouble than they’re worth need to go.

The eclipse is the catalyst for change that you need, even though as a fixed sign you may still try to hang on to the bitter end. Things could be unpleasant for awhile, but they will take you to better situations, relationship connections, and brighter days before long.


You might have a lot to say during this time, Gemini. You need to make sure that you say it to the right people, especially when it comes to your career and the folks you work with. Resist the temptation to blurt out the first thing that comes into your head. It could end up creating trouble for you.

You’ll be impatient, perhaps interrupting others, and that’s not going to make a good impression. Simple disagreements may turn to arguments that quickly overheat. Try your best to stay congenial and patient so that the good influences of the eclipse have a chance to mature.


This eclipse is going to trigger an emotional response from you, Cancer, especially if you were born in the last week of June through the 4th of July. Your dreams may well become very vivid indeed, and there’s a lot of creative energy around you. Tap into it during this eclipse.

Don’t procrastinate! You need to make lists to remind yourself what you need to get done and stick to it. You should watch your ego and monitor your feelings, though, because it will be very easy for things to get blown out of proportion, especially when it comes to the comments of others. Let reason rule.


There’s not a lot of harmonious energy wrapped up in this eclipse for you, dear Leo, and it could impact your finances. You need to let others know how you’re feeling and what you want from them, The key is moderation; say what you need to say and examine things from all angles before pushing forward.

Don’t communicate or make decisions from a place of satisfying your own ego or need for control. Mars and Uranus making a trine to your Sun sign will tempt to make impulsive decisions; some of them are appropriate, some of them are rash and will bite you in the wazoo if you’re not careful.


Virgo, this eclipse is in watery Pisces, the opposite your earth sign nature. That’s going to create mixed blessings. On the one hand, this is a great time to let go of what’s been inhibiting you and holding you back. As a mutable sign, you’re greatly influenced by your environment, and at this time your emotions are raw and exposed.

Relationships that you once thought were important now seem questionable and off-kilter to you. This is a time for standing up for yourself and being true to your soul’s calling. You’re naturally patient, and you should tap into that and take extra care when making important choices.


There’s a lot of imbalance during this eclipse for you, Libra! Mars and Uranus are encouraging you to take a chance, to be bold, daring, and impulsive. The eclipse is bringing you all sorts of emotional discord, making you question everything you believed in.

You’re stuck in a routine, and that’s going to be exposed to you. This can be a positive thing because it shows you where you’re being held back, but it will upset the apple cart for a while. The lack of harmony and stability will be disconcerting for you and will feel unfamiliar.


As a water sign, this eclipse is going to hit the core of your being, Scorpio. Your relationships come under scrutiny and you’ll feel generally restless and discontent. However, this is a catalyst to something bigger, better, and something more rewarding for you.

Be a bit more impulsive than usual, and dare to come out of that shroud of mystery which usually engulfs you. Spontaneity is your friend, provided that you don’t go overboard! If you’re looking for romance, or to strengthen an existing bond, you’ll have chances to do that.


The eclipse is going to trigger big changes for you, Sagittarius, and they may happen at a moment’s notice. Uranus and Mars are both pouring a sense of adventure into your Sun sign. You might be surprised to find yourself revisiting the past, too. it is an excellent period to mend broken relationships and heal hurt from the past.

Your family ties will be strong, and you could be drawn more into your customs and traditions. It’s a time for you to really look at what you’re doing, and create the life you want to live and the relationships you want to experience. Don’t simply let life happen to you, actively create your happiness.


Capricorn, this eclipse heightens your intuition and opens channels to your unconscious mind so that you can understand things with more clarity. Communication will be easier for you, especially if you’ve been struggling to make yourself heard in relationships or at work.

Your hunches are strong and usually prove correct, so learn to trust them. You might have difficulty convincing others of your ideas, but don’t worry about it. You’ll have the last laugh in a few weeks when what you said comes to pass and the naysayers have to eat some humble pie.


Expect the unexpected with this eclipse, Aquarius! As an air sign, you’ll be blown one way and then the other, and you may have trouble discerning fact from fiction. There will be a lot of opportunities coming your way, and things could seem downright chaotic at times. It will be easy for you to convince yourself that what you want is the right way forward, even if it’s not!

Money is also an issue during this time, as is your temper. You will need to work to keep control of both. In the upcoming weeks, you’ll be glad that you applied some restraint and self-discipline, even though it won’t be all fun and games at the time.


You’re in for a rollicking good time, Pisces! The solar eclipse is happening in your Sun sign, and if you were born during the first ten days of Pisces this is going to be particularly intense for you. Break free of what ties you down and prevents you from being everything you can be.

You’re going into unfamiliar territory and it’s exciting and frightening all at the same time. Don’t let your nerves get the better of you! Harness that creative energy, and choose something on which to work. Promise yourself you’ll finish it, before moving onto the next idea, though!

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Exactly how February’s solar eclipse will influence you is all down to what’s going on in your natal chart. Overall, this is a great time to envision where the next few months to take you and then work to make it happen. The period between this eclipse and the next is pivotal. These changes aren’t to be feared. They’re something to be embraced.

You should start to work with developing your authentic self, you open yourself to unlimited potential. Exactly how this will influence you is all down to just what’s going on in your natal chart. Overall, this is a great time to envision the next few months to take you, and then work to make it happen.

Don’t forget to read your daily horoscope on the day of the eclipse for more guidance.

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