Venus Direct in Libra: Creating Relationship Harmony

Time for some sweet lovin’, friends! We have Venus switching direction and ready to take on some forward action in one of her home signs. Lover and money planet Venus rules the zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra, and she shines love and beauty on these signs all year round. But when she enters one of these signs, the beauty and attraction level is amplified. Now, Venus is in Libra, but has been retrograde for two weeks beginning on November 1. And she’s turning direct on November 14! Venus will go direct in one of her home signs until December 2. The dates will be a day forward for the Southern Hemisphere, but of course, beautiful Venus will be in the same position in the sky no matter where you live.

Today we are going to look about how this is going to tickle your pleasure zones and bring some peace and love into your life when Venus turns direct on November 14. Let’s throw that love boomerang and see where it lands! Relationships are going seriously next level.

What Happened During Venus Retrograde?

Venus was retrograde this year between October 5 and November 14. Every eighteen or nineteen months or so, Venus takes a retrograde turn that lasts about 40 days. Retrograde periods are always a time of reflection for us, with re-themes a central component of retrogrades. And love and money planet Venus is the attraction planet. This means that the things we want to attract in our life are taking a slower direction.

That doesn’t mean that they have stopped. It means that we are re-winding the time, and thinking more than we are doing. We are still attracting wonderful things in our life. We are just taking a pause before we act. This is good! This means we are thinking first, and doing well.

This is also another reason why past issues tend to come up during retrograde periods. We are remembering what worked, and repeating that, and enjoying it. When love and money Venus is retrograde, that means we are repeating love and money themes in order to attract more loving and beautiful things in our life.

Venus has been retrograde in Libra. The Libra influence is harmonious and beautiful due to Venus energy. Libra is the harmonious and romantic relationship sign, but rules love and money matters from the brain. Now, this is where things get tangled.

We start to really think about what is going on in our relationships. Sometimes that attracts past loves, and we realize that we need to re-bridge some gaps. And other times that attracts events or experiences where we remove toxic influences from our lives. Remembering things in our partnerships with Venus retrograde in Libra means that we are undergoing an intense reflection period on our relationships. We are learning or reflecting on how to relate in relationships.

It usually brings a big change. Breakups and makeups happen. And whatever happens, you realize that you have an intrinsic knowing that this is it. Venus direct in harmonious and diplomatic Libra means that you are also feeling peaceful about what has happened. There are no more relationship struggles and negotiations. It’s for your higher good.

Under Venus retrograde in Libra, what should have happened is that you underwent this period of reflection, and came to some powerful awareness moments that brought inner peace. And this doesn’t even need to be in love! That is just the most likely area of your life that you will see that in.

And then we have Venus direct. This is where all of the things we have been reflecting on come to life, and we begin attracting the things that will continue to harness and strengthen the inner peace we are seeking.

Venus Direct in Libra – Love Wins

Venus direct in Libra is going to start on November 14, and this transit will last until December 2. This is going to bring some wonderful sense of peace to us, and we are going to start boomeranging love in a karmically inspired way. We want peace, we want harmony, and fighting in love is no longer on the table. Attraction power is on the table.

Do you want it?

Venus direct in Libra is going to help you find and attract exactly what you want. Venus will be in a different area of life for everybody. Let’s look at each zodiac sign to give you some tips on taking your relationships to the next level.


Venus in your seventh house is going to have you thinking about harmony and balance in love. Love is not a battlefield. It’s about picking your battles and establishing peace.


Venus is working your sixth house of health and details and routine. It’s all about the little things, baby. Get obsessed about those little details in love. Spread some bling and your ruler is sending you some serious rewards.


Venus direct is in your fifth house of pleasures and creativity, and also your house of children. So you are going to see some forward motion in pleasure-filled romance, and also with your children. Remember your karma, Gemini, it’s about establishing peace and harmony, and NOT about forcing your will.


Venus is working direct energy in your home domain and fourth house of roots. It’s time to sprinkle some magic and beauty into the home and see your relationships feel oh so harmonious when you do. Home is really and truly where your heart is, no matter what your relationship is.


Venus direct in Libra is lighting up your third house of communication, Leo! It’s all about the feeling words. Time to put the feels in your communication matters, and just lay it all out there. It’s being well received by your lovers! A special trip for just the two of you may be in order.


Venus direct is working your second house of income flow until the beginning of December, Virgo. You may be more focused on money, but you are also working your creativity, your gifts and talents, and your self-esteem. When you feel confident, your relationships excel. And that is the gift you will experience in love for the next few weeks.


It’s your time to shine, baby! Venus direct is working your first house of Self, and your sense of Self is feeling simply magical. When you stay in that flow, you attract wonderful things. It’s not just in your head! The magic is real. The world is looking at you quite wonderfully, and when you follow that flow, you feel good and are perceived as amazing. Your approach to life right now makes you feel like you can conquer the world, because you can! You’ve got this energy for two weeks, so use it!


Venus direct is working in your twelfth house of spirituality, and so you are in deep reflection mode. Alone time actually works for you in love, as it gives you the time to really consider what is next for you in love and all things relationships. Venus retrograde really boomeranged some truths and attracted some love into your life. Now, you need some time to rest and think about what is next. Trust. What is next is amazing because Venus is about to enter your sign and sprinkle her love everywhere!


Venus direct is working in your eleventh house of groups and friendships. You’ve been doing some reflection in this area with Venus retrograde in this same house, and now you know what you need to do in order to attract more love into your life. Get your social on, baby! Single Sag needs to dial up that online profile or put yourself out there on social media. Attached Sag needs to connect with others with your partner to elevate some branches in love. Time for more dinner parties, double dates, and things of this nature will show you a new level in romance.


Venus direct in Libra is working your tenth house of career Destiny and public image. You’ve been thinking about this and where to take your work levels while Venus has been retrograde, and you’ve even attracted some delightful experiences on the work front. It may be time to put the work matters away for a little while and focus on the love that is in front of you, regardless of your relationship status. Your love may get some notoriety during this too!


Venus direct is working your ninth house of foreign matters, Aquarius, and this is going to attract some love from global connections. This could be anything. You may travel for love, think about travelling for love, or just broaden your horizons somewhat when it comes to your perspective on love. Love and relationships take on a deeper meaning now. Follow that. It works. And it’s going to work in love in a very intrinsic and deeper way. It’s all about the Big Picture now, baby.


Venus direct in Libra is working your eighth house of transformations and shared resources. You may have some matters involving money come into play in a love situation. But you may also come out of a cave of the retrograde spell and be ready for a powerful transformation in love. If you are in this mindset, regardless of your relationship status, you will rise from the ashes and see a rebirth in your love life that will be very exciting over the holiday season. Enjoy this new you, and this new “us.”

Concluding thoughts…

Venus direct in Libra is going to be working the same house that Venus retrograde did, regardless of your zodiac signs or relationship status. If you have seen a slowing in the love department during Venus retrograde, these same themes in your love are going to experience forward motion. Expect to begin attracting things in love and relationships in a very balanced and harmonious way. Make sure you stay tuned to your Daily Horoscopes and Weekly Horoscopes to find out how this transit is going to impact you on a day-by-day basis. Then, stop by our Facebook page to let us know how Venus direct in Libra is manifesting in your love life! We’ll have your back in December when Venus enters Scorpio again to bring some sizzle into love, in true Scorpio style. Stay beautiful, friends!

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