Mercury Retrograde Holiday Shopping Tips & Travel Guide

Oh dear. It’s Mercury retrograde time again.

That usually makes all of us groan in one way or another. This year, unfortunately, Mercury retrograde is falling right smack dab in the middle of holidays and holiday preparation time. The very thought is going to send many into the groan zone. But with a little thought, you can navigate the holiday season, and all of your holiday preparations, and still make the most of Mercury retrograde. That’s the real trick. Using Mercury retrograde to your advantage, instead of dreading it. So let’s have a look at how you are going to be the superstar during Mercury retrograde, while everybody else is feeling a little… frazzled.

Mercury Retrograde Themes

Mercury is the planet that rules communication and short journeys. It also rules all of the gadgets and devices that we use for those things – everything from computers to phones to planes, trains, and automobiles.

When a planet is retrograde, we always say it appears as if it is moving backwards. That means that the themes the planet rules while it is retrograde appear to be moving backwards as well. So, we feel a slow down in all of the things that Mercury rules.

Flights get delayed, our cars may break down, computers crash, phones go on the brink, mail slows down or gets lost, and communication may feel a bit off. We may not be understanding others well.

This time around, during this Mercury retrograde period, we have Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius from November 17 to December 1, where Mercury retrograde will be in Scorpio until December 6.

This means that Sagittarius themes are going to be applied to Mercury retrograde for most of this, and Scorpio themes will be applied to the last few days of Mercury retrograde. The first section while in Sagittarius will be a philosophical one, that may be travel-centred, intellect-based, or you may just be thinking more about the big, wide world.

You’ll also be a little more flexible under this time frame as Sagittarius is a Mutable sign. Sag is also a Fire sign, so creativity and intuition that is karma based are themes that will be high on your mind. The last few days of Mercury retrograde will be a little more emotional under Scorpio energy, the Fixed sign of the Water signs.

But if your plane is delayed, or lover communications get lost, or important mail gets delayed, while Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius, you are going to get emotional. With the holidays in play, you may be inclined to get even more emotional.

That is, unless you have this guide to help you roll through Mercury retrograde, and come out a better person. Let’s get to it!

Mercury Retrograde Holiday Planning Tips

Because Mercury retrograde is spending most of its time in the Mutable sign of Sagittarius, being flexible is going to be an asset. You want to be Mutable. Roll with the circumstances. Here are some tips to remember when those little life wrinkles show up.

Logic could get messed up.

Mercury is a logical planet of intellect and communication, and when retrograde, this gets skewed. Expect logic and plans to go awry on occasion during this spell. That’s okay. It is going to happen. Have back up plans for every backup plan, and you’ll be fine. Keep an extra change of clothes in your carry-on, a pillow, or just add a few extra life items in the car when travelling. Have back up plans for shopping as well. Itineraries have a way of *poof* disappearing. Be prepared, then you aren’t as likely to freak out.

Have the right mindset.

We can’t stress enough how important it is for you to be flexible like Sagittarius during this transit. You need to have your game face on. This means you need to be ready for any changes that may come up during your holiday planning, holiday shopping, holiday travel. Just be okay with whatever wrinkle comes up. Just Be. It’s all going to be okay. This is your game face.

Release expectations.

This is going to be the hardest when Mercury is in the Fixed sign of Scorpio. You go into a travel plan or a holiday shopping spree expecting to get everything you want done. And then it doesn’t happen because a wrinkle comes up. Release the opportunity to be upset, and just enjoy the opportunity this has presented. Maybe you’ll meet someone cute while you’re waiting at the airport during a delay. Maybe you’ll find something else for that special someone when the gift you want is all out. Just release expectations. Have them, but be prepared to be flexible with them when the time comes up if it does.

Be a double-checker.

Releasing expectations and being flexible is good. But so is being a double-checker during Mercury retrograde. This is the time you want to be showing up early to the airport, check all of those fine lines on documents, and have double-checked documents for everywhere you go. Double copies of everything you need won’t hurt either.

Only book emergency travel.

At the same time, you don’t want to make big purchases during Mercury retrograde. Planning could go awry. The hotel you book during Mercury retrograde could end up being full by the time the retrograde is over. Is it really an emergency? If not, try to avoid booking it. You also don’t need a new car during Mercury retrograde (unless you really really really need a new car). You can’t stop your life, but if it can wait, let it.

Don’t push the envelope.

Communication is going to be a little weird during Mercury retrograde. This is not the time for outbursts or angry tempestuous fights in love, work, or life. Don’t push the envelope, especially in the areas of your life that really mean the most to you. Be kind, and just roll with the wrinkles and deal with whatever happens in the kindest and most compassionate ways.

Charge it and back up.

If you are going on a long shopping trip or travel itinerary, make sure everything is charged up battery-wise. You also want to have anything critical backed up, like your computer, just in case something happens. Technology is not your friend sometimes during Mercury retrograde.

Be careful.

Car accidents, slips and falls, and mishaps have a tendency of happening more frequently during Mercury retrograde. So just, be careful. Do you really need to drive 140 miles an hour to get to work? Or the mall for that gift? You don’t. Be careful. Don’t run up the stairs if you don’t need to, don’t jump out in front of a car when you are crossing the street. We are rushed now during this holiday season. But it will be a safer one if you are not so rushed. Just be careful.

Be early. For everything.

This is the time when your doctor’s appointment is going to get messed up, or your flight that the computer said was delayed, actually wasn’t. This is the time when shops will close earlier than you expected. This is the time you need to be early for everything. Just start that habit now, and nothing may ever happen, but if it does, you’ll be okay.

Don’t blame Mercury!

Here you go. We all love to blame the poor communication planet for just doing his job. Mercury is supposed to go retrograde a few times a year. And that’s okay! Enjoy it! The areas that Mercury messes up under its retrograde spell is the area that Mercury is pointing your attention to. You already knew you needed to double check the flight. So when you didn’t, and something went wrong, it’s not always Mercury’s fault. Take ownership of the wrinkles that come up, and roll with it. Then, you really are in control.

Concluding thoughts….

Mercury retrograde can be a pain in the rump for everybody. But remember that the themes that Mercury rules are the themes in our lives that we need to pay attention to. So when a wrinkle comes up during Mercury retrograde, that’s the Universal way of Mercury sending you a lesson in life to keep calm and carry on. And remember, Mercury retrograde will be over soon! When that happens, you’ll be starting on a new page, and you will go into the holiday season even more refreshed and excited about the holidays than ever. Make sure you stay on top of our Daily Horoscopes to be sure you get your day by day Mercury retrograde guide. From all of us at Astrology Answers to all of you, we wish you a safe and happy retrograde season.

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