How to Know You Are Living Aligned to Your Highest Self

Along our spiritual journey, we talk a lot about ascension, spirits, guides, and our highest self. What is exactly is the highest self-state? And how do we know that the work we are doing all the time is actually helping us get to where we want to go?

Our higher self is the version of ourselves that lives as its highest, brightest, and lightest version. This can be considered the state of being that ascended masters such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and others have obtained. When we are aligned and connected with the highest version of ourselves- we are moving from a space of alignment and Divine Purpose of our mission here this go around of the human experience. There is so much talk about the journey of awakening, enlightenment, ascension (whatever term feels the best for you). It can be easy to get lost in it all sometimes between all the information floating around and also all of the transitions and shifts that come along with raising your vibration and opening yourself up to moving into higher states of being.

How do we know if we are actually making progress and connecting with our highest self-state?

Here are a few signs that can help to reassure you that you are doing great and exactly where you are supposed to be in your ascension journey:

1. You experience synchronicities.

Synchronicities can be considered moments of alignment or winks from the Universe that what you are thinking and putting out into the world is a match to the flow. Our thoughts and emotions shape our realities, so we are going to see in our external world what we are thinking about (including our subconscious). When you are noticing synchronicities during your days it is a great indicator that you are in a state of heightened awareness and elevated vibration.

2. You desire to learn more about yourself, higher learning material, and life itself.

Spirituality and personal development are pretty much synonymous. The spiritual journey towards the state of our highest self is all about learning – this includes learning about ourselves and the intricacies of how we operate, new methods and healing modalities we can utilize and learn, and taking action to learn more about other people and the reality that they live in. We can learn so much from others. If you are taking action to learn more on the regular- you are expanding and taking steps in obtaining the state of your highest self.

3. You are breathing deeply.

The breath is one of the most important tools that we can utilize to keep balance within the mind, body, and spirit. Prana (energy) is stimulated and transported throughout our system by our breath. For example – by taking three deep breaths, we can reset the nervous system. Working with opposite nostril breathing we can be balanced to the left and right brain. When our body and mind are in states of calm, our soul can speak with us and work through us with ease. Have you been taking time to meditate or mindfully breathe? Your Higher Self thanks you.

4. You are doing your best to be mindful and compassionate in your encounters.

Our highest self operates from a space of unconditional love and compassion for ourselves and others. Part of the human experience for many is learning how to get out of our heads and more into our hearts, expanding into states of love, understanding, and compassion for all. Even people who are very different or you don’t necessarily get along with! This can be a process. And you don’t need to be perfect. What matters is that you are mindful and consistently trying. It is like working a muscle at the gym – it will get stronger and easier the more you do it.

5. You are allowing yourself to experience new things, people, and emotions.

Divine guidance is a real thing, y’all. The more we are surrendering to what the Universe is providing us, the more we can let in the moments, miracles, and teachings that are lined up to come in. If you are allowing yourself to say “Yes” to more new in your life – you are making huge steps towards living in the state of your Highest Self.

6. You are creating space in yourself and allowing yourself to heal.

In order to obtain the experience of living at our Highest Self on a consistent basis- we have to be taking time to heal and release the lower frequencies and experiences holding us down. If you are investing in spending time with yourself, attending events or healing sessions, investing in workshops and coaching, etc. – pat yourself on the back and maybe even give yourself a nice “good job, me!”

7. Even if it isn’t always – you are choosing love over fear.

This can be difficult at first. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are making so many of our decisions based out of fear rather than love. So many behaviours have been conditioned into us from a young age from parents or other generations that simply didn’t know any better. You are merging with your Highest Self in huge ways if you are taking the time to be courageous and make decisions based on love rather than fear.

The journey can be long and it can be so easy to get caught up in the “next destination” syndrome. You know, I should be here or why am I not in that space yet? I will be better or happier once I have achieved this or reached this level. Refer back to number three and take a nice deep breath. You are exactly where you are supposed to be, experiencing exactly what you need to be experiencing, and it is all happening in Divine Timing. Stand tall, chin up, stay in the direction of the light.

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About The Author

Kelly Keefe

Following the guidance of her heart for the past 11 years, Kelly has developed a strong foundation in the space of spiritual teaching, energy healing, and empowerment coaching. Living as a Reiki master, ceremonialist, coach, and student of life, she works with individuals and groups to tap into their highest truths and live in alignment with their heart’s desires. She has traveled the world studying with indigenous elders in Guatemala, and while in India, the 2016-2017 #1 Reiki Master in the World.A fun fact about Kelly is that she is known for her bear hugs and random dancing! She lives each day with the intention to inspire and help others raise their vibrations and live from their heart space. Kelly leads by example that we are fully capable of creating the life that we desire.Our hearts are singing to have Kelly as a part of our Astrology Answers team. She has worked with many companies such as WeWork and Rituals and works with individuals ready to level up and ignite their magic. Her meditations can be found online and you can follow her vibration-lifting content on her Instagram @iamkellykeefe.
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